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  1. No that happened, but the teaser for the new movie clearly has her in a new 31, with modifications like seen above. It's likely not 5 minutes after the first one ended after all.
  2. I made some comments in the other thread before reading here.. I'll discard those as again Seto provides a better set of points. We did see a Delta 06 in green coloring in the teaser so that could be Bogue in this. We also saw Mirage was sporting a new variant with these wing tips though.. perhaps all of the Delta Flight Valks are now instead of the FSW versions from before.
  3. Fascinating... a new variant of the production type.... We know a 31B exists but it's probably just a two seater A... C is called for.. so.. hard to say what it'd be... it's more than the mission pod that's different too.
  4. As usual Seto will give the details cause he has them all so neatly available. I will say it's not unlike his explanation earlier of the beam cannons but in bomb form basically. There is also a second type of reaction weapon called a pair-annihilation weapon (I think introduced in M7 and is the reaction weapon in Frontier and later until dimensional weapons become the real doomsday devices) that are basically OTech antimatter warheads. There is something I think that is particular about them beyond just having antimatter on board though but I can't recall what.. in fact I kinda am interes
  5. Of course Seto covered the logistical reasons when I covered operational lol. Talk about flanking a topic lol.
  6. I suspect the square cube law would disappoint you a bit heh. Increasing the size of anything causes the mass to increase exponentially. You'd get more volume for sure but you'd also be a lot heavier and the power requirements would be substantially larger to move that mass, let alone operating a massively scaled up cannon which would require energy I'm not sure an appropriately sized power source for that kind of ship could operate. Just running the fold drive would need a charge longer than Macross Frontier's entire fleet I bet. Ironically at that scale having non-giant soldiers wo
  7. It's just a short so I wouldn't call it double bill. Probably like those shorts Pixar does before theatrical releases. As for the rest, the image is just artwork and doesn't really imply anything to me about time setting.
  8. Fair point, I did see that on a Facebook group so it was questionable at best. I do kinda hope they go that route though.
  9. Oh? I saw on Facebook someone said it was going to streaming, Netflix Japan and something else instead of theaters.. which.. given situations.. makes a lot of sense. Might even get us fansubs faster...
  10. It was a guess ultimately. I'm not sure where else they might come from.
  11. The last one gives me an Uta Macross card vibe but I can't be sure, maybe they all are. Though seems like something that might have been in the movies possibly too.
  12. The show tends to gloss over how it all happened, but you do see Ray give reports to Max at times about Basara's efforts. Basara himself is barely aware of this and really.. doesn't even care as long as he gets to fly and sing to random attackers, lol. Fact is, if he didn't have Max's support... Basara would not be able to do any of that, even if he did have his own VF. Max could put a stop to it. The fact Max doesn't read anyone else into it including his own special forces units like Diamond Force.. is a bit hard to explain though.
  13. So long as the gravity generators don't fly out of the ship lol.
  14. This is a disconnect of understanding what the product of fusion reactions actually is. Nuclear fusion doesn't turn matter into energy, at least not fully. In fact it mostly just transforms matter while releasing a good chunk of energy as radiation (mostly heat but some other types too depending on the inputs). For hydrogen fusion the result is mostly helium, heat, and a lot of stray neutrons.* So in atmosphere that heat is used in inlet air and mixed with reaction products, in space, they ramp up the fusion cycle and it's all reaction products which burns through the fuel at a tremendous
  15. That is the warning lol. Though orange smoke is another tell. Though if it's already reacting there are other concerns too... Explosive ones. Oh yeah, Egress is a big deal. I feel sorry for that guy for sure. Media never talks about how damaging ejection seats are on the body either. It varies from plane and service but if I recall AF pilots could only eject three times before the damage to their spine from it disqualified them from flying again.
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