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  1. I know, I know... I was like a drug addict I wanted it SO bad. The fighter mode was so, so... sexy I HAD to have it. You can bet I didn't tell my wife how much it cost me.
  2. Pete, my man! I swear, sometime YOU sound like an American! Good point, Sir!
  3. Dude, it's ALREADY unraveled! My wife gets annoyed when I start picking away a stuff like this. She will ask me,"Why can't you just enjoy the story? What about Robotech?" (Since she is knows Robotech more than Macross she picks on that.) And I tell her,"Okay, you want me to pick apart Robotech ( the science and not the story, though I can do that too)" and I launch into how the VTs are totally unfesable in space ( the canpoy is way to big to survive micro meter strikes, thats why the space shuttle and the International Space Station have really small windows, and flying around like a jet fighter in atmo would be a total waste of fuel and time in the vacume of space, blah, blah, blah... Still, discussions like this are fun and I think add more to the story, makes it more real. Someone before said, and I can't remember who or I would give credit to them, in reality you wouldn't have good looking actors and actresses with good skin and perfect teeth, and sexy tight fitting leather flight suits. Does the public at large want to see what real poor nutrition and radation sickness look like? Do you want to see John Conner have to stop every half hour and s*** out blood because his insides are falling apart? NO! But we geeks live for this, at least I do. (Getting back into the discussion) Skynet is like the uber internet. It knows everything that humans do and has infinte time to go over the ramifications of sending bunches of Terminators back in time while still fighting the current war against the humans. It would know that every one sent back would alter the time line (keeping with the Multivers theory) but alter it miminally. Okay, so Conner says on the Resistance sub that the newer human like Terminators, with real skin, weren't supposed to show up for another 10 years but here they are now. Skynet has learned from the past and sped up production. So lets assume that from the first film through T2 that that is a stable timeline until the end of T2 then things get shaky. Judgement Day has been postponed but not averted, as we see in T3. However... The Skynet from the first film is still there on another branch of an alternate universe. And there is the Skynet from T3 out there too, the one that does arise, which, I guess is the Skynet in TS. What I'm getting at, sort of, considering I'm coming up on being awake for almost 24hrs and am working on getting drunk, is that Skynet knows in it's crafty computer brain - or would it be brains? - is that it will eventually get IT right and win. While on some other timeline it loses. Or the war ends up in a draw.... You can drive yourself to drink just thinking about it. Which I will do, thank you.
  4. Thanks for the pointers, fellas. The first time I transformed my VF-0A the right shoulder joint split and I had to glue it. I think it might be my last VF-0. Tobad too since I really like them. mickyg: I did the panel lines with a black Micron 005 pen. It worked out pretty well. I bought both of my Valks off of Amazon if that helps. The VF-0S cost me (I'm embarrassed to say) nearly $300.00. The VF-0A was $150.00 plus.
  5. I have the VF-0S and VF-0A and was wondering if anyone else has the loose arm/should joint problems with theirs. I can't possably have just happened to get two bad examples, can I? Other than that I love 'em. The fighter mode is awesome and I love how they dwarf the VF-1s I have in my collection. (Sorry about the picture quality. I took it at work with my phone.)
  6. Very first of all I want to thank everyone taking part in this thread. You have provided me with a very enjoyable discussion. my wife puts ups with me yammering on about this kind of stuff but she dosen't really get inot it, you know? Then again, when she starts talking about Jane Austin my mind wanders to... well, anything else. So Thank you. I was poking around the internets and found this http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline Yeah. Dive into that and swim around. anime52k8: Thanks for setting me straight and clarifiying things on EMP effects. The last NBC class I took was in 1998 so I have gaps in my knowledge. There is a fiction book out now dealing with this subject called One Second After. I heard the author interviewed on Coast to Coast AM. I think I'll ask Santa for it. VTFT1 (Pete, may I call you that?): Thanks for the information on your program. I suppose I should have asked you about that in a PM, eh, it's all the same. I'm like you and like to eat and drink what I want and I can't anymore because I'm not as young as I once was. As I was typing my rant about picking up the dead I was thinking pretty much what you said. Westerners, and Americans in particular, like to recover our dead comrads. The tag line to the movie Black Hawk Down sums it up, "Leave no man behind". For the most part I've seen that attitude in other Western militaries as well. I've served with British, German, Canadians, Australians blah, blah,blah. Living in Europe you have a diffrent take on it. Intresting. Still, in times of great distress all that S goes out the window and it all comes down to pure survival. But you are correct, I did take a purely American view on the subject. Please excuse me for that.
