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  1. That is a work of art Steve!! How soon til its mass produced for us
  2. Ha ha, it’s exactly what you think it is Hikuro , I am in the process of finalising the downloads from the links you provided to me and thought I had better make sure everything all worked before I made it all official but there is no point in obstructing greatness. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Do You Remember Love (DYRL) English fandub including rare PS2 prequel footage will be an exclusive premiere amongst the card of Macross films scheduled for Saturday’s Macross Movie Marathon. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Hikuro who has allowed us to showcase his vision of a true adaption of DYRL in english. The effort that Hikuro and his band of talented voice actors have put in to this production is incredible and must be seen on the big screen to fully appreciate. As a Macross fan I can not think of a better way to support an event like this by showcasing a production that has been made by fans for the fans. For those that can not wait or can not make it to the convention in May I have attached the link below to get your hands on this masterpiece. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=24926 In the meantime, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Hikuro and his team on behalf of myself and the Mac Aus Con board and look forward to screening your current and future work at many more cons to come.
  3. Good luck bro!! I definitely feel your pain man...I had to do the same thing with my wife to allow me to attend Mac Aus Con 08 which basically consisted of me and Ruskii watching macross in his lounge room with pizza, aaaah yes, of course this years con budget and atmosphere is literally going to be 100 times better than last years gathering due to attendees and sponsors.
  4. Nice work on the extra sponsors mate! I'd like to confirm my attendance just let me know when u require desposits. Also, just with regards to members bringing stuff for display, I only have a handful of 1/48s Super Miria, Super Stealth, VF-1S Super Hikky and Angel Bird with Armour and 1/60 Miria Q-Rau. I am happy to bring it all if its needed. Kepp us posted with the awesomeness that is Mac Aus Con 09 Matt.
  5. Count me in, I know I dont stand much of a chance againt your YF21 though
  6. As a prime example of a lurker I am usually quite happy to sit in the background and absorb any Macross info/discussions which I think are worthwhile. But to sit back and absorb without praising Hikuro and the voice actors for the work they have put in to this would be a crime. I think what you have done is amazing, and can not fault what you have done in any way. You are truly a king amongst men and thank you for doing something like this for us fans. I just finished checking out the Macross DYRL Alternate Song on Youtube also, absolutely fantastic work!! The voice actress pulled that off so well. Too bad I am already married otherwise I think I would have ditched my wife's crappy Brian McKnight or whatever the hell it was first waltz song and had this playing instead . Once again Hikuro, thank you. You are the man!!
  7. Hey Matt, the BBQ is an awesome idea mate. I have my trusty Weber Kettle BBQ which I could bring down wherever the event ends up taking place. I’ll also bring down my 1/60 YF19 to take its place at your YF21’s side as the dominant variable fighter….yes, I did go there . Kidding aside, stellar job in putting everything together so far, I’m counting down the days for Mac Con 2009 on my end.
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