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  1. When is release day?
  2. https://sp.tamashii.jp/item/13102/ Do we have to use a proxy service for the OO rizer gundam as well I cant see on the usual places
  3. So you had it in your private warehouse waiting for a replacement and instead of exchanging your old messed up legs for a new one fixed they shipped you the old one. I only ask because I am in the same situation I asked for a replacement since mine was still my private warehouse and I would much rather get a replacement then deal with swapping parts.
  4. Ok so that's why I can't find a preorder for it. It's not a normal release
  5. So when is the preorder date for the 00 riser https://sp.tamashii.jp/item/13102/
  6. When are they going to release the funnels, and I hope they stay on?
  7. Do you guys think any of the retailers will have stock? And what time should we start looking for this on Sep 21?
  8. I just sent a inquiry to HLJ I just sent an inquiry to HLJ to see what they say I am hoping they come through since is this effectively a recall by they manufactor.
  9. It's not even the 200 dollars that the original was and they do this . What a farce
  10. So Arcadia is has taken to Twitter to address this misasembled foot thing. Not sure what it say as the correction they are proposing to do How many of these defects are showing up. Is it alot or here and there. I bought this from hlj and it's in my warehouse and now I want them to check it before they send it.
  11. I actually managed to get xigfrid to make me one I just to see what is the best way to seperate shoulder . What is the best way to dissolve the glue with out damaging the plastic , warm water ,acetone. Any ideas?
  12. Any ideas on how to breakdown the glue so I can seperate thr to halfs
  13. I have a issue also with this valk shoulder c ring broken of any way to replace it. I had to refund the buyer . I guess these things are showing their age. And I hardly transform them for this reason. Any ideas on how to fix it
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