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  1. Cool, glad my guess was right. The picture on the left looks like the VF has a mixed load of beam cannon and missile armed FAST packs.
  2. They look like 2 boom mini-super D cannon. Anti-warship guns?
  3. Could someone tell me the details on the extended boosterpods under the wings of the VF in the top right? More fuel for the rockets? (Image borrowed from Vf-22 Masterfile discussion thread)
  4. I never watched Frontier. Basically I got burned by 7, and once I heard that the story of F involved another race of unstoppable alien monsters that outnumbered our heros and they had to sing for their lives, again, I decided to give it a pass, no matter how pretty the VFs were, that's what youtube is for. I stopped collecting anime in the 90s, but since WoH was mentioned, I love that movie, and describe it as Jules Verne meets The Right Stuff. BGC(not 2040!), SDF:M, DYRL, Plus, WoH are my favorite animes.
  5. On page 2 in post 54 there's a scan from the VF1 book with the VF1 FAST pack variations. One has the boosters under the wings with extended front ends and no apparent missles. Can anyone tell me what is different about those boosters? More fuel? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how many rockets are in the 7 tube hexagonal pods for the VF-0D on the new Arcadia model? The pods are so long it looks like there could be 2 or 3 in each cell.
  7. Madox01 was an early favorite of mine too. Black Magic M-66 is another of the early batch of excellent anime, it and the 1980's version of Appleseed are on y/t in full.
  8. I was doing an image search for gunpods and I saw this artwork from issue 22 of the original Chronicle series Macross+Chronicle+22+Pic12.JPG from http://dennis-toys.blogspot.com/2009/06/macross-chronicle-22.html I noted it shows a 5 barrel gun assembly in what looks like the VF-11B gunpod structure, which should have 6 barrels right? My understanding is that only the GU-17 has 5 barrels. Does that art have any 'authority' since it was published in a chronicle issue?
  9. The VF-5000 and VF-14 also need their gunpods fit into the GU series. The VF-14 has a 35mm GP. Is it possible that the VF-5000 uses a GU-11 variant leaving the GU-12 & GU-13 for the VF-11 and VF-14? One being 30mm (VF-11) and the other 35mm (VF-14).
  10. Does it say what the flip-top packs on the VF19s dorsal/shoulders are? More missiles?
  11. I found this with google, it is correct? http://archive.foolz.us/m/thread/7005272/
  12. Questions on the various Vajra types. You have the little yellow guys, and the bigger red ones with the single large gun on top (Small & Heavy Soldier respectively) Then there's the 4 winged guy that tried to capture Ranka right? Heavy Mobile Soldier? Does the same type appear with a double gun on top of his back? There's the really big 3 gun type here, Super Heavy? Does it have any weapons besides the big triple turret? Is this a queen or Semi-queen? Does she have any weapons? Are there any other types? eta- I removed all the pics at imgur so I killed the links to them
  13. Was there any explanation for the change in Fold visual effects in Frontier? In Frontier the ships opened up a circular plane they had to travel through, but up to then a Fold event encompassed the ship entirely before it transitioned to Fold Space.
  14. VFs holding Destroid guns as hand held weapons YTgdx25.jpg Armored VF with gunclusters replacing the chest missile packs FZpxNak.jpg There was another picture of a VF that has a Tomahawk 6 shot missile box mounted on the right forearm, along with the shoulder missiles from a VF Armored and modified leg FAST packs that have rocket thrusters. U0nQ6Mo.png
  15. The VF-0 can mount the micromissile pods on the dorsal shoulders, the Vf-0D appears to have the same structures used to mount the pods on its own upper surface. Is there any evidence for or against it being able to mount the missile pods there? edit: images removed, question answered
  16. I don't think I've seen micromissiles even launched singly at battlepods. AMM1s, yes, but not Micros. Getting 30 kills from 30 missiles doesn't seem to go with what is shown in DYRL. For example, in the opening fight of DYRL, Hikