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    What's that in the background? Reflection of one of the Aoshima reissue model kits?

    Not that I care much, since the boxes go in storage while the toy is going to be what's on display... but the box art looks a little uninspired. Maybe I'm spoiled by the recent reissues with some of the gorgeous 80s art.

    Yeah, between Sentinel and Arcadia, I'm just using the time to fill in gaps in my collections while I wait. Picked up the metallic edition Yamato Garland a few weeks ago, and just got the metalic/translucent CMs Yellow this week.
  4. Just posted on Facebook: So, the new factory sample is on display at the store... but it sounds like we're still a ways off. Does this also mean that the figure cannot fit in robot mode, but only the top half of the body?

    I have two on preorder. I'll probably leave one exactly as is on the cover illustration, and 3D print some upgrades to the other for personal tastes (a rear mudguard, which would make the armor mode actually look symmetrical with covers over both tires; foot shifter and foot brake, which would work for posing, though would be a terrible idea in real life; the rocket launcher from the cover illustration; whatever else comes to mind).
  6. Well, we seem to have similar tastes, but not identical. That's just how it is with these types of things: each of us have some things resonate with us more than others. Not to belabor the point, but it really doesn't make sense to me how much merchandise there seems to be for MZ23, and how little for any iteration of BGC (like only Atelier Sai having made the Scoop Chase hardsuits; luckily, I think that Yamato really did an impressive job on their toys).
  7. If you can find a decent price on it, I think it's definitely worth it. I usually see them on auction sites in the US anywhere from $300-600. In my case, I was on the lookout to try to fill out my Yamato Garland collection, and everything else was just a bonus. Ended up finding it on eBay from the UK in "used" condition (i.e. the box was a little banged up, but everything inside looked like it had never even been opened). At under $100, even after shipping to the US, it was an absolute no brainer for me and I'm super happy with the purchase. Seeing how gorgeous the book is was a thrill.

    I knew the Sentinel version was based on Aramaki's design from the MOSPEADA book (I own that book and absolutely love it), but I'm embarrassed to say that I totally missed the folded up footpeg on the thigh armor on the cover. Wow, I can't believe I missed that... Good catch! If they match Aramaki's design, then I'm totally ok with the footpeg placement (even if the motorcyclist in me isn't). I've been wanting a toy of this design since I first preordered the book in late 2008.

    I agree with you on the footpeg placement, and it's something that has been bothering me all along. It doesn't match the original animation... It doesn't match the concept art... (in fairness, I just did a look through a bunch of the real original concept art, and it mostly seems to just skip the footpegs entirely, so this might not be a good argument) ... and, in my opinion, the MOSPEADA would, if in the real world, be intended more like a Ducati Multistrada, where the rider might find themselves just as likely on paved roads as on slightly rougher terrain requiring more of an upright, weight off the seat, stance.
  10. That's what always surprised me with the toy lines. It seems like Megazone 23 has gotten a lot more love from toy makers and model makers than you would expect. Big Yamato line (about equal to Bubblegum Crisis), decent Aoshima line, and now three separate companies making figures, with at least one planning a full line. All of this from 3 OVAs, with most fans really only being partial to the first. Compare that to Bubblegum Crisis with 8 initial episodes, 3 more in Bubblegum Crash, 3 in A.D. Police Files, 3 in Parasite Dolls, 12 in A.D. Police: To Serve and Protect, and 26 more in the reboot Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, and yet the same, if not less, merchandise. Back to expectations on Megazone 23: All of this is just my personal opinions, and my personal tastes... but I don't think it's that great. There are SEPARATE ELEMENTS of it that I love, but most of the movie does nothing for me. I keep coming back to it mainly because of my love of bikes and Shinji Aramaki designs, as well as some of the ideas behind the storylines, rather than the actual execution of those ideas. Most people seem to love the first OVA, and hate the two sequels (the final one of which is more like 2 separate, shorter, distinct movies). For me, personally, I think they don't stand up well together as a trilogy, but I think each is totally ok taken separately, in and of itself. I still love and collect Megazone 23 items, but, for my personal tastes and for my personal enjoyment of watching and regular re-watching, the Aramaki rankings are: 1) Genesis Climber MOSPEADA 2) Bubblegum Crisis 3) Bubblegum Crash 4) Viper's Creed 5) BGC Tokyo 2040 6) Megazone 23 7) remaining BGC spin-offs
  11. Honestly, I think you can even tell when you watch it on the small screen. it's especially jarring with the new ending adding in for Robotech: The Untold Story
  12. I think it may be the same contents as the "Maneuver Book" with the silver cover and the top-down view of the Garland, but I don't own that book to compare. If someone on here does, and wants to post a couple pages from it to compare, I'll do the same from mine to verify.
  13. Arcadia 1/24 Scale Garland

    We've been discussing over at the newer thread
  14. So we've gone from 12/2017 to 3/2018, and now to 7/2018. I have to say it makes me wonder 2 things: 1) If the original, more minor rework (at least as I understood it) caused an estimate of 4 months delay, and this more significant rework (again, from my understanding of the blog post) is ALSO estimated at 4 months delay, how reliable are these estimates? Seems like that July date could easily slip a couple more months, even if no new issues are discovered (especially considering that the blog post seems to say that they are reopening ordering to get more orders in, which could lead to larger production quantities and production times). and 2) At some point, with all of these delays, and with the creation of new molds for the diecast bits, and with material cost increases, either they're going to take a big hit on profit, or they're going to have to increase the price.
  15. I'd preorder a second one if that were the case!