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  1. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Scales well with the SOC Bossborot and Aphrodite A
  2. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Does anyone know of any online retailer that might still have the MB Astraea for preorder? Missed the P.O. window then didn’t jump on BBTS early enough.... <sad face>
  3. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Got mine yesterday and opened it last night. Absolutely love it! The joints on my copy are super-tight, which is a plus for me. The only downside is the decrease in durability due to all the plastic moving panels. While it’s an engineering marvel in of itself, the moving panels won’t be as durable as your typical flat gokin surface area. Definitely a figure you don’t want to be ham-handed with. My two asks for Bandai in the future: articulated fingers and brighter paint on the eyes. Posted this on robotjapan board
  4. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I have the Sentinel version and I love it. I also have the original GX-13 and while it's not as poseable as Sentinel's, the size and detailof its individual components make up for it. With Sentinel's Dancouga, the canons are articulated so you can point them down to shoulder level, vs Bandai's which doesn't articulate.
  5. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Thanks! I was hoping for more poseability
  6. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Does anyone know what improvements the v2 Dancouga Soc offers?
  7. Bandai DX VF-31

    OMG, I can't believe I got one! Got the confirmation email from amiami. My luck has finally turned
  8. The Third Party Gundam Thread

    Great review eggy99! Question about the figure: is the power cable optional? I don't intend to use the light up feature so I was hoping that you can do without the cable.
  9. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Not way excited about the updates in the F91's design either. The rails on the sides of the torso that allow the VSBR's to swing forward seem almost non-existent on the metal build, and the angled out chest grill needs to be flattened out as per the original design. The scary thing is that if they choose to go with the 1/100 scale that the metal build has been using, then this guy is going to be real small.
  10. Orguss is B A C K

    Ah, so it's just a plain old missile. Darn, was hoping for a more exotic alien weapon Warrhead, i don't have the Kei version but I'm sure it has the same amount. I misspoke - I meant that there's a lack of locked positions, such as the wings not locking (or lack of detentes) in place nor the shoulder pads have a locked position when in gerwalk mode. I can only speak for the gerwalk version since I haven't transformed it into flyer nor tank, but the parts seem to only be held mostly by tension. Not a huge deal. The joints are tight enough, but there's a high likelihood of bumping something out of place when you handle the figure.
  11. Orguss is B A C K

    Spent a lot of time yesterday transforming the ogroid into gerwalk mode. Not a walk in the park, but what high-end transformable toy is these days? Had trouble with tucking in the head and aligning the back of the orgroid in its gerwalk position, as well as finding the proper way to bend the knees. The good news is that the parts hold tightly through tension, although I echo the sentiment about the lack of tabs to secure parts in place. Question: what is that attachable missile with the lens in front of it? Is that a missile, some kind of camera, or is it some type of laser weaponry? Haven't seen the anime so I can't figure out what that 'missile' is.
  12. Orguss is B A C K

    Just got back in town and picked this up at the post office. Haven't transformed it yet but I'm realily happy with the tightness of the joints so far. The ankles are a little loose but I can live with it. Wish they would make the other mechas in the show like the m-lovers and the enemy mechs...
  13. Orguss is B A C K

    ^^awesome, thanks technoblue! So much more excited now that you've confirmed that!
  14. Orguss is B A C K

    Thanks for the review technoblue! One question I do have is about the condition of the hip joints. I remember one reviewer said that the hip joints on his copy was wobbly - that is, when you pick up the figure from an A-stance, the legs will collapse together due to the weight of the die-cast. Is this the same for the Olson version?