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  1. Thanks! I've just seen your website, and it's full of beautiful mecha drawings! Custom VF-23 Gerwalk concept sketch
  2. Thanks! here's a quick painting study as continuation. It's just a rough color study as i am curious to see what it'd turn out as well ...
  3. Also, i know it's irrelevant and i shouldn't be doing this... but here are two custom Five Star Stories fatima portraits I've done recently for fun. So heck why not show them as well...
  4. hi, all. First time here. i am a graduate student in New York and I love to draw, paint and design after class. Here are only a few concept sketches of my modern jet fighters like yf-19 and yf-21. Once took a glimpse at the machines in Macross Plus, and i could never forget those hot fighter designs! The skethes are very rough , but the goal was just first to get the "shape" down. Hopefully I'll have some time to work out the detailed designs and paint them. Flyby yf-19 gerwalk custom design in progress vf-23 BTW, i also dig realistic modern fighters, especially the design of su-27 flanker.
  5. Hi all, first time here. I am yet to afford a Yamato macross toy. But i found the movie starscream figure can actually be a very cool Valk. Sorry for the cell-phone picture quality. fighter mode Gerwalk mode robot mode
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