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  1. That's fair. No offense taken, and I'm fine with it if a moderator wants to delete this thread, of course. I was just thinking of folks who might not be following a thread that has been rather inactive, but would be interested in checking out a new anime that seems to have been added to Netflix a bit under the radar (at least from my perception).
  2. For anyone not following the older Juushinki Pandora thread, but looking for some new anime on Netflix, the first 13 episodes are now available on Netflix (USA). The title on Netflix is "Last Hope." Only one episodes in so far, but definitely enjoying it, and really like the mecha designs.
  3. This just got added to Netflix USA. I just watched the first episode, and I have to say that I enjoyed it (more than any other new anime I've seen in the last few months). I do tend to watch most of my anime on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I may well be missing out on other good stuff out there. Either way, I like it a lot and am looking forward to watching the rest of the series. Oh, and I'm REALLY digging the mecha designs! Surprisingly, I'm not seeing much of anything out there for toys/models/concept art books.
  4. This link worked. Thank you!
  5. It seems like the closed search link just reroutes me to the regular auction site. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the advice, btw.
  6. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the advice, and the links to threads which have gone into a lot of detail. Now it seems like the decision is whether to bid and hope for the best, or just do the buy it now...
  7. I hope this is ok to post here. If not, I apologize in advance. It's anime-related, since I'm looking at an anime item on Yahoo Japan Auctions (where I know a number of folks here shop). I've never bought anything there, but a fellow member here was just nice enough to send me a link to something I've been looking for for some time. Anyone here have experience using that site and suggestions they can offer? I've never used it before. It looks like I need a proxy to purchase, receive, and then ship the item to me in the US. It looks like there are a number of proxies out there, with FromJapan and JapaMart looking pretty good. ZenMarket looks like it might be too good to be legit. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. I hadn't really thought about the similarity, but you're right, the roll bar does give them some definite similarity. Always love seeing the ARTMIC motorcycle designs.
  9. RavenHawk

    Akai Koudan Zillion & The Acquisition of a Grail

    Did a quick look online to see if I could find Book 1 for you. It looks like the first picture is the cover of book 1, and the second is from a catalog Sega put out that year (1987?) of their new products.
  10. RavenHawk

    Akai Koudan Zillion & The Acquisition of a Grail

    That's the site where I came across the fact that CMs had been planning a Tri-Charger. Very cool illustration of the Hyper-Charger, by the way. I wonder if it was an early design, or meant to be a line extension down the road?
  11. RavenHawk

    Akai Koudan Zillion & The Acquisition of a Grail

    Those pictures are from book 1, right?
  12. You're SO wrong! It's for when he gets older, and needs a walker. Hmmm... that might have improved the final act of MZ23 Part III.
  13. As far as I know, it only ever appeared in Robotech Art 3. It isn't in any of the general ARTMIC or specific MZ23 books that I have, so I'm pretty sure it was commissioned by Harmony Gold for the Sentinels, which would mean it was done by Ammonite in-house of Tatsunoko. When Sentinels had its funding pulled, Tatsunoko kept the design team together by putting them on Zillion. As I understand it, most fans think that the mecha concepts were repurposed, so the GMU became the Land Carrid, the GMU dropship became the Big Porter, the Inorganics became various Nohza troops, and the Prototype Cyclone became the Tri-Charger. I assumed it was a new design for the Sentinels, but intended to show a prototype that would have made some sort of sense being developed into the Garland by those who stayed behind on Earth, and the Cyclone by R&D out in space... but I have no facts to support that. It was just 12-year-old me picking up Robotech Art 3 at Waldenbooks, and coming across both The Sentinels and Robotech The Movie for the first time, and trying to make sense of that one picture towards the back.