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  1. But us beggars could learn to sculpt.
  2. I'm not really sold on those proportions. I need to see a prototype first. Would be cool if the chest can open, but I doubt it does.
  3. It's difficult enough finding a Southern Cross fans at all.
  4. Tober


    Thanks! First time I've seen it. Comparatively little change compared to the other Sentinel Ride Armors, which is fine with me. It even appears to be missing the perforated wheel guard . The cloth works against the slim figure imo though.
  5. Tober


    I've only seen concept artwork for Rook/Hoquet, which was shown alongside the Yellow prototype back in February.
  6. Yeah, roughly 1/32 or 1/36 range. According to the Southern Cross RPG book, the Hover Tank battloids are 6.2 meters tall.
  7. Apparently they are about 20cm tall.
  8. Tober

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Ok, thanks. I was wondering if it was for their Minmay figure. They could possibly change plastic types if it's a tolerance issue, otherwise, no idea.
  9. Tober

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    What does this relate to? For anyone that missed out on the Rick Hunter pre-order, they have reopened it.
  10. Wild stuff! I doubt we'll see all 5 or 6 bioroid variants, but I'd be happy to be wrong about that.
  11. Tober

    AJAC ?

    Ouch! I think the Bioroid Dropship is considered a finished project.
  12. Tober


    Yeah, Winter Wonderfest in about three months should have a better prototype of the Sentinel Legioss. I think there are angles where you can see the various resin pieces taped together. The transformation sequence is slightly different to the standard as well.
  13. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    Amazon use pricing algorithms to search for other online retailers and beat their prices. Well, it's what I was told Amazon US and Au does. Seeing pre-ordered Transformer toys drop in price is common here.
  14. Tober


    Eta was delayed three months, Zeta and Iota were both delayed a month, so safe to assume that the Dark Legioss will also be delayed. I hope it is, otherwise the end of December will totally clean me out.