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  1. Got my Steel Legend Kshatriya. Such a great piece! The details on this figure is incredible. Although not as highly engineered and super-loaded gimmicks like metal builds, it suffices as it's a solid figure. Tight joints, QC is great, although one of my shoulder pieces is a little lose but has no impact on poseability or tightness of the joints. I hate that the it doesn't come with the gatling guns that the other version will come out with, but it's all good.
  2. Ugh, thanks fo the heads up Kuma. I don't think I can justify that price. The piece looks great even without the add-ons, but lesson learned
  3. Does anyone know where I can get the add-on parts for the Getter Devolution figure? Late as usual to the party, sorry....
  4. whitestar

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Just checking if anyone gotten their 31a order from NY recently? Still waiting?
  5. Hope you're right. My eyes aren't what they used to be and I don't think I've ever transformed anything that small and intricate
  6. Just like Mac Delta, this is an anime where I like grunt soldiers more than the hero mechs. Love me some gernsbacks!
  7. I'm so appreciative of genius taking the time so scale the toys with the illustrations to point out the similarities/differences. So very helpful!!!
  8. Just got both Rey and Stig from BBTS. Haven’t transformed mine as I am dreading it after reading and watching the reviews online. But the figure and bike are very impressive. The level of detail is astounding. The ankle guards do pop of super easy so I’m thinking about applying a very small dot of crazy glue on the ball joint to increase the tension.
  9. To Kuma and for those that already have the metal build Laevatain, is it worth getting the v2 version or are you happy with the v1? I never liked the way that the v1 held that big cannon with its current articulation, which I believe may be fixed with v2. Just wondering what everyone's feeling out there.
  10. whitestar

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thought I'd pipe in to say that I'm also waiting for my NY order to come in. Order #494335
  11. Does anyone know of any online retailer that might still have the MB Astraea for preorder? Missed the P.O. window then didn’t jump on BBTS early enough.... <sad face>
  12. Got mine yesterday and opened it last night. Absolutely love it! The joints on my copy are super-tight, which is a plus for me. The only downside is the decrease in durability due to all the plastic moving panels. While it’s an engineering marvel in of itself, the moving panels won’t be as durable as your typical flat gokin surface area. Definitely a figure you don’t want to be ham-handed with. My two asks for Bandai in the future: articulated fingers and brighter paint on the eyes. Posted this on robotjapan board
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