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  1. Extra time for all that translation work, lol.
  2. It's far too early to tell if this virus will still be as big a problem by October. It might be, it might not.. for now I think it's easier to assume the con will go on and they can cancel closer to the date if they have to.
  3. Master Dex

    Bandai DX VF-31

    If we're competing on who got less I'm in the group with a Messer 31F and a 31A (I got a 262 as well but that's a different thread). No multiples, I don't do that. I do kinda wish I had gotten super parts for Messer before the price hike but I couldn't really afford it at the time. Haven't checked the rates on that since.
  4. I'm pretty confident they were a Brisingr NUNS Fleet. Perhaps the only proper one in the otherwise poorly operated cluster. They almost certainly had VF-171s, but considering how they were defeated, it might not have mattered.
  5. I might plan ahead more and actually go Delta level, maybe even stay for the after party. I like calmer things myself, plus except for Seto I've never been able to really get to know anyone there. But I've only been twice.
  6. I can totally understand how that goes, I hear similar stories where I work all the time. Like said, if it takes more time than that's how it is. Life is always in front lol. Good to hear it's leveling out though.
  7. Speaking of detailed info on things given by Seto, how's your site project coming? I recall you quoted a near term start date to me at SDC, but unless I missed something I guess delays occurred. Gotta take the needed time of course, mostly just curious.
  8. Oh God my wallet screamed... I'm gonna keep watching. Honestly I'm more interested in a VF-22 in Max colors, but I don't know if they'll do that or not. Battroid is a massive improvement. I know I'm not as nitpicky as some collectors here but I can't see what is so troubling about the fighter so far. To me it looks amazing. Likely future prototypes will get better too. I don't know if I can afford this... Maybe I should consider some sales...
  9. Short answer, yes and a lot of it involves what happens in the VF-X games. Mostly the 2nd one, but it seems the issues had been building for a while. Basically they needed to decentralize to avoid one group having all the power (though Earth still ends up with more in the end). For the long version of the answer, see Seto below. (this is what they call genre savvy lol)
  10. I mean, YF-21 and VF-22 don't have engines in the legs, so that one has happened already.
  11. Yeah I was paraphrasing, though I certainly remember at saying that lol. I'm also a bit bad at reconstructing sentences from what I only heard and didn't read, but 'baka' isn't hard to forget heh.
  12. What Seto is saying is coming directly from said voice actor, as Seto and I were both at the panel at SDCon last weekend where Takumi Yamazaki was speaking. He literally couched his view of Isamu's character and how he went about playing him as essentially, "He's a rather silly person, and kind of an idiot." This is not to say he doesn't like Isamu a lot, and he certainly enjoys running the classic "Yahoo!" catchphrase to a crowd. He also said that Isamu's only line in Wings of Goodbye was more or less written by him as the script just had a strange sound effect in it instead. It sounds like Kawamori didn't need much convincing despite doing two takes. My note earlier that Takumi agrees that Isamu's true love is his plane came from a bit of a joke he said in the same panel, heh.
  13. Well the 24 testing was when he was in NUNS Reserve. He could have been doing SMS as the day job by then and and took a sabbatical to do the flight testing (it would need more than a weekend or annual tour, so he'd be given special orders for duty and be temporarily active for longer). As the YF-24 then was being tested for development for NUNS, there is no way he could get a copy (much less one that isn't de-rated), plus... NUNS knows him, and they know that'd a bad idea all around. As for the VF-19 Advanced... well we know that story already, and it starts with attempted lawbreaking, lol. Fact is the 19 is Isamu's true love (his VA agrees, lol) so no matter how fun the YF-24 is, it'll never be his plane, even if his 19 is a monkey model now (as it only could be). He could get a monkey model version of the VF-24 or any other of the offshoots (and he does get a YF-29 in Macross 30, though he doesn't keep it since that was his time displaced self), but his heart will always be to the lady he met on Eden... Oh, and Myung maybe too, if he was lucky.
  14. From the depths of space (and a recent SDCon panel): "YAHOO!!"
  15. The 29 is so specifically designed to fight Vajra it is pretty far from Anti-VF. That said because it is so powerful due to approximating the legendary abilities of the YF/VF -24 it certainly can handle a fight, as Rod proved in his YF-29B in Macross 30, only really losing to the YF-30 which only had an edge really due to the Fold Dimensional Resonance system. As for the VF-24, as usual it is all speculation but the design for the YF-24 indicated it was more of an anti-ship platform with such gems as using fold boosters to fold into Zentradi lines (or inside big ships) unload hell and fold out before joining the unfortunate giants in firey death. This kind of fighting isn't as useful against another VF but since it is so speced out, it can probably manage.
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