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  1. chillyche

    Announcing Macross Aria: a CGI fan film project

    It's funny. The domain name just came up for renewal and I was debating about whether to renew it again or let it go, finally. I think there's still some pretty solid stuff in there. And I still kinda get the fee fees when I listen to that audio trailer.
  2. chillyche

    The Fanfiction Thread

    What I would suggest is to figure out what story you're going to tell, and what your plot is going to be, and choose a name informed by that. A lot of fan fiction tries to win us from the outside in, rather than the inside out. Focus on your characters' arcs, hone your storytelling, and the name will come to you as an extension of the your work.
  3. chillyche

    Macross: The Shadow Years

    Very cool stuff. I wish the Macross Aria sites were still online. We had an interview with a pilot who claimed to have the biggest collection of post-SW1 vinyl. He, too, was very interested in keeping alive Earth's history and information. I think it's absolutely a fascinating concept, this period of time as humanity recovers from a near extinction, and near informational extinction event.
  4. chillyche

    M3 Milia and VF-9 (2017 version)

    Very dope. Those M3 suits don't get the love they deserve.
  5. chillyche

    Old YF-19 model

    I love to see some of the OGs (at least to me) posting new work.
  6. chillyche

    Macross Elysium

    Falcon... your art has come a long way in the past four years! Nice.
  7. chillyche

    Announcing Macross Aria: a CGI fan film project

    Cool, cool. I just read the extended Aria script the other day, and realized, dang, we had a semi-decent thing going.
  8. chillyche

    The Fanfiction Thread

    Hey gang. It's been a long time. I'm dusting off my keyboard. And my eyeballs. But, in case there are new faces here, I figured I'd repost my old work from 2013 here. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7460839/1/Do-You-Remember-Motown It's an SW1 era story with all original characters, and it's only five short chapters. If you haven't please give it a read, and I'd love to get some feedback on the thing before I try my hand at something else.
  9. chillyche

    WIP it good.

    Holy crap, that looks incredible The White Drew Carey. Beautiful line work, and that digital water color... well, I woulda bought that it was prismacolor markers or actual water color. So dope.
  10. chillyche

    Macross Cygnus

    The Cygnus stuff really makes me want to reassemble the Aria team and get that ball rolling again.
  11. chillyche

    Super-Deformed SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie

  12. chillyche

    Announcing Macross Aria: a CGI fan film project

    Right? The other thing that bugs me is each movie in the new franchise has featured several uniforms. And well, it just doesn't feel very... uh... uniform to me. Like, dress, duties, weather, flight... that makes sense, but they've got so many, and we don't know WHY. Anyway...
  13. chillyche

    Announcing Macross Aria: a CGI fan film project

    Neeeeeccccrroooooo! Guys, is it just me, or does Star Trek Beyond TOTALLY bite Cannon Fodder's Macross Aria jumpsuit design? Like totally.
  14. chillyche

    Macross Delta Fandub (Auditions OPEN!)

    Where the heck is Hikuro? This used to be right up his alley!
  15. chillyche

    Macross Cygnus

    This stuff is great.