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  1. The fighter mode looks way better than the Arcadia and Hasegawa. The battroid body looks a bit short though.
  2. Personally I don't care much about Beta. I'd prefer it to be at least 1/35 for such money
  3. It's one heck of an engineering feast to make it triple change though the car mode look odd. I'd rather take the Cybertron seeker over this. It will be interesting to see the helicopter one in triple change mode.
  4. Since it's just an RC plane, it's interesting that they choose F/A-18 over other plane. May be they plan to collaborate with NASA in the near future?
  5. Is this real? The aircraft is an F/A-18. Japan doesn't have and is not operating F/A-18
  6. Anyone know about the release date of the Sentinel Legioss?
  7. Firefox

    DX VF-31JA

    One of the candidates below
  8. Firefox

    DX VF-31JA

    Sorry mate. The paint scheme I decided doesn't work well. Due to parts that cannot be disassembled and hard to reach and the fact I can only use can spray, I need to find a new scheme that at least involve white. Reworking it.
  9. If this has not already been shared: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/438036 It's one heck of a build!
  10. It proves F-35 is a truely stealth fighter. Let's hope the pilot is ok.
  11. Finally got the copy. One of the most anticipated Master File but it's kind of meh. Not that it isn't great but it really doesn't have any wild concepts or colour scheme or anything exciting. The 'wildest' concept you can see is VT-11 and it's kind of meh compared to VF-19B/D. From VF-4 onward it seems like the Master File becomes also run for other models.
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