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  1. Thank you pikashoo for the SDF-1 papercraft book! - It is beautiful printed and I would not even want to cut it up.
  2. Thanks to kkx for taking the time and trouble to send the Miria box. It's only what a true Macross fan would do to his fellow hobbyist. I wish I could compensate more for the huge amount of efforts put in. Regards,
  3. Thank you funkymonkeyjavajunky SV-51 arrived in neat condition and nice packaging. No problems and another solid deal. Appreciated.
  4. Thanks to sqidd again for the VF-22S Gamlin. No problems and solid deal. A+
  5. Thanks to slaginpit for the Yamato Escaflowne and VF-11B. They arrived in perfect condition and definitely would deal with again. Regards,
  6. thank you @hal9000 for the 1/48 Max and Miria 2-pack. Everything has been accounted for. Would do business again!
  7. thank you @SuperHobo for the Arcadia VF-0D in wonderful condition. Would do business again!
  8. thank you @Alto-23 for the Yamato Patlabor figure. Would do business again!
  9. thank you @505thAirborne - It's been a pleasure taking delivery of your Hasegawa 1/48 VF-1 super pack and Bandai VF-19 Advance. Would do business again!
  10. thank you @Arthurius - VF-0A with ghost arrived in great condition. Great deal ! Would do business again!
  11. thank you @Vifam7 - patlabor police car arrived in perfect condition. Would do business again!
  12. thank you @Jasonc - no problems with delivery of the 1/10 cyclone accessory resin kit. Would do business again!
  13. thank you @jeniusornome - SOLID packaging for the Riobot yellow lancer and Yamato VF-4G. Great deals too. would do business again!
  14. thank you @no3Ljm - very professional packaging for the Arcadia VF-0S and Beagle Cyclone. would do business again!
  15. thank you @yellowlightman - Hi-metal Monster arrived in beautiful box. would do business again!
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