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  1. Glad to see this. I rewatch my DVD edition of this a couple times a year, so it will be nice to have it on bluray, for a reasonable price. I didn't find out about the Kickstarter until it was too late, and the aftermarket prices on it now are just way out of control. I do hope there are some more extra features on this, but suspect it will be pretty bare bones. With all the episodes on a single disc, somehow I suspect this will just duplicate the special features (mainly a few galleries) of the old DVDs.

    I preordered 2 of each with BBTS, pretty much right when the preorders when up there. I got both notifications from BBTS this morning.
  3. That is really cool. Looks like it may even transform better than the bigger ones in more forgiving materials. Could you post the rest of the instructions?

    So much variability between brands and their target markets. My R1 fit me perfectly (well, felt like it, anyway). Most Ducatis (except the Diavel and old Sport Classic), on the other hand... I felt like one of those circus bears riding around on the little tricycle. Considering the uses for MOSPEADAs, I always pictured them more sized like bikes designed for both on-road and off-road touring.
  5. I'm putting my MZ23 eggs in the Arcadia basket. I hope they come through.

    Nice work. Looks good. I was taking a different approach with mine, doing snap fits, since I do a lot of work with ABS... but then again, mine isn't done, since I'm still waiting on the figures to make sure I got the scale right, so I can't really talk.

    I've been seriously considering going since they first announced he'd be there a couple months ago. Unfortunately, it's about a 5+ hour drive, so I don't want to bother unless I know there will definitely be an opportunity to shake his hand and get an autograph.

    Even Google translate and FB's native translator have a tough time making heads or tails out of Fox Studio's FB posts. I respect the effort that this guy is going to in making STL's of his customs available... but I'm still just going to go with my own.

    I'm not familiar with Fox Studio, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is just a quick low res print, big diameter nozzle and high travel speed, just to test out fit up.

    Has anyone spoken to someone at BBTS regarding when they're expecting their shipments? Yes, I know that BBTS always gets their stuff later. However, Stig has been out for close to a month now, Rai has been out for about a week... I would think that shipments to BBTS would get sent out from the manufacturer around the same time as shipments to other retailers, but they'd just be stuck at customs for a few weeks. I guess we have around a week left until we hit a full month delay, but I'm definitely getting curious.

    My gf has no hobbies at all, except for running, working out, and shopping (don't tell her I said that last part). She has accepted that I'm a dork when it comes to transforming bikes. She likes her expensive purses and handbags, and I like my bikes (i'm not stereotyping; that's pretty much literally the two purchasing habits that we have that are basically a "I'm doing this just for me, with no identifiable benefit to family or career"). That, plus she thinks the BGC bikes and characters (and Priss in particular) look cool, and loves going on actual motorcycle rides together, so, by extension, my hobby is more acceptable.

    Fully armored up, legs extended, I think the mecha comparison charts said a rider armor was 2 meters. Between that, and the character height comparison, assuming the women were around 5'6", Rai wasn't too short, and Jim wasn't ridiculously tall, I'm thinking around 6' tall, so about 183cm.

    Fair point.

    If we want to get picky, wouldn't he have been more likely to have a name more common in Spanish-speaking countries? Maybe he's really been Ramon, Ramiro, or Raimundo all this time?
  15. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    I watched the cartoon when I was a kid (lived in France in 5th grade) as Revenge of the GoBots. I remember liking it a lot and being surprised none of my friends had heard of it when I got back to the USA. Now... it's tough to sit through more than an episode or two. I'll try again some time. I did notice a white Night Ranger (Harley Robo; I actually have an original of this Machine Robo next to my old childhood blue Night Ranger) on the cover to volume 2 of the DVD, so presumably he'd be up for grabs with the Revenge of Cronos license (unless Harley Davidson's license to use the Electra-Glide likeness has expired, or was never acquired in the first place).