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  1. Love it. Too bad I haven't been able to get my hands on any Rideback items other than the original manga.
  2. During my engineering days, I sometimes did like materials with like, but sometimes dissimilar made more sense. if you knew that there was going to be wear, but one part was easier to replace when it wore out than the other, then you made that part out of the weaker material. Not saying that's the case here, but that was the theory. Of course, other times, it's just cost. You want to make parts plastic, but it financially makes sense to use off the shelf metal pins, so you use those with plastic surrounding them.
  3. I'm very happy with the Arcadia one. Honestly, I like all of the others too, but don't think they're worth it unless you get a really REALLY good discount off the asking price. The Arcadia is, in my opinion, worth what they ask (considering the niche market, of course).
  4. Sadly, life has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Still watching the threads though, just not buying as much fun stuff...
  5. Heads up, all: The windshield is BARELY supported in there, but is retained by a thin enough piece where, if not aligned perfectly when transforming, the tab holding it in breaks off. Supergluing now...
  6. Well, looks like DHL lied about that Monday delivery... because both my Yellows just showed up.
  7. DHL says my Yellows should be delivered on Monday. Definitely looking forward to this.
  8. I have to say, this is looking like a much more robust design than I was expecting. I'm actually a bit impressed.
  9. Read Furman's Transformers: Re:Generation One (or whatever it was called... from like 5 years ago, when he continued his original run from the Marvel TF at IDW, as opposed to his early world-building IDW stuff). He's been phoning in garbage for a while now.
  10. This isn't the Arcadia one, right? I thought that the Arcadia one was pretty much ready to go at this point.
  11. Reaching into the past a bit here: I absolutely adore my Toyworld not-Throttlebots. I seem to recall a ways back seeing some recolors of them, though I don't recall if they were Toyworld of some company knocking off their molds in a different color. I've been looking for them again with no luck. Does anyone remember them? Specifically, a recolor of Aurora (the Range Rover Evoque)? Thanks.
  12. I assumed they were going for equivalents of G, H, I and just, you know, without the internet to handily look things up, misremembered.
  13. The ship, character names, and scenario (machines revolting after evolving from protoculture) are from Robotech 3000. the armor is straight-up HALO. Honestly, I don't have an issue with the RT 3000 reference (though, not having read the comic, I might feel different in context). If (and it's a big IF) you're a serious RT fan, I'm sure you'd love this kind of a reference. It would be like reading a Doctor Who comic and seeing a reference to K9 & Company. We have to remember that most of us on this forum are NOT the target audience of this comic. It's meant for new kids who don't know any better, and people who log in to the Robotech.com forums and type in all caps.
  14. All the other junk aside (including the HALO rip-off), I actually kinda dig the slight Invid redesign here. Fits in with Sentinel's ride armors.
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