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    On an unrelated note, thanks to a recent online auction purchase, I FINALLY have the MOSPEADA story properly explained to me...

    I see Stig as 1/31 and Ray as 2/28.
  3. I keep checking around every week or so, but there still don't seem to be any pre-release videos or anything for any of the Garlands, except for the E=X (which pretty much convinced me NOT to buy that one). I'm a little surprised.
  4. Arcadia 1/24 Scale Garland

    HLJ says March, BBTS says January... but the Arcadia twitter account said March (back on 12/18). I think they must have discovered some very last minute issues.

    What? I was sure that you'd be on for new ride armors!

    I know, I know... but I keep my collection reasonable by restricting it to transforming bikes (and Shinji Aramaki designs). The hard suits have been on the "appreciate but don't by unless they come with a bike"... until now. I was the one who had brought up the mud guard before. I know it isn't there on the MOSPEADA book art, but I wish it was. I've pre-ordered two of each bike, and will probably 3d print a mudguard for 1 of each. As for BBTS, I haven't ordered from them since the last big MOSPEADA rush a decade ago, but have my Sentinel preorders in with them currently. They treated me well in the past.

    I thought mine was fine, but just checked the boxes out of curiosity (only keep bikes/ride armors/moto-slaves/etc. on display). Found two blue Alphas. I had forgotten that my first one (bought new) had a broken arm, and then I got a used one to keep one in each mode).

    "Friend"? Friend? What kind of a friend would so thoroughly convince me that I now have to go out and buy the Atelier Sai figures, too???? Thank you so much for posting these pics. They look gorgeous! Now i'm REALLY looking forward to assembling both sets of bikes and figures! So, it looks like I'll use the Aoshima figures for when I want the hardsuit inside of the moto-slave, but I'll need to pick up some Atelier Sai figures for the "on the bike" and "standing imposingly next to the bike" display. I am seriously kicking myself for all those times I saw the Atelier Sai figures for sale for reasonable prices and used my self control to say "Don't buy it. It doesn't have a moto-slave." It looks like they've become quite hard to find in the intervening years. BTW, on a bit of a tangent, how did you take these pics? What do you use for a base and backdrop? I really like the metallic background and surface you're using. * edited to try to make sure I was kidding around at the beginning *

    BBTS preorder is up.
  10. I just skimmed through Arcadia's twitter (hadn't looked at it before tonight), and it looks like they said that they'd do a Proto Garland if this one sells well enough. They also showed samples in the blister pack for this Garland, so it looks like things were VERY finalized when they decided to pull things until March.
  11. Sorry, just saw this on twitter too, from "kabuto_siren" replying to Arcadia: "But wait for the development of prototype or EX is hope. We also sell perishable Yamato 1 / 15 Garland of old attached images (from breaking in an enhanced) replacement parts! Thank you m(_ _)m " Followed by an image of what look to be replacement parts for the Yamato Garland shoulder joint. So, Proto Garland and Garland E=X are hopefully not affected... or maybe this is a bad translation and someone is asking Arcadia about this? The latter seems like it might be more likely, since I don't recall Arcadia even showing a prototype of an E=X, though they've shown a Hargun.
  12. The 1st upside: In addition to the usual Google translate, Twitter now has a built in translator, which translated it as: "Notice: your dear, this month December to be launched was "1/24 Diecast model Garland", and for improving the quality of the product in very sorry us to extend to the "3/2018" release now. That announcement was the verge of truly sorry." The 2nd upside: Hopefully this means we'll get a quality toy (I'm looking at you, Evolution Toys...). Still, Action Toys did a similar delay for Bike Robo not too long ago, and the final product was still just kind of ok. The 1st downside: I had my two ride armor Aoshima model kits sitting in the warehouse, waiting to ship along with this. Now I guess I'll be stuck paying for the two orders to ship separately. The 2nd downside: Does this mean there will be higher costs on Arcadia's end than they might have anticipated, which might be detrimental to getting more MZ23 mecha down the road? Either way, this is pretty disappointing. This was going to be a bit of a Christmas present to myself (translation: don't tell the girlfriend how much I'm spending on this).

    Judging by the (apparent) thickness of the broken components, I'm wondering if the material was changed to a weaker or more brittle plastic after the designers had designed and toleranced the connections, where they assumed a different plastic.

    Exactly. The current gf, while having no interest in my collection (she's more of a gym rat), said, after hearing the story when she asked why that one big robot was broken, "I think that stuff is cool, and don't worry, none of them are going to ACCIDENTALLY break after an argument."

    My Toynami Beta broke (small fall off a table onto a chair, or so the then-gf claimed; can't REALLY blame quality of the toy for that one, though toys like a transformer would have definitely survived it). My two Alphas had no issues with them, but they were only transformed 2 or 3 times, put on display, then transformed back to fighter mode and put back in the box and in storage. Due to space constraints, only the ride armors and other bikes stay out.