  7. VFTF1 : $20 for a movie, yeah. I did factor in the cost for my wifes ticket and the popcorn I love so much. Sky Net would be hardened against EMP since it's sole job originally was to fire those very missles. But you bring up another good point, a good portion of the factories that Sky Net would use to build the bulk of it's Terminator army, HKs ect, the Harvester - Damn the noise that thing made scared me. In the theater I could feel the bass in my chest cavity! jenius : I agree with you, T3 did show that there were some Terminators already produced and in production before Judgement Day so Sky Net has some worker bees if you will. Also, even after Sky Net provokes the Nuke exchange there will still be live humans staggering throught the ashes. Slave labor. Sure they all have varying degrees of radation sickness and will eventually die but do you think Sky Net cares?! I'm sure it can find more humans later. I don't believe that Sky Net could eradicate every single human, it more than likely dosen't want to. Humanity would be reduced to living in the preverbal walls, like rats. Nice future. Now, throw in the whole time travel thing, again not even possable until humans become a Type II or II and a half level civilization, but I digress... If you are like me and subscribe to the Multi-Vers theory then everytime someone or something goes back in time it creates a NEW slightly altered universe... Well, that's a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys. Time is not linear, just read some Michio Kaku. Oh, and a follow on to my original post, another thing that bothered me. After the opening attack the Resistance just leaves?! With all that stuff left behind? When I was in Iraq we scavanged every useful part off destroyed and wrecked vehicles. Plus all the weapons and ammo still laying around and the dead! Holy S, dude! If your soldiers know you are just going to leave their dead bodies to rot or for Sky Net to use they are going to find someone else to fight for really quick. As for Sky Net with no humans to fight. Easy. Earth becomes Cybertron. (VFTF1: Could you, kind sir, tell me about your work out program? Thank you in advance.)
  8. I just watched this movie last night on DVD, my second time seeing it the first being in the theater. I liked it then and I like it now. In the theater I did not allow myself to delve to deep into the realities of the movie. If I do I won't enjoy it and I WANT to enjoy a movie I just paid nearly 20 bones for. I want to let my mind go while I shove popcorn into face However... My professional training and practical experance still kick in. After 16 years in the US Army as an Infantrymen and a combat tour in Iraq I know things and I think,"Why the hell is John Conner crawling away from that wrecked Huey without his rifle?! No veteran soldier would do that!" And," Wow, they sure should clear those fields of fire around their base so the enemy can't hide behind things." And,"Damn, that Resistance sub would cavatate like a bitch with all that junk on the hull." I have also taken a few classes in my time on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) and let me tell you EVERYONE would have some kind of radation sickness. Oh, and Mr. Director McG there is this little thing that happens in a nuclear detonation called EMP. EMP means no cars. No radios. No flat screen TVs. No radar. Unless the gear was mil grade hardened against it Mankind would be using 18th century tech. Horse and buggy. Skynet is in orbit right? SKY-net. So Skynet would see the huge Resistance base with it's runways and Blackhawks and A-10s parked out in the open and I'm guessing drop a few more MREVs on it and call it a day. Or assault it with overwhelming firepower and as Reese said in the first film, it's a machine and machines don't sleep, they don't eat, they have fear. They just kill, kill, kill. Energy weapons. You know why we don't have 'em? Cause the size of the power plant to make the weapon work is impratical. So no motorcycles shooting plasma bolts. I could go on but then I would completely ruin the movie for myself. Sorry if I have insulted anybodies intillegence.
  9. Jeezs, you all. Come on! I like Robotech and I like Macross. Both have much to give and both have much to detract. I got here because I watched Robotech not because I saw Macross, hell, I didn't even KNOW there was a Macross until 1994. But now that I know there is both my world view has expanded and I accept both. They both exist, get the F over it and quit being babies.
  10. That's easy. Minmay. I hate her , my wife hates her, and she doesen't hate anyone. I know she played a key role in the story but, Lord... I wish Kyron would have squsihed her.
  11. The way I look at it is the VE and FAST packs are all ment for space, not atmospheric flight. As Schizo said, either of the two would not work in the atmosphere of a planet, ( as of this writing) such as Earth. An aircraft with FAST packs would not be able to manuver properly, lack of control surfaces and the 45 degree flat planes of the back pack on a VE would be torn off the aircraft by the speed/drag/wind resistance.
  12. The two weeks ago at Mather Airfield ( the former Mather AFB) I watched the F-22 Raptor do things in the air I had never seen before. It flipped when it should have not, it's nose pointed in in the oppisite direction the the tail was going... That aircraft simply did things it was not supposed to do. All right in front of my eyes. That aircraft should not have done what it did but it did it. After seeing that, even before that, I know, not believe, but I know a VF could fly and fight. It could not, as for now, transform, even to GERWALK, but a basic airfram based on the VF-1 could fly. It would have to be fly by wire and with thrust vectoring but it could exist in the real world.
  13. Dude, I have the the 1/60 Yammie VE-1 and I wouldn't recommend it. I saw it and I wanted it but, to tell you the truth, it sucks. It's clunky and heavy. I would tell you to wait for the new 1/60 scale Yammie VE-1. It looks much better and thransforms 100% better than the old version.
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