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  1. So they cant use the original mech designs nocan they adapt the story ? What a joke. Well my hope rests in Gundam then !
  2. So I am just curious if they ever do get around to making that Robotech movie, the director was recently attached to the Flash movie, can they use the original mech designs and if so can they make toys? If they can it might be in both their interests to reach an agreement to not lose out on potential merchandise sales. Of course I dont recall movies like Pacific rim making a ton of toys , but still you know that's what the are planning with that Gundam live action movie in the works.
  3. I still dont see how they can make a movie if they cant use the mech designs and stuff from macross. Crap well it's back to scalpers for my macross stuff
  4. Are their any other metal builds due to be announced soon they showed off so many?
  5. I see which is what most of us figured since in order to buy stuff of their website is to sign in and only dealers can apply so them selling directly to customers was strange but they did this when the Nu Gundam was up for sale. DID this seller did state when we can expect orders to start? Because
  6. Here is the link unless this is different store https://p-bandai.com/us/cont/importantnews_canada
  7. The bandi premium website will be shutting down next month so I dont think they will stocking it . But are they planing on reelasing all the metal build gundam they showcased in the exhibit?
  8. Probably I was even surprised they sell to individuals I though they sell to retailers only. Either way thr retailers would be pissed if we bought the whole stock and cut them out.
  9. Hlj is already out along time ago. https://hlj.com/metal-build-eva-unit-02-bans57053?utm_source=My+Figure&utm_medium=PROD&utm_campaign=My+Figure
  10. Any tips? It was crazy for is there a specific website we can go to to get direct links? I just dont know how to compete with customers in japan
  11. I can't remember the website it had like direct links to pages and I remeber hlj post the valk links directly there any idea what th wa t website is?
  12. Anybody have the direct link for figure page what time is the preorder going up I here it's this Monday the 24 I guess the usual time Japan time 4pm. ?
  13. They are ridiculous. Why stop there they should just sell it for an even $2,000 let's round up make a nice even number
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