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  1. Rodavan


    Hi coronadlux - no real live got in the way , maybe a project for my holiday in December .....
  2. Thank you Tekering Xigfrid - Thanks all my models are full CAD models , they need to tweaked for printing , but luckily as they are already CAD models the process is an easy one .The Wanhao D8 is my own printer , so I think there will still be a lot "learning "
  3. It didn't go as well as expected.Large resin parts seem to warp and peel during the UV curing .The other thing is resin dust is very fine and gets in everything if you not use to working with resin The good thing I have learned a lot , not giving up yet.I have already started to prepare the next project my Queadluun Rau to for print .So I will have make some changes .Let see if we do anything with rest of print this week as I have been only trying to fit parts , the smoothing and clean hasn't even started yet
  4. Thank you Bolt I will clean and assemble next weekend , if it looks good maybe a 1/48 scale is next ...
  5. Hot off the printer - everything now printed some still needs to UV cured
  6. Printed some more parts today came out smoother Just cleaned with water and toothbrush so still a bit wet
  7. So I something wrong , only one part completed .It still looks ok ,placed it in the UV tank to cure. Sorry photos not so Great http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/gallery/category/13-macross-fan-art/
  8. Yup DLP D8 Wanhao
  9. Thanks Return To Kit Form - This will be 1/72 , but it's a CAD model so I can scale too anything
  10. Finally ready to do a test print Print will take about 9 hours
  11. Adding fillets to body panels
  12. Agree on Rhino 3d , there one more option that is a full CAD for Solid modeling etc take a look at FreeCAD , not bad ...
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