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  1. For sale Metal Build Evangelion EV-01 $300 brand new unopened Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees Shipping from us zipcode 46250
  2. Yeah I need to learn how to use that p bandi website the links to the english side dont even have it
  3. I see that 300 plus , what do think the chances of this hitting the us , do you think Blue fin will carry it?
  4. So this is like that Gundam wing Gundam Snow White Prelude, no body was really carring it I though since these are exclusives that supply would or be an issue
  5. Anybody have links to the Nu Gundam Funnels? Looking to try and get them later on tonight
  6. So I think I got my self confused on how to fix this. Is there a video of the leg swap I can watch?
  7. Thanks I just found it Reservation acceptance start December 20, 2019 16:00 Delivery date June 2020 shipping schedule
  8. When is release day?
  9. https://sp.tamashii.jp/item/13102/ Do we have to use a proxy service for the OO rizer gundam as well I cant see on the usual places
  10. So you had it in your private warehouse waiting for a replacement and instead of exchanging your old messed up legs for a new one fixed they shipped you the old one. I only ask because I am in the same situation I asked for a replacement since mine was still my private warehouse and I would much rather get a replacement then deal with swapping parts.
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