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  1. It was a guess ultimately. I'm not sure where else they might come from.
  2. The last one gives me an Uta Macross card vibe but I can't be sure, maybe they all are. Though seems like something that might have been in the movies possibly too.
  3. The show tends to gloss over how it all happened, but you do see Ray give reports to Max at times about Basara's efforts. Basara himself is barely aware of this and really.. doesn't even care as long as he gets to fly and sing to random attackers, lol. Fact is, if he didn't have Max's support... Basara would not be able to do any of that, even if he did have his own VF. Max could put a stop to it. The fact Max doesn't read anyone else into it including his own special forces units like Diamond Force.. is a bit hard to explain though.
  4. So long as the gravity generators don't fly out of the ship lol.
  5. This is a disconnect of understanding what the product of fusion reactions actually is. Nuclear fusion doesn't turn matter into energy, at least not fully. In fact it mostly just transforms matter while releasing a good chunk of energy as radiation (mostly heat but some other types too depending on the inputs). For hydrogen fusion the result is mostly helium, heat, and a lot of stray neutrons.* So in atmosphere that heat is used in inlet air and mixed with reaction products, in space, they ramp up the fusion cycle and it's all reaction products which burns through the fuel at a tremendous
  6. That is the warning lol. Though orange smoke is another tell. Though if it's already reacting there are other concerns too... Explosive ones. Oh yeah, Egress is a big deal. I feel sorry for that guy for sure. Media never talks about how damaging ejection seats are on the body either. It varies from plane and service but if I recall AF pilots could only eject three times before the damage to their spine from it disqualified them from flying again.
  7. When I worked on F-16 engines, there was a procedure to make sure the jet was safe to be near before going to it to do work on the engine or even to download data from the engine computer. One of the steps was checking a small window near the emergency power unit which uses hydrazine. If it is orange you're good, if it is black, then there was a leak and you've already been exposed... Surprise! Luckily for that, though as you noted prior the reasons for safe handling are very important lol.
  8. I'm a former Air Force jet engine maintainer (not wholly unrelated to the work the crew chief above did but I was more focused on the engines than the whole plane) and I've seen stuff like that sadly... It's a big deal for QA and such if safety was so bad something like that happened. Ideally the system is fully safed properly so there is no danger but mistakes do happened. I'd be more worried what they were hit with lol. Cause of it is anything like hydrozine.. they might be dead heh.
  9. That had the luxury of blowing up. Messer's plane in the Delta series now... Yuck... Atleast he stepped out of it in the movie, though he still bled everywhere... Then again Windermere took the plane from there for a bit so.. Guess they cleaned it when they added the Lil Drakkons?
  10. It's a mix honestly. What you say (that they told you) is accurate, but Ancient Humanity in the Halo backstory and modern Humanity are distinct enough to be considered about as different as Protoculture and Humanity in Macross. They have matching genetics of course, but because of the aforementioned reversion the original society and culture was basically erased (and then the Halos removed any traces save for what the Librarian indexed that became modern Humanity later). The thing with the Forerunner is, they were colossal jerks in their time exactly as you say, but after they realized th
  11. I dunno, I mean yeah they also left behind weapons of ultimate destruction anyone could accidentally trigger but the Forerunners were at least trying to give future life in the galaxy a chance, they just weren't around to decommission their stuff. The Ancients just littered doomsday devices everywhere and yeeted off to the next plane of existence to act like cosmic jerks. In an attempt to not get too off topic though, I suppose that makes the Protoculture closer to Halo's example since they cared enough to try, however futile it might have been. When it comes to setting an example for lat
  12. The Protoculture are basically a treatise on bad ideas that seemed good at the time until they got overzealous. Still they at least seemed to care a little about what people did after they were gone and avoiding repeats (even if they weren't very successful at that). Thus I'd say they are still better than the ultimate Neglectful Precursors in fiction, The Ancients from Stargate, lol.
  13. Yeah, and I heard this a lot, and eventually saw it for myself. It was a good check on my expectations and why sometimes the things you don't consider really matter. I'm trying to carry it forward into my engineering career but until you're in charge of things there are limits.
  14. I can echo his ending sentiment and the entire point as a former Air Force jet engine mechanic who had to deal with a lot of this and I also knew actual aircraft crew chiefs (we often worked together) and let me tell you, the job is rarely fun (still fulfilling though, but I wouldn't go back to it lol). 4 years of it turned me from an idealistic engineer-to-be to something of a pragmatic engineer cause I often think about how this stuff factors a lot more than engineering colleagues in the same age or position as me. I also tend to ignore the more flowery rhetoric tossed around for design
  15. That's awesome it ended up being an actually good edition instead of the blandness we've been seeing recently. Your little sneak peak at stuff from existing books earlier had me salivating as it was lol.
  16. I call it artistic license. Big West, the company that owns the franchise is Japanese and they unlike Kawamori do care about continuity and apparently try very hard to link all the shows, movies, etc together into a coherent narrative.
  17. You could argue the whole point of training aircraft is that they aren't tuned up above spec.. so that new pilots can learn easier, heh. Then again.. it is for test pilot training and their job is to kinda break stuff...
  18. I'd love to see a metal Macross personally. It's not like there aren't a ton of good examples of Japanese metal bands to draw inspiration from lol.
  19. I dunno... needs more scifi... how about instead of a team it's one VF pilot, but they are stuck in uncontrollable temporal folds due to an experiment malfunctioning... their VF folds into different years where they have to do something to change history for the better, but their own guide is a future colleague manifesting as a fold phantom only the protag can see and hear. So basically they time fold from year to year, putting back what went wrong and hoping their next fold will be the fold... home. I call it, Macross: Quantum Fold. Or the same thing but they are uncontrollably fold
  20. Not at the same time, but I have seen Seto in person and I'm preeeeety sure he isn't Kawamori-san. Granted Kawamori could be using his own show's holographic underwear technology... now isn't that a scary thought?
  21. Right, I had a feeling I was forgetting some aspect, including the quote about the actual transmission lag time of 127 minutes. That wouldn't have been nearly as bad but as you say, the fold forecast (it's essentially a form of dimensional weather if you think about it) ensured the travel was bad. Thanks for the clarification.
  22. I don't know any numbers, but Frontier definitely implied transmissions are affected my faults the same as travel, which is why they learned about the revolt on Gallia IV so late that the only way to help was with the super fold booster. Or to put it another way, they couldn't get a message out to ask for a cease fire any quicker, at least not before open conflict escalated. What I am not sure of is if the lagged transmission was subject to the same 172 hour dislocation as Alto and Sheryl's trip. Obviously the fold radio signal is faster than a ship but I feel like it was less than a week
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