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  1. and Kudos to SuperHobo for the Sentinel Ryo Ronin warriors set. Will do business again.
  2. Many thanks to SuperHobo again for FansToys Quietus. My childhood dream comes true the day he arrived in perfect condition!
  3. Thanks alot to Arthurius for the VF-19 fire valk. It was very securely wrapped and exactly as advertised. No problems.
  4. YF-29 arrived safely and without QC issues. Many thanks to jrhudson311
  5. Thank you pikashoo for the SDF-1 papercraft book! - It is beautiful printed and I would not even want to cut it up.
  6. Thanks to kkx for taking the time and trouble to send the Miria box. It's only what a true Macross fan would do to his fellow hobbyist. I wish I could compensate more for the huge amount of efforts put in. Regards,
  7. Thank you funkymonkeyjavajunky SV-51 arrived in neat condition and nice packaging. No problems and another solid deal. Appreciated.
  8. Thanks to sqidd again for the VF-22S Gamlin. No problems and solid deal. A+
  9. Thanks to slaginpit for the Yamato Escaflowne and VF-11B. They arrived in perfect condition and definitely would deal with again. Regards,
  10. thank you @hal9000 for the 1/48 Max and Miria 2-pack. Everything has been accounted for. Would do business again!
  11. thank you @SuperHobo for the Arcadia VF-0D in wonderful condition. Would do business again!
  12. thank you @Alto-23 for the Yamato Patlabor figure. Would do business again!
  13. thank you @505thAirborne - It's been a pleasure taking delivery of your Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1 super pack and Bandai VF-19 Advance. Would do business again!
  14. thank you @Arthurius - VF-0A with ghost arrived in great condition. Great deal ! Would do business again!
  15. thank you @Vifam7 - patlabor police car arrived in perfect condition. Would do business again!
  16. thank you @Jasonc - no problems with delivery of the 1/10 cyclone accessory resin kit. Would do business again!
  17. thank you @jeniusornome - SOLID packaging for the Riobot yellow lancer and Yamato VF-4G. Great deals too. would do business again!
  18. thank you @no3Ljm - very professional packaging for the Arcadia VF-0S and Beagle Cyclone. would do business again!
  19. thank you @yellowlightman - Hi-metal Monster arrived in beautiful box. would do business again!
  20. thank you @Corrinald - Max figure arrived in perfect condition. would do business again!
  21. If you have any of these as spare please let me know. Doesn't matter which version - ivanov, nora, etc. or resin recast copies would also work. Thanks
  22. Yes Sir. I'll post another picture of the figure in package storaged.
  23. Hi, this has mostly been stored and everything is complete and in original clean condition. Nothing broken or defective. Original edition that comes with the special AT-field and hands. Asking $450 plus shipping cost to the 48 states. If you are interested please send me a message to estimate shipping options. Thanks!
  24. All in excellent MINT condition. Barely transformed. Joints are tight. No paint chips. No missing parts except - Only the Sound Booster kit is missing the Basara minifigure. Asking $350 including free shipping within USA 48 states. pet free and smoking free home. Adult collection. No kids ever playing with it. Thanks.
  25. I will order 1 x 1/60 unpainted and 1 x 1/72 unpainted please
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