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  1. You can still get the pilots for the model even if you are not subscribed to Hachette. All you need to do is cut the number labels from volumes 1 to 30, stick them in the self-made envelope of volume 30 and send it to Hachette’s headquarters. Valid only in Japan though.
  2. I finished rebuilding the cockpit. The seat was also diecast, took me a while to modify it.
  3. I think the stand is part of the valkyrie, so it will be available as another volume. The stand is essential coz the valkyrie won’t be able to be displayed with the landing gears, it is too heavy. The acrylic case with wood base is through subscription and you will get it with the last volume.
  4. Well, Kawamori’s supervision for this model sucks . Hachette made the joystick control inverted!. If you glue it the other way around, the pilot won’t reach the joystick. I will have to modify that part.
  5. Thanks! Will try to improve it more but need the pilot for reference. I’m not subscribed to Hachette, but girlfriend says I can still get the pilot by sending the issues label I bought until volume 30.
  6. Hachette’s valkyrie cockpit detail so disappointing! Never thought I had to improve this kit, but I am a cockpit lover. Worst part is that the panel cover is made out of metal. Dremel did the trick. Looks much better now and the panel buttons were also painted.
  7. The quality of the kit is amazing. One thing that bothers me is that the color of the valkyrie is kind of a light cream. Why did Hachette opt for that color? I would have preferred smoke white or flat white.
  8. My girlfriend who lives in Japan sent me from volume 3 to 19, all in one single box . No instructions though, but Hachette’s Youtube channel shows all the steps to build it.
  9. You were right! I had not even tried playing it because I saw the region 2 batch on the dvd cover. It plays fine. it has almost the same content of the commercials plus an interview with Kawamori supervising the development, very cool. I’m planning of completing the model. A friend of mine in Japan is buying the volumes for me each week. One question though. Without subscribing, there is no chance to get the seated pilot too? Will it be sold separately?
  10. Anybody saw the contents of the DVD from the first box? Is it worth watching? It’s region 2, I think I still have a couple of chances to switch regions from my pc dvd player.
  11. I got those 2 volumes and I love the details. I would probably not finish the entire valkyrie, but I would be pleased to have the whole cockpit finished and display it like the CMs gashapon. One thing I’m afraid not getting is the pilot. It is an extra that comes by subscribing and if I’m not mistaken, it won’t be offered in local stores or online.
  12. I like the Hasegawa approach of the skulls so I painted mine with black sharpie.
  13. Same thing for me. Checked my AE account and my order is for the April batch, even though I ordered it soon after the pre-order started.
  14. Not an expert, but what I will do with mine is I will cover the “I” with black and paint a new one on the other side. It won’t look perfect, but at least not inverted.
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