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  1. Save the chicken hands for the chicken chokers...I'm all over these whenever they're ready!
  2. Still lovin' my 1/48's! :-) Thanks again! You rock!

  3. Hy Macross Man. Your collection is great, I have a small question for you, where I can find some custom decals for VF-1J Stealth, Low Visibility (UN Air Force) and the Guardia Minmmey like yours?. The cost?. As I can see in one of your custom photo stickers says Trident Design Works, but the E-mail I can not distinguish well. My email is christianbenitez77@hotmail.com, please respond. Already S...

  4. I have to agree with Jasonc here. I paid premium prices for several of the Valks I purchased when I started collecting. I've recently offed a few and didn't get nearly what I paid for them and I am totally okay with that. Macross toys will undoubtedly hold some monetary value, but it just all depends on the dynamics of the factors that affect collecting. Although I didn't get what I paid for them, I am overjoyed for the next Macross fan getting an awesome deal on a Valk that they can appreciate just as much as I did. I also think it's awesome that HLJ has the sales that allows fans, old and new, the opportunity to add to their collections. It's win-win not just in terms of their tangible cash value.
  5. Hey man! I was playing with some of the Valks I got from you last year. They are very much loved and appreciated. Thanks for the hook up! :-)

  6. MacrossMan

    MacrossMan's Collection

    I happed upon Macross toys looking for a Generation 1 Jetfire Transformer after Christmas last year. After researching the toy I was taken back to my days of Robotech and was floored when I realized how everything came to be. I purchased my first Yamato 1/60 VF-1S in January 2008 and I have since been hooked. Here's part of my collection; YF-21 pre-ordered, just waiting for it to be released.
  7. wow, I'm absolutely blown away by your collection. I've been collecting for quite a while too but it's truly amazing to see your devotion into it... and to let it go must be very tough. What are your prices going to be like on these? I'm curious on the grey low visibility VF 1A. please let me know whenever you have a chance.



  8. Do I really want to pinch a loaf on this thing or display it with the rest of a my transforming mecha collection? Had a Japanese exchange student/classmate tell me years ago that toilets were a big deal in Japan. That foot warming option is pretty slick.
  9. I'm late posting this, but plus 1 for >EXO< for the super cool custom parts for the v2 1/60 Valks. No way I would have been able to get the elevating cockpit seats. Pretty damn awesome to have such talent here on the forums.
  10. Man, I would love to have this! Where can I get this? Any members here with connections to get it?
  11. These are the Yamato online exclusives. Max was picked up through a group buy here and Kakizaki from another member here that decided to part with his.
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