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  1. Ill trow in my two cents since I've been away and I did start the original tread many many years ago
  2. I'm still around just pretty busy with a lot of stuff I do check in every few years ( more like 8 years since last post )
  3. Hey Guys here one of mine Quarrel from Action Force ( Comic Pack Scarlett )
  4. Actually its not a matter of unit but of personel since there where navy pilots that served early on in the european teather and later were transfered to the pacific it also happened with the airforce.
  5. Wow Im pretty glad all my old VF-1 Schemes are still being tossed around this board , migth have to do some new ones in the future, maybe some VF-0 ones. Garoquel
  6. DYRL SUMMER 84 Enjoy Gus
  7. yeah I can see that although a lot of thinngs in Macross are messed up and only happen for the story's sake, since Roys cockpit was all shot up and no one bothered to look for him, where was his crew chief or a a team of medics to rush him to sick bay. we should just believe he got back changed out of his fligth suit, slaped a bandage, went to Claudias place and croaked in her living room. Indeed Garoquel
  8. Well my observation was made on the general ahape of the aircraft and the basic plot elements, thank god the planes dont transform though, that would have been too obvious. the only thing thats good about it its that it is the US NAVY and not some crappy UN (booo Hisss) Navy . anyone know what carrier this movie was shot on? I read an article of it on defenselink.mil but I cant find it anymore. Gus MacrossMilcomnet
  9. Its cool , it just seems that there are some people on this forums that think they are hot stuff and are wound up a little too tigth. but then again there's a bunch of them in every forum... you know who you are Gus
  10. Well Jesus cristh excuse me Ive been away from the forum a long time, I saw the trailer recently and i wanted to know what you guys though about it , you dont have to be rude. Gus and yes I did the mock ups and the cover art for the animeigo DVD's
  11. What do you guys think of stealth? the look of the planes has a certain VF-19 look to them, plus there's the Ai controled figther ( Ghost X-9) gimme some feedback here Gus
  12. I have a good question, if humans in the 12 colonies already posses faster than ligth drives why did they limit themselves to just that star system. why not have other colonies or outposts. Also I noticed that the fleet is exploring as it goes along and that there are no exsisting navigational charts. as I understand in the original series the settled planets that they would find evry week where planet in which people from the 13th tribe settled along the way to earth. Could it be that Humas of the 12 colonies felt that since there were 12 habitable planets with humans on them that was enough and simply did not explore, or set up outposts or bases on nearby star systems? Gus
  13. What do you mean Innacurete? Its a friggin car who cares what decals does it have, custon is custom. Gus
  14. So far I have Sideswipe, Hound, Silverstreak, Jazz and Grimlock. Still waiting for Smokescreen (BT-08) with the shoulder Cannon, Tracks, Windcharger and Wheeljack. will definitely get Prowl (Acura RSX) and the still mystery Mitsubishi. still debating wether to get the Masterpice Optimus Prime. Will pass on the Decepticons they just don't feel rigth. I do hope they decide to release Sunstreaker (Yellow Viper SRT with Black Trim) down the line since according to the storyline the bad guys stole the bodies destined for Sunstreak and Trailbraker and implanted Dead End and Swindle on them. . Gus
  15. Personally I think those companies make enough dough on the taxpayers dime, so they should stop whinning about a couple of licencing fees, 20+ million for an F-16 or F-35 should be enough. they should be tickled that people express interest in the hardware, I dont see what the problem is. Gus
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