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  1. Here's a major spoiler for you - It doesn't matter how it ends, many people won't like it. At this point, Daenerys could flap off back to Meereen and leave Jon to pick up the pieces, and I wouldn't care. But I'm expecting something a bit more Romeo and Juliet...
  2. That's sorta what Varys and Tyrion were discussing, before they knew Jon is actually a Targaryen. It seems like the sensible thing to do, which doesn't apply to the House Stark way of thinking. If Jon and Daenerys married, she could have the throne and he could do whatever. The Starks, Samwel and Tyrion keep their secret and everything works out. But that just isn't how GoT works.
  3. Blame Jon, blame Sansa, blame Bran for not telling Jon to respect Eddard's secret. Would have been much wiser to reveal it after claiming Kings Landing and securing the Iron Throne The Starks aren't known for their wits anyway. It's Game of Thrones, not Lord of the Rings. It tries to remain entertaining by not giving people what they expect. ------
  4. Sorry to hear it, hopefully Amazon will sort it out for you. Hopefully mine won't be a complete lemon turkey, but it's not looking good...
  5. How tall in millimeters are the standing figures? (mine are packed away atm) I'm curious as to what scale they are...
  6. Damn. That could be it from ET. I don't expect them to do the Drone Legioss seeing as it would take actual retooling. Mine should ship after the Golden Week holiday (because I know how much people here want to know that sort of thing ).
  7. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    We know we have three more VF-4s coming as clearly has we know the other destroids or a Virgin Road 1D etc are coming...
  8. Tober

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Bandai don't reissue exclusives.
  9. C'mon Sentinel, make with the classic ride armors!
  10. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF-1D is a training unit, so I'm not sure it's supposed to be able to carry missiles...
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