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  1. There was at least one bird in the background of the P-40 pass and what may have been a duck on the water in the Spitfire pass, so if they did clear them out, they didn't get all of them!
  2. I also mainly knew her from Babylon 5, and I can't put it better than io9 did - she was the soul of that series. Farewell, Ambassador.
  3. I can't think of any ways the TV world has changed since "Who" was bought back at all. I mean, I'm a huge fan but even I didn't watch the New Years Special on its broadcast date.
  4. Wasn't the original F-22 supposed to have some sort of lateral radar array or something? Perhaps "souped up" was the wrong phrase, maybe Su-27 ver 2.0 is more what I was trying to get at.
  5. The more and more I see of the SU-57 - and I'm fully prepared to find out its a mistaken impression - the more I think its essentially a souped-up SU-27, similar to all those "Silent Eagle" ideas that were flying around. If it turns out to be the next Firefox, fine, I'll eat my... urm... Dalek?
  6. I never met him, but he actually visited the small town I live in a few times as there was a branch of Star Wars fandom there (I did meet Admiral Ozzel a couple of times due to this though!). As I live in the same general area of the UK that he hailed from, it always slightly amused me that Darths real voice would have had a similar accent to mine. He was also quite famous in the UK for fronting a TV road safety campaign as "The Green Cross Code Man". I recently saw one of the Hammer films he was involved in, "Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell" but had no idea at the time he was the titu
  7. Just to be clear on the Star Fleet thing; despite a common misconception, May did not do the actual ending theme from the show - his version is a [i]cover[/i] of it. And I never knew Eddie Van Halen worked on it! I think Van Halen was probably a bigger thing in the US than the UK, but even here Eddie Van Halen was known as a god among guitar players. RIP.
  8. Er... HRH has changed a bit during lockdown, hasn't he?!
  9. He designed the GunStar. Enough said.
  10. "Moonraker" is one of my favourite Bond movies. And yes, I know that its got issues. I don't care. Farewell, Mr. Drax.
  11. Could they at least have tried to make it look less like every generic “Going to be taken over by a rogue A.I. and try to shoot down the hero about halfway through the movie” drone ever...?
  12. This perhaps shouldn't have come as much of a surprise, on reflection. I remember reading an article on vidoegame A.I. in a magazine a while ago, and various developers were quoted as saying that one their challenges when designing a game is that they have to dial the A.I. down quite a bit, otherwise it tends to make mincemeat of human players.
  13. Oh, so now the missile thats just been ripped loose gets to bounce around inside the weapons bay with all the other missiles?
  14. Its impressive, certainly, but I'd like to see it try that in combat condition without ripping at least some of the stores it needs to fight back with right off the pylons.
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