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  1. So sounds like it should be ready to start shipping around end of the month. Awesome!
  2. Really nice work Capt! Do you have a rough ETA for completion of the kit? Meanwhile, here's some new pics from Mercy Rabbit:
  3. July is the advertised release date. Sentinel don't appear to be very punctual for new molds though. The ride armors were delayed about two, maybe three, months...
  4. I doubt it will actually release in July, if that's a factor.
  5. Meanwhile, here's a pic from Mercy Usagi, who does illustrations for Sentinel. Maybe a sign of things to come..? https://mobile.twitter.com/mercy_usagi/status/1094686769285455872?s=21 Thanks Alex!
  6. Cool, but I was really hoping they would show a drone Legioss prototype.
  7. I'm more enticed by the Legoiss than that Blowsperiour. Hopefully they will have fighter mode displated as well.
  8. Which is also about $300 Australian + the shipping... I know the quality is there, but it's still going to hurt.
  9. Is that your decision nor did they contact you?
  10. What are the chances ET will announce the drone version of their Legioss at Wonderfest in two weeks? Probably about as likley as seeing a Tread...
  11. How many variants are you thinking of doing? I think there are six including the unseen 'worker'.
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