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  1. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/38711-mospeada/
  2. Very nice! Now you just need Aisha. :)
  3. Nice. Your work?
  4. Ultimately if a purchase is made through PayPal or a credit card it is their T&Cs that take priority. Part of the reason PayPal and credit cards are so expensive is due to the protection they offer consumers. Down here in Australia, we have the strongest consumer protection laws in the world. When my clothes dryer broke down after 16 months, still under warranty, I contacted the seller, who contacted the manufacturer who sent out a tech to inspect it, and then arranged replacement starting the 2 year warranty again. Out of the dozens of times I have made chargebacks, Mastercard has always sided with me, it's just a matter of having strong enough evidence that the seller is in the wrong. Don't accept store credit if you can help it. Once you do you can no longer make a claim through PP or credit if anything goes wrong.
  5. Yep, it's the retailer's responsibility. If they don't arrange a replacement, tell them you will be talking to your credit card company (assuming you paid with one, PayPal or direct),
  6. Yep, just got payment notice from HLJ, and they have a shipping request from me.
  7. So orders should start processing and shipping tomorrow? I need to prepare my credit card for Reflex Point orbital bombardment...
  8. I believe the magic words are 'delayed delivery goods'. You must make it clear to your credit card company that the order was not for an in-stock items. This is from a post on an Aussie Transformers Forum, but should still largely apply : http://www.otca.com.au/boards/showthread.php/24252-Premium-Collectables-(PC)-not-refunding-help-is-here-for-doing-charge-backs?highlight=premium+collectables
  9. I didn't mention it, but a credit card should protect you for about 18 months for 'pre-orders' which are called 'delayed delivery goods' in their terms and conditions. This is using a credit card for PayPal, linking with a bank account doesn't protect you beyond PayPal. This is for Australia, but I think it applies everywhere...
  10. Prepare your bum for a super upsize.
  11. Hikaru's VF-1S is an iconic enough Valk for a reissue. Only questions are when and weather it will include Strike Packs.
  12. Yep, HLJ have 24 hour staff. I'm not sure about any other major retailers tho.
  13. I won't get in your way, but it's Friday, just after 4 AM in japan now.
  14. So... what are the chances the Riobot Legioss will ba able to line up with the Toynami Beta? The connection arm most likely wouldn't be compatible, but creating an adapter shouldn't be too difficult. Matching colors could be a problem though.
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