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  1. By the way, wm cheng, would you mind if I use your photos to make them wallpaper using photoshop?
  2. Magnificient! I wish I have the painting/air brush skill
  3. Firefox

    I got my VE-1

    May be I've asked too much . As for the drop in quality. I meant that if compared to VF-1J, I found that the 1J is a finer piece in workmanship. Could it be the wear and tear of the molds? The nose of VE-1 is not as good in term of workmanship as compared to 1J. Besides, the arm packs gave stressed mark around the hooks area. That is how I get the idea of the drop of quality. Of course, VE-1 is always my likes and Yamato did a great job to bring back to life. May be I start to demand more sub-conciously
  4. Firefox

    I got my VE-1

    I like VE-1 and I got it yesterday through Rapid Culture. It looks great but now without a few disappointments. Firstly, the nose. It looks plain ugly and it curves to much upward. Secondly, the rotating radome support pole. Unlike VT-1, which can transform into atmospheric jet. For VE-1, you still can transform into atmospheric jet but the rotating radome support pole is permanently stuck on the back pack! It is very unsightful. Thirdly, there is not moveable joint between rotating radome and the pole (not the back pack). This makes the radome sits very high in fighter mode. Personally, I like the radome sit lower as illustrated by Yuji Kaida in Bandai 1/55. As for which to choose from when having a extremely tight budget, I would recommend VT-1 unless you are like me who is craze for VE-1. Generally, I feel that there is a drop in quality (the material used) as compared to VF-1J Super valkyrie.
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