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  1. He designed the GunStar. Enough said.
  2. "Moonraker" is one of my favourite Bond movies. And yes, I know that its got issues. I don't care. Farewell, Mr. Drax.
  3. Could they at least have tried to make it look less like every generic “Going to be taken over by a rogue A.I. and try to shoot down the hero about halfway through the movie” drone ever...?
  4. This perhaps shouldn't have come as much of a surprise, on reflection. I remember reading an article on vidoegame A.I. in a magazine a while ago, and various developers were quoted as saying that one their challenges when designing a game is that they have to dial the A.I. down quite a bit, otherwise it tends to make mincemeat of human players.
  5. Oh, so now the missile thats just been ripped loose gets to bounce around inside the weapons bay with all the other missiles?
  6. Its impressive, certainly, but I'd like to see it try that in combat condition without ripping at least some of the stores it needs to fight back with right off the pylons.
  7. Veteran anime fans (sounds so much nicer than "old", doesn't it? ) may recall the parody "10 Little Gall Force/Scramble Wars" shorts. In "Scramble Wars", the finishing point of the featured race is a place called Bangor - which also happens to the name of the real town that was the home of Anime Projects, who distributed AnimEigo releases in the UK. I never have been able to find out if that was a coincidence or intentional!
  8. I know a common comment about female super-characters costumes is that they look like they were "painted on", but thats the first time I've seen it depicted literally!
  9. You have read what they say about the F-35, right?!! Thanks for the explanations about the heat sink.
  10. The heat sink is an interesting idea. Curious as to how it will dump the heat though.
  11. Dammit, I may finally have to get a Prime subscription now!
  12. Well, if you think my slip-up was bad I told some of my work colleagues the other day about the F-15 pass and yesterday they messaged me excitedly to say that a pair of "F-111s" had just gone over...! I told them they need to work on their aircraft recognition... As it happens, I didn't see the aircraft in question but we just happened to be in a place where we heard the alleged Ghost of the Aardvarks fly over...
  13. Yes, sorry, typo I managed to make twice! I guess we're even now for when someone here called the British Army "The Royal Army" a while back...
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