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  1. That's awesome it ended up being an actually good edition instead of the blandness we've been seeing recently. Your little sneak peak at stuff from existing books earlier had me salivating as it was lol.
  2. I call it artistic license. Big West, the company that owns the franchise is Japanese and they unlike Kawamori do care about continuity and apparently try very hard to link all the shows, movies, etc together into a coherent narrative.
  3. You could argue the whole point of training aircraft is that they aren't tuned up above spec.. so that new pilots can learn easier, heh. Then again.. it is for test pilot training and their job is to kinda break stuff...
  4. I'd love to see a metal Macross personally. It's not like there aren't a ton of good examples of Japanese metal bands to draw inspiration from lol.
  5. I dunno... needs more scifi... how about instead of a team it's one VF pilot, but they are stuck in uncontrollable temporal folds due to an experiment malfunctioning... their VF folds into different years where they have to do something to change history for the better, but their own guide is a future colleague manifesting as a fold phantom only the protag can see and hear. So basically they time fold from year to year, putting back what went wrong and hoping their next fold will be the fold... home. I call it, Macross: Quantum Fold. Or the same thing but they are uncontrollably folding to different colonies and not time traveling cause that's probably easier and the former just means people will expect cameos.. they have to solve an issue in each location before they are forced away, their fold booster having a mind of it's own.
  6. Not at the same time, but I have seen Seto in person and I'm preeeeety sure he isn't Kawamori-san. Granted Kawamori could be using his own show's holographic underwear technology... now isn't that a scary thought?
  7. Right, I had a feeling I was forgetting some aspect, including the quote about the actual transmission lag time of 127 minutes. That wouldn't have been nearly as bad but as you say, the fold forecast (it's essentially a form of dimensional weather if you think about it) ensured the travel was bad. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. I don't know any numbers, but Frontier definitely implied transmissions are affected my faults the same as travel, which is why they learned about the revolt on Gallia IV so late that the only way to help was with the super fold booster. Or to put it another way, they couldn't get a message out to ask for a cease fire any quicker, at least not before open conflict escalated. What I am not sure of is if the lagged transmission was subject to the same 172 hour dislocation as Alto and Sheryl's trip. Obviously the fold radio signal is faster than a ship but I feel like it was less than a week after Alto and Sheryl arrived than Frontier heard the news of the uprising.
  9. Not as much as it sounds, cause if they're all production run then the differences are big enough to denote that and the parts and labor to maintain them all have to be handled distinctly. It balloons fast. But for whatever reason Frontier decided they wanted it that way (I know I'm not Seto, but I'll say it's a case of "Screw the rules, I have money" lol)
  10. Oh in this I am fully agreed, as both an aerospace engineer and an Air Force maintainer veteran lol. My job for the latter was to work on one version of the engine used in a specific block of F-16C, and it wasn't the latest block, lol. So having multiple models on top of that would be a nightmare. In my engineer hat I see it much as you. Many of one type is much more preferable to mass production. As for pengbuzz with the pun steal, we can only defer to the future what can do better.
  11. Admittedly I was thinking there was likely reasons beyond that that'd give favor to the 25 but as my statement goes I actually do agree with your reasoning for the 31. I'll tell you one thing, from a pure aesthetic standpoint I like the 31 much more, and the transformation is definitely better. I own DXs of two 31s and the 30 it's derived from and only the 29B on the other side for a reason lol. You sir have defeated me at my own game.
  12. It's probably the most versatile, but I think the 31s hot swappable equipment containers is the better direction. As for 24, just assume everything is at 11, lol.
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