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  1. Rodavan

    Rodavan's Images

  2. Rodavan

    Not Macross - Holiday modeling

    I use Rhino3D , and I model in NURBS , old school . Try Blender it is free, a very good polygon modeler.Lots of help videos and lots users . I come from an engineering back ground , so I like CAD tools . I use Cinema4D to render . I also do a lot 3D printing , more engineering stuff .
  3. Rodavan

    Not Macross - Holiday modeling

    Have not been modeling for a while , need to practice 3D skills. Showing my age , this was my first Scifi kit model I ever build. Fort those who don't recognise this , it's a Angle Interceptor from Captain Scarlet TV show.
  4. Rodavan

    Macross / Robotech episode 1 CG progress

    Wow time flies
  5. Rodavan

    LEGO VF-1S

    Cool Lego's
  6. Rodavan

    Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    Wow big print , I like ABS much smaller prints that you "glue " together .
  7. Rodavan

    MΔ - VF-9

    Great work - I would suggest work a parametric model program to make changes a bit easier . I have done some stuff on FreeCAD not too bad for a free parametric model software , once you get the hang off it quite easy to model and edit .
  8. Rodavan

    My fanarts

    Nicely done
  9. Very cool models Just remember to make plan for sanding as the end product is a bit rough and will need to be sanded down .Is the models thin walled or solid ? What scale do you intend to use for print ?
  10. Rodavan

    VF-1S head unit

    Send me your mail address and what format you want it in - currently in Rhino 3D
  11. Rodavan


    Cool design
  12. Rodavan

    VF-1S head unit

    Maybe you can print a version of arm - I still have CAD version of that arm some where ...
  13. Rodavan


    Hi 3D- Brainx Nothing that fancy , they are CAD points , like lines and surfaces , they are place holders ( ref points ) I reuse while working or measure from .These are pics from Rhino3D , everything except for pilot is surface model ( CAD), not polygons. Once I have modeled it all , I will convert to polygons then export to Cinema4D or Blender.
  14. Rodavan


    Small updates