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    Yeah, namely Jim, Mint and Aisha. I'm not that interested in unarmored, normal clothes versions of you tho...
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    As opposed to just the head? Or a different color...

    I dabble in 3D printing, but find it difficult to dedicate the time. I was looking at the Scout/Eigah, but decided to tackle a Shocktrooper/Graub first... That's a raw (removed raft and supports) two part 3D FDM print (40 micron layer Z-height) using a 0.2 nozzle (instead of default 0.4) with PLA filament. I didn't smooth the outer edge enough in 3D, thus the faceting. I think the Z layers and rough edges will mostly clean up with minimal sanding, possibly the faceting too - either way it's still very much a WIP. I've modelled the lens too, but would need to use Shapeways to clear print it, or FDM print and recast in clear resin (difficult as it's really thin and curved).

    Nice add-one. Although I'm not sure why saddle bags would have what look like air-vents... Heh, I started doing the Rey bazooka too. It's possible, with some fine tuning (like a 0.2 nozzle), to get good results with a budget FDM printer. But you're quite right, a decent SLA would be more appropriate. Otherwise making the parts available through Shapeways as high detail materials could be a viable option for most people here.

    In addition to what has been mentioned already, the Blowsperior and Bartley had a different engine block to the MOSPEADAs. The characther heights would need to match, otherwise the bike dimentions would need to be altered. What im curious about is if the female and male armor are compatible with other ride armors... A red female Blowsperior would be sweet.

    Did HLJ (or whoever you ordered from) sort out your missing heel piece?
  7. TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    Thanks. I posted here as I sorta remember someone posting it in the VF-19A thread... Many thanks! He saved thousands of lives...
  8. TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    For Isamu's VF-19A appearance in Frontier Movie, is there a canon backstory for it? i thought there was one involving Isamu wanting to get back into flying again years after the events of Macross Plus...
  9. Bandai DX VF-31

    Dependis on your credit card provider. There should be a clause for 'delayed delivery goods' which can allow up to 540 days for delivery. So, if NY refuse to refund you, take all the communication and information to your credit card company to begin a dispute, you should phone them for info first. It is important to make it clear that the purchase was for 'delayed delivery goods' which is what we commonly refer to a a 'preorder'.
  10. Bandai DX VF-31

    What payment method did you use for PayPal? If a linked credit card you can force a refund. If you used a linked bank account or PayPal funds you could be out of luck...

    Have you sent an inquiry to Sentinel Direct? There is the Golden Week holiday period to consider too. I paid HLJ last Thursday, requested/paid PW shipping Friday and they shipped this morning (Tuesday).

    Nice work. Realistically, to 3D print tiny weapons like these you'd need a good SLA (resin) printer. Even then you might be struggling. Most people use FDM (plastic) so they can make larger models instead.

    Okay, cool. Yeah, release date was yesterday. Sentinel announced it on Twitter a few weeks ago.

    Aren't Japanese names genderless..?

    T-REX basically engineer the transforming toys for Sentinel and Arcadia, so I suspect the result would be similar. They also did the Beagle Ride Armors and Yamato third generation Valkyries. Supposedly the VF-171 for Bandai too...