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  1. I live right on it... It's been a rough couple of days, but I'm doing ok. A lot of my DX VFs lost their shelf spots for now, but nothing broke I think. Small victories. Not most important of course.
  2. It's worth noting there already is a discord server for SDCon that I've seen a few people from here in. It has some generic chat channels as well as Macross focused stuff aside from the convention related things. It's not especially active, but it is just nice to have options in any case. Doesn't stop me coming here.. you won't get the long form discussions you get here in a Discord chat as the pace is a lot faster in the latter. Forums still have their use, one thing doesn't mean the other is obsolete. In other words, it's possible to have both, but not everyone needs to use both.
  3. I'll join ya for that! It'd be worth an overnight stay in LA to celebrate that (I live only 3 hours away).
  4. That was a really quick turn around...
  5. They're built tough (definitely more than Ford tough), with even their organs being hardy so they can accelerate like crazy and not have everything turn into jelly.. that or they have a natural ISC of their own.. which is not hard to believe considering all the tech that is based on them originally as it is.
  6. In his case it may just be nostalgia of course, or he was on boats in a past career before joining SMS. It's not a military job so really anything goes there.
  7. To wit, Max is a Colonal in Macross 7 as well. I think it even gets said on screen once or twice.
  8. Seto probably will come in shortly with the correct answer, but I suspect they have a natural version of what is the basis of the Fold Organs the Protoculture built into the EVIL series weapons (the biomechanical creatures that would ultimately be taken over by the Protodeviln... well not all of them, the one of Oroborous stayed hidden for a while. Also the Bird-Human might be one too... but it was made a lot later I think). Basically they are naturally derived biomechanical fold reactors. For the Vajra, they run off of fold quartz so they are massively efficient. We also know the Vajra can "mine" (eat) natural fold carbon and the rare natural fold quartz and basically refine it in their bodies. This is why in Frontier the best source for fold quartz was dead Vajra.
  9. This has been stated for a while since the Frontier TV series ended the Protoculture were heavily inspired by the Vajra (they kinda said as much I the last episode). It's good he still elaborates a bit but I kinda always saw that as pretty clear.
  10. People are surely not voting based on toy sales. Besides some of those sales are because some people (read: Everyone from this forum, lol) were buying multiple copies of the VF-31A for displays, lol. Doesn't mean more people like this model than any other. If anything the YF-19 makes sense to be in the lead cause new toys keep getting made of it... it clearly is in high demand (as if any VF-1). For good reason of course.
  11. It's the modern take by Kawamori these days, his views evolve often. Basically everything you see in Macross is a dramatization of unseen 'real' events which may or may not be entirely the same, as the TV series and the movies all portray them a bit differently. This is why later stuff seems to prefer the aesthetic from DYRL, but calls back to the events from SDFM more often. Maybe that is more how the real events were, or maybe not as the show referencing them is also dramatized itself. Did a real guy flying a VF by pushing controls with an acoustic guitar really sing harmonies with space whales? Doesn't sound likely... but it makes a great story, lol.
  12. That's most likely the GG fansubs. They were very quick and dirty so they could get them out fast, and took a ton of liberties. You won't see the official subs online much (yes some horrible person probably ripped them but it's far less legal).
  13. Ya know, I accept your terms, but I always thought it was just blood from the reaction warhead detonation.
  14. Probably, the YF-24 is named Evolution as far as we've seen. We don't know the production name for the Federal NUNS VF-24 though, which has really only been inferred.
  15. True about that character in general but the overall truth is canon when it comes to Kawamori works is not as straightforward as you'd think. The answer to which is true, TV or movie events is basically, yes. (this refers both to DYRL and movie versions of Frontier and Delta). More recently, and SK has said this also, it has been essentially decided both TV and movie versions are just different interpretations of the same "real" events we never actually saw. Thus differences are just artistic license and viewpoints. DYRL got the extra confusing bit of becoming an in universe movie (though there are hints that version itself might be different than what we saw) since SK did not decide on this overnight. So as far as it matters the DYRL song is canon, it happened, even though we don't see it in the show which is for all intents and purposes more accurate in historical depiction. The real history is somewhere in between.
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