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  1. I am wondering if they are going to pull a Gundam IBO with Messer. You see what looks like the kill shot, with all the blood splatter, then see he is still alive the next episode. But I doubt that. Then which delta pilot will find their inner ace, and be the one to score the payback kill on the knights. Like to see Mirage step up there, as opposed to a new replacement character in the 2nd part of the season.
  2. I first saw it at the screening that was held at Anime Expo '94. I think I placed my preorder for the 1st LD from Mikado while I was at the con.
  3. Check this page out, which has some small photos of what some of the pages are going to be. http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/2753257
  4. Are these done with new translations? Or just a re-work of the old versions/scripts that are out there?
  5. Quick search turned this up. http://mchan.miotd.com/m2/res/16767.html If those were the items that were removed, then I'll take down the link. I just came across that link after reading this thread
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