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  1. Not as much as it sounds, cause if they're all production run then the differences are big enough to denote that and the parts and labor to maintain them all have to be handled distinctly. It balloons fast. But for whatever reason Frontier decided they wanted it that way (I know I'm not Seto, but I'll say it's a case of "Screw the rules, I have money" lol)
  2. Oh in this I am fully agreed, as both an aerospace engineer and an Air Force maintainer veteran lol. My job for the latter was to work on one version of the engine used in a specific block of F-16C, and it wasn't the latest block, lol. So having multiple models on top of that would be a nightmare. In my engineer hat I see it much as you. Many of one type is much more preferable to mass production. As for pengbuzz with the pun steal, we can only defer to the future what can do better.
  3. Admittedly I was thinking there was likely reasons beyond that that'd give favor to the 25 but as my statement goes I actually do agree with your reasoning for the 31. I'll tell you one thing, from a pure aesthetic standpoint I like the 31 much more, and the transformation is definitely better. I own DXs of two 31s and the 30 it's derived from and only the 29B on the other side for a reason lol. You sir have defeated me at my own game.
  4. It's probably the most versatile, but I think the 31s hot swappable equipment containers is the better direction. As for 24, just assume everything is at 11, lol.
  5. Yeah no worries, lol. I definitely get it, nothing is standard right now. As an engineer myself I can certainly understand those challenges.
  6. *sits in waiting room* My interest was peaked, and you have kept it at a steady high good sir.
  7. Nah his second is cause he has to tear it up to scan it for his terribly mysterious website, lol. Pretty sure he doesn't have any unopened.
  8. I don't know what bothered people back then so much about it to bully you but I think it looks pretty neat. Most people don't go into the kind of detail you did and frankly that's worth a lot. Also if it's for an RPG it just has to be internally consistent anyway. I say be proud of your creation even it others can't be bothered.
  9. You mean penetrate the Earth Defense Grid? With a VF based on a monkey model spec of the YF-24 that Earth has the full specs for molded into a VF-24 that is supposedly more capable than the Uber expensive Vajra-killer YF-29? Also an Earth that has a defense grid designed to protect against their own creation by now and the experience of knowing they have to account for a type of attack exactly like what Isamu did before? It might not be impossible, but it might as well be. Even if the disparity in defensive technology and Earth's way way more powerful VFs compared to the cheap knockoffs Brisingr makes wasn't a factor, Isamu basically did one thing that actually helped Earth, he showed a vulnerability they could patch, and almost certainly have. Basically, he ruined it for any future attackers wanting to infiltrate the planet the same way lol.
  10. Just waiting for 2018 for that new series. I'm sure we'll hear news any day now.
  11. To my knowledge, the Fold Dimensional Resonance system isn't used for superluminal travel, it's basically a better version of the Fold Wave system, and it can also break through fold faults. I suppose that means if used in concert with normal fold travel it could pop on through them... but considering the quality of fold quartz you'd need to use it.. might as well just slap on a super fold booster, which also needs that fold quartz to work, and just do it that way with any craft.
  12. Right? And that just tells us a concert is involved... like we couldn't see that coming, lol.
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