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  1. 1/48 VF-19B

    I have to make the canopy from scratch.
  2. 1/48 VF-19B

    Kit Background I used the Hasegawa YF-19 as a base and VF-19 Master File as reference to modify it to a proper two seater. Unfortunately, the kit doesn't come with two pilot figures. Hence the empty second seat. Aircraft Background This aircraft belongs to one of the special unit that involves in clandestine operations. There is no visible squadron markings and not much background information regarding the aircraft or its pilots. Their operation records will be sealed for hundred of years.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Hlj seems to have the cheapest EMS shipping for most time. Unfortunately Hlj doesn't seem to have enough hot items for sale. Hardly able to get anything from there now
  4. The good old Macross design. With the current onslaught of VF-25, 171, 31 and everything in between, I almost forgot all these good old Macross design.
  5. TRAN5FORMERS: The Last Knight

    This one seems to suffer some budget cut. Most of them didn't actually showed transforming, except for Megatron. Otherwise, when they were about to transform, the camera cut away. If you slow down the clip where Nitro Zeus transformed into Gripen, the jet parts just pop up put of nowhere. The overall design of the transformers seem to make CG easier to create and render rather than realistic and believable. It would be really great if some can reboot the whole franchise using the G1 like design.
  6. This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    Has the bootleg actually in the market? How's the quality and pricing then?
  7. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    The single seater is essentially the same as the two seater but with the second seat replaced by the fuel tank. Thus, they all look like two seater.
  8. What's next for Bandai? (Wish List)

    Hopefully it's a DX VF-31A
  9. The airplane that Charlize in is rather cool. Looks like a modified 787. Anyone has more pictures on it? Can't seem to find much on Google.
  10. Whats next for Arcadia?

    Very well said. Licensing cost money but I believe there's other factors. I read from other thread in this forum that Arcadia has a lot of wastage during production, around 60 to 78% wastage. Perhaps that is the reason for the high price. I have not seen any toys reissue having such a price hike. Yes, there's inflation and increase in production cost. But one of the most expensive cost, the initial mold making cost is not there anymore. Thus it should balance off the other increase in cost. Anyway, if one is Arcadia's fan and willing to pay the price, that's fine. It's his/her money.
  11. Toy Manufacturing

    I'm appalled by the waste Arcadia made. Perhaps this is the reason they put up such a high price? I think they really needs to work on the QC process. Passing on wastage cost to customers is not the way for long run. China makes most if not all toys. Thus, if the particular manufacturer can't reduce the waste, shouldn't Arcadia get another one? Hopefully Arcadia can reduce the waste and then reduce the price.
  12. Is it worth it anymore?

    Looks like MW forum is having a class war. I can feel for those who are being forced out by the pricing. I've been a Marcos's fan since the 80. When the news of 1/48 VF-1 comes out, all the fans were thrilling and drooling. And more importantly it was not that expensive and hard to get one. There wasn't any crazy pricing and crazy hours for pre-ordering. Everyone gets their pie then. The good old days. Some where along toward the demise of Yamato and step in from Arcadia, the pricing starts to go crazy, go way beyond 20000 yen a piece. While no one know the actual reason of the exponential price hike, there is always ones who thinks the hike is the result of those who keep paying regardless the price, just like Sydney properties market, if you live in Australia. There's also a sense of betrayal as they are part of those who supported Yamato's humble beginning in Macross journey only to be kept out of reach now. Luckily, Bandai steps in to fill the gap (15000 to 25000 yen). The only problem is it hard to get and that pushes the price up. For the quality and engineering efforts required by the toys, I don't think it is possible to go below 15000 yen but I don't think it worth more than 25000 yen either. For those who still think it is too expensive, there is or will be bootleg. I haven't actually seen one. I have a bootleg Ramjet and a Thrust masterpiece. The bootleg uses slightly more elastic type of plastic in those masterpieces, but it actually enhances the playability and durability. They cost half the price of the original . So, who knows, if the VF-1 bootleg follows the same route, it could be good for those who have limited disposable income. As a Macross fan, I hope anyone that loves Macross can have at least one of their favorite toy regardless of their income. Happy collecting!
  13. Hasegawa VF-31

    The CAD photos of this link look like Bandai rather than hasegawa. Why does it need hip hinges, unless the Hase kit can transform?