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  1. I seem to recall reading in an interview that the anime designers knew the planes were aerodynamically... er... interesting but went with "Rule of Cool".
  2. "Six of the Best" Dave probably won't mean anything to the young pilots these days... (its a rather archaic reference to caning, a now thankfully outlawed punishment for wayward school pupils).
  3. Thanks for the answer about the AMRAAMs. Over here we could call it "Super Dave"... on that note, I wonder if this means a six Meteor fit would be possible?
  4. I've lived in the UK all my life and I've never heard "Dave" used to refer to Americans; possibly it happens somewhere but given all the other... er... affectionate terms we have for our neighbours across the pond I think I'd have heard of it by now. I suppose its possible Australian exchange pilots with the RAF used the term and it got adopted that way. One other explanation that escaped me is that David Cameron was Prime Minister when the F-35s were ordered. Regards the F-35 upgrade news - sorry, whats "Sidekick/6"? Is that the name for fitting more AMRAAMs in?
  5. In US service... I can't confirm this, but apparently in UK service the F-35 is known as "Dave". There could be a number of origins for this (theres a UK TV channel that plays largely classic UK TV shows of that name) but the most likely one is probably also the same source for the TV channel name, the incredibly popular UK sitcom from a little while back called "Only Fools and Horses": (The joke being the character being referred to is actually named "Rodney". And yes, that is the creator of the revamped Cybermen from the 10th Doctors run...!).
  6. The "Viper" name was very likely inspired by the "Colonial Viper" space fighters from the original "Battlestar Galactica" T.V. series. The F-16 at the time would have seemed suitably futuristic. Edit: Wikipedia also seems to think there is a resemblance with the snake as well.
  7. And, er, oops, Lum is not suffering from an unfortunate medical complaint on her rear. I thought I'd hidden the Blu-Tac better than that...
  8. On the planet Ku'R'Tain, the 12th Doctor is a bit put out by an alien that seems to have hitched a ride on the TARDIS. His new friends are a bit more amused, though.
  9. I didn't even know Germany had a nuclear strike capability. The UK, yes, France, yes, but somehow I'd never heard this until now.
  10. I would imagine its certainly possible, as I doubt the cost of an ejector seat is a major factor in the overall cost of a modern combat aircraft, but it probably is time consuming and awkward. Though having said that, Martin-Baker have for years used a Gloster Meteor (yes, you read that right) for ejection seat testing so presumably they have a procedure.
  11. I presume they mean "ejection handle"; has there ever been an ejection system outside of fiction that was activated by a button press?
  12. "Do you do gift wrap?" https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32869/this-man-owns-the-worlds-most-advanced-private-air-force-after-buying-46-f-a-18-hornets
  13. Everything I know about Latin I learned from "Asterix" books. Requiesce in pace, Uderzo.
  14. Well, one is a pretty sleek-looking, futuristic craft and the other is clearly advanced but a bit more conventional looking... wait, where have I heard that one before?
  15. Thanks for the explanation! I wonder if this one is about to make a cannon firing pass, because at least in the DCS videos they only appear just as the guns are being fired...
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