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  1. One of the reasons to pre-order is to secure an order. COVID-19 etc, they could be tricky to find if KC sell out. Is there an updated release schedule for their upcoming Macross stuff? (I only collect the 1/12 figures tho)
  2. That would be cool, but I bought that item before I posted the link, so hopefully I will have the book in a week or so. Awaiting Mandrake confirmation. Many thanks again, Seto!
  3. Thanks again! Is this the one? https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1148078918&ref=list&keyword=My Anime June 1984&lang=en
  4. Awesome! Many thanks for that list! I overlooked the Bioroid Type II (Late Period). Is this available anywhere, or are there any high resolution scans online? I'm very interested in the isometrics for the different bioroids. The red one Seifriet uses has a different head and torso layout compared to the green one. At least in the Palladium books anyway...
  5. So I'm a bit confused, as usual. I thought there were 6 variants - including the so-called 'Bioroid Worker' (which was unseen in the anime). Bioroid Worker - lineart only Bioroid Soldier - Blue Bioroid Leader - Red Bioroid Guard - Green Bioroid Scout - Light Blue Bioroid Invid Fighter - Brown This is mostly from the Palladium RPG books, so there is some contradiction.
  6. The last time I received an email notification of a forum topic reply was about a week ago. This has happened on another forum I regularly get notifications from too. Is this a forum setting or something at my end..?
  7. Roughly, it's 85% stuff we've seen many times before, 10% pics of toys and kits, 5% promotional and concept work for Genesis Breakers. There seems to be very little new lineart, but maybe you've seen it before...
  8. I just got the payment notification for the Three Zero Unit 1 Patlabor from HLJ. Splendid!
  9. I'm not sure how Johnson, Shinobu, etc would work with their canon. Ie weather or not Sentinel's ride armors are reinterpretations or advancements of the original ride armors. Same for the Legioss. Is there no love for the Legioss Drone? It seems to be completely overlooked now. I think only CMs did a version of it,
  10. Tober

    Hi-Metal R

    When is the Tamashi Nations show?
  11. Yeah, there hasn't been anything seen since Wonderfest. I'm no economist, but I'm pretty sure profits are maximised by releasing the same mold in as many variations as possible*. Eg - VF-1Whatever *Except for Bandai DX, Fuke knows what business model they use for those...
  12. I'm down for all of them, but the blue will be the popular one - Legioss and Tread. I predict the Eta/Blue Legioss getting a second release, but not the others. Any word on Houquet's ride armor?
  13. So this showed up in my Goodsmile email today: 1/60 model kits. https://www.goodsmile.info/en/moderoid/?utm_source=GSCMM001&utm_medium=MM2020-07-14&utm_campaign=moderoid
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