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  1. Jaime's return to King's Landing and the pure look of "What have you done?" on his face the entire time told everything.
  2. crap's going to hit the fan. The North is united under Jon Snow but they have dire threats to deal with. The funny thing is I don't think Jon wanted kingship, but there he is, sort of thrust upon him like it did Robb Stark way back in Season 1. It was a great moment seeing Tyrion get recognized by someone who truly appreciates his mind and counsel being named Hand of the Queen. Cersei's madness destroyed the Faith Militant, High Sparrow, destroyed the future of House Tyrell. Yet that stupid move destroyed the Tyrell-Lannister alliance, led to her last child committing suicide. Wouldn't s
  3. The books are in the same predicament. It's supposed to be wrapping up, but as of Dance of Dragons, it doesn't look anywhere near that. I have greatly enjoyed the books but damn, it's been what? 4 years since Dance of Dragons was published.
  4. Not quite too happy with As for the battle itself, I was happy because the show has never really showed much in the way of a pitch battle despite the wars taking place. Loved the part when Jon Snow was randomly making his way through the chaos of battle, the impact. Even happier seeing an army from the Vale show up to save the day. With Ramsay now dog food, House Bolton is effectively dead. Ramsay saw to killing everyone else off, including Roose, so his passing ends the line.
  5. Wildling tradition for a man to get his wife is to sort of go over and "kidnap" her. I would love to see Tormund "Husband to Bears" Giantsbane try that with Brienne.
  6. Melisandre truly believed Stannis "was it" in the books, Azhor Ahai reborn, all that. She did whatever it took to support him. The "Lightbringer" sword was a gimmick, she knew it, probably her idea, and of course, Stannis and Ser Davos knew it. Some quick thoughts on the episode.
  7. I was expecting Daenerys' dragon to come in all the sudden and start killing (and eating) them. However, it was interesting how she just went about and got the Dothraki to support her by filling them with awe, right in front of their eyes. Regarding the "fire proof" thing, Daenerys had shown that side even in the beginning. Heat, fire did not bother bother her, long before that priestess entered the picture. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold. King's Landing will become a mess. Little Finger moves to help Sansa (I was happy to see one of my favorite characters again, as scummy
  8. Yeah, Greatjon being prisoner ties the Umbers a bit. The books also had the Manderly's who are playing their game but have never forgotten. I agree that most of the recent episode was pretty meh. No real progression except for Jon Snow. Tower of Joy? We got cut off. I was not, not happy at all with the capture of Rickon Stark and Osha, the death of Shaggydog, because that is another thing completely opposite from the books. Hell, them offing Doran Martell earlier without going into his machinations and subtle game was disappointing as hell.
  9. It will be interesting to see how Jon Snow v2.0 goes about business, especially with the traitors. We know Ramsay is going to go after Jon from the previews as well as his chat with his father in the recent episode. I'm still a bit pissed that they offed Doran Martel, another character that was very much still alive and has machinations in place in the books. Pissed like how they offed Barristan Selmy.
  10. The Wildlings would follow Tormund and he would follow Jon, but it all depends on what they intend to do with Jon's character. It's a bit weird for me to foresee it because the show had massive departures the last 2 seasons from the books. I'm still pissed off what they did to Selmy. Anyways, Jon, Tormund, the Wildlings would still have to deal with the Night's Watch first if Jon somehow returns. Most especially so if Jon returns. As for the last video you linked, yes, those are Lannister men in that feast. The armor style is very distinct to me. And humorous that they attended the feas
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