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  1. Got the new ROTF movie Prime today. He is AWESOME!! Vast improvement everywhere, especially in the proportion and sculpt. If Yamato were to sell such an intricate transformable figure, they would charge $200 + for it! Hard to believe it's only $44.
  2. Today picked up 2x F-22A jets from the True Heroes line in ToysRUs for $24.99 each ! The jet is actually very scale-accurate to 1/32, which is very large already. The displayed figures in the picture are 1/35 WWII figurines, but the cockpit easily fits all Joe figures. All this jet needs is a good repaint and some scratchbuild, and then it would not be a mere toy but a very nice large scale model.
  3. Got animated Blurr. Must say proportion looks very nice .
  4. The recent figures are pretty sweet. "OMG, look out ~~ It's STARSCREAM !"
  5. The Animated Starscream can do some very nice Gerwalk poses:
  6. Hehehe, anyway, I had some fun with the bothers. I could pose them for my artworks.
  7. The official versions (side view) from Bandai, Hasegawa, Yamato etc.: My redesign (side view): and front view:
  8. Meanwhile, i am releasing my re-design rough sketches of the YF-19. The design has gone through numerous changes in the past 3 years, and since last year it has taken a definitive shape outline, after which I'll start working out the more detailed mechanics. The YF-19 is a very sexy design. My version is more streamlined. The official versions (top view) from Bandai, Hasegawa, Yamato etc.: My redesign (top view):
  9. Very, very wonderful effort! Ironside. Thank you! I must apologize because this thread is not quite a showcase of finished designs yet, but an ongoing effort that will have sketches and ideas evolve all along the way. I feel sorry for you to do the guessing, since my concept art does appear elusive at best, messy indeed. Still, being a pathetic perfectionist, I try to reach for an ideal proportion in all aspect of the mech, and it takes a long time, most of which not spent on sketching, but rather exhausted in my looking at, turning away for a while, and re-examining the design again and again. Anyway, I'd better hurry up my progress. I'll present much clearer lineart in the near future.
  10. Points well taken. True, the skinny legs would look bad if this thing is made into a toy. I also don't want another movie starscream-like mech with chicken legs... so it seems some re-designing is in the works... When i design a valk, the general idea is to create an elegant, even somewhat fragile being that one can feel it will *glide* in air. Unlike tanks on the ground, which contain a lot of heavy mass, airplanes are like angels, lean delicate creatures. Of course, I talk about all this aesthetic rubbish without any consideration of actual aerodynamic engineering principles. Stay tuned...
  11. This period I'm back in the "Macross mood", so probably will do some...
  12. Custom VF-23 Battroid concept sketch, many details in the working...
  13. Thanks! I've just seen your website, and it's full of beautiful mecha drawings! Custom VF-23 Gerwalk concept sketch
  14. Thanks! here's a quick painting study as continuation. It's just a rough color study as i am curious to see what it'd turn out as well ...
  15. Also, i know it's irrelevant and i shouldn't be doing this... but here are two custom Five Star Stories fatima portraits I've done recently for fun. So heck why not show them as well...
  16. hi, all. First time here. i am a graduate student in New York and I love to draw, paint and design after class. Here are only a few concept sketches of my modern jet fighters like yf-19 and yf-21. Once took a glimpse at the machines in Macross Plus, and i could never forget those hot fighter designs! The skethes are very rough , but the goal was just first to get the "shape" down. Hopefully I'll have some time to work out the detailed designs and paint them. Flyby yf-19 gerwalk custom design in progress vf-23 BTW, i also dig realistic modern fighters, especially the design of su-27 flanker.
  17. Hi all, first time here. I am yet to afford a Yamato macross toy. But i found the movie starscream figure can actually be a very cool Valk. Sorry for the cell-phone picture quality. fighter mode Gerwalk mode robot mode
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