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  1. In general, no. For Sentinel, three month delays are common. It's not that uncommon, Transformers Masterpiece MP-45 Bumblebee has also been delayed a similat amount from July to November. A lot of the time it has to do with factory delays, especially when higher skilled workers are required.
  2. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks! I sent him a message.
  3. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    Is the STL for sale? I could maybe use a 1/48 as well.
  4. Meiccoms MEP have a scale poll on Facebook for their upcoming Invid Scout. 1/55 or 1/48. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=410673689590529&id=110599236264644
  5. From KC rep: "We are preparing for the Toysoul in Dec and there will be more action Figure prototype at that time." I was asking about Dana and if there would be any other new figures to show any time soon.
  6. Those are custom kits. Only the red one had a kit from SOL which was different from the one above.
  7. I think it just comes down to their factory and release schedule. This appears to happen a lot with Sentinel releases.
  8. Looks more like an assembly problem than a CAD fault. The factory QC will have to bear a lot of the responsibility for this. Hopefully they come up with replacement parts.
  9. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool, thanks. Hopefully not just repaints.
  10. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    That will do nicely, thanks!
  11. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know when the next Tamashii display event is? Just to see if there is anymore Macross Hi-Metal to be released...
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