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  1. thank you @hal9000 for the 1/48 Max and Miria 2-pack. Everything has been accounted for. Would do business again!
  2. thank you @SuperHobo for the Arcadia VF-0D in wonderful condition. Would do business again!
  3. thank you @Alto-23 for the Yamato Patlabor figure. Would do business again!
  4. thank you @505thAirborne - It's been a pleasure taking delivery of your Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1 super pack and Bandai VF-19 Advance. Would do business again!
  5. thank you @Arthurius - VF-0A with ghost arrived in great condition. Great deal ! Would do business again!
  6. thank you @Vifam7 - patlabor police car arrived in perfect condition. Would do business again!
  7. thank you @Jasonc - no problems with delivery of the 1/10 cyclone accessory resin kit. Would do business again!
  8. thank you @jeniusornome - SOLID packaging for the Riobot yellow lancer and Yamato VF-4G. Great deals too. would do business again!
  9. thank you @no3Ljm - very professional packaging for the Arcadia VF-0S and Beagle Cyclone. would do business again!
  10. thank you @yellowlightman - Hi-metal Monster arrived in beautiful box. would do business again!
  11. thank you @Corrinald - Max figure arrived in perfect condition. would do business again!
  12. If you have any of these as spare please let me know. Doesn't matter which version - ivanov, nora, etc. or resin recast copies would also work. Thanks
  13. I will order 1 x 1/60 unpainted and 1 x 1/72 unpainted please
  14. The Arcadia Yf-19 now costs USD $300 + anywhere I looked, on Amazon they are listed at around $700 - There is no justification whatsoever for paying that much for a toy like this. So Im glad to see BANDAI is getting into the fray. And It appears Bandai's version is alot better than Arcadia's, and likely cheaper. WAY TO GO ! For Bandai, it's not difficult to, say, upscale their Hi-metal VF-19S and tweak them a little bit and you've got VF (YF) - 19 now
  15. Thank you all for the suggestions. Ahem... I mean royalty fee.... but let's think about that later not until the kit is in the final phase (and worry about their laywer's letter), shall we? To clarify, I am using the clay to just study and understand the shapes. The nosecone/cockpit does feel kinda heavy and ~soft~ (held in my hand it feels kinda like a dildo, LOL!). Anyway, for the final master sculpt I am ordering jars of MagicSculpt, which is self-hardening and no worry about getting sloppy. I just need to make some initial framework, could be just cardboard hot-glued together. Does not matter, only the final shape matters a lot. For scribing the lines let's worry about that much later. I am in dental school so I have a lot of scribing and drilling tools you see. Still, the difficulty is to nail the shape, proportion, angles of planes and curves etc. The line art appears simple but there is actually a lot of information to extract with even more open to interpretation. That no amount of CAD can help with (as I believe that's what Hasegawa and Yamato did with), and I believe only with a pair of sculptor's hands and an artistic instinct will it be done right.
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