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  1. My main impression from that demo is... "Heavy". It just looks like its... I'm not sure how to express this... weighty?
  2. Oh, I know the Defiant wasn't successful as a day fighter. It just fascinates me for some reason. At least I didn't say the Roc...
  3. Bit of an old skool fan here - honestly, I have no idea whats really popular with you kids these days, though I do catch the odd modern thing (like "Attack on Titan"). So my choices might get you asking "What did you do during the Dub/Sub Wars, Grandad?"... "Project A-Ko" - set a standard for quality production that like most anime fans, I later learned might not always be the case (released in the UK by Manga Video. At about the same time they also released "Ultimate Teacher"). Almost infinitely rewatchable. "Bubblegum Crisis" - has there ever been a better opening anime sequence than "Konya wa Hurricane"? "Patlabor" - possibly the most quietly subversive deconstruction of the mecha genre and other anime tropes ever. It says something about this show that when it eventually gets around to doing a "hot springs" episode, it features the male castmembers. "Kikis Delivery Service" - a masterpiece. 'nuff said. "Urusei Yatsura" - one of the shows that got me into anime in the first place, and as a bonus indirectly changed my life. Also, created the "harem" genre of anime, largely because everyone that came after missed the point. "Gurren Lagann" - see, I can be down with you younglings too! The mecha show that gradually turns everything up to "11", and then KEEPS FINDING BIGGER DIALS. "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" - which in "Battle of the Planets" form taught me that some "cartoons" were just different. Zoltar might be... gasp - a GIRL?!! Also features Galactor, the Evil Anime Oganisations Evil Anime Organisation. "Turn-A Gundam" - oh, how we laughed. A 'tache! Tominos given a Gundam a 'TACHE! Hes really lost it! And how wrong we were. Possibly the last great work of mecha genius from the man who, for a large part of the 70s and 80s, was mecha,
  4. Are there normally so many... rivet? fastener?... holes on a Raptor? Do they normally "fill" them in if its an operational warbird?
  5. On the subject of forgotten planes, I've long had a soft spot for the Boulton Paul Defiant. It almost always gets left out of T.V. histories of the Battle of Britain (tends to turn up in books more often though).
  6. Hey! The Typhoon isn't that old - unless you're referring to the Hawker one that is...
  7. Iran reportedly has lost a Tomcat, crew members ejected and as far as I'm aware are okay: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/rip-another-iranian-f-14a-tomcat-just-bit-dust-68577
  8. Updated reports say that this was a joint Russian/Chinese operation - "Call of Duty" called, they want the plot of their next game back - and that there were apparently escort fighters for the other aircraft involved.
  9. South Korea and Russia have had a bit of a territorial disagreement, including rather uniquely "warning shots" fired. The Russian aircraft is described as a A-50, which I understand is their AWACs, so I'm a bit puzzled why they'd risk sending such a valuable asset on without escort in the first place: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-49079719
  10. The forums called "Anime or Science-Fiction" and no-ones mentioned the Griffon from "Bubblegum Crisis yet?
  11. The thing I find funny about the whole cow thing is that this was sometimes blamed on so-called "Black Helicopters" - and it turned out during the bin Laden raid that the US military really did have Black Helicopters!
  12. Its worth pointing out that the term "Unidentified Flying Object" does not have to mean the same as "Flying Saucer" [1] though I accept the two are often lumped together. Every so often, a work colleague will exclaim how they've seen a really bright light in the early morning/late evening and they're wondering what it is. You can probably see where I'm going with this; it is of course Venus, one of the most easily identifiable objects in the sky, yet its pretty common for people not to know this. I'veseen what I first took as a UFO, and would probably have claimed as such if I hadn't heard the "whoosh" of a Chinese lantern igniting at the same time. Someone from further away might not have had the audio cue to tip them off. [1] Which I'm using as a generic term for "possible alien spacecraft" here.
  13. Music speakers that work in a vacuum?
  14. Have you seen the ending of "Star Trek: Beyond"? There is at least a precedent there for an invading alien force being defeated by the POWER OF MUSIC [1]... It also might be a concept that would go over better in Europe - after all, we have this thing called the Eurovision Song Contest, just hope the UN SPACY doesn't pick the British contestant as the lynchpin of their strategy... [1] Granted, the setup and circumstances are rather different, but the first thing I thought when I saw the film was "Holy Crap, did 'Star Trek' just use the Minmei Defence?!!".
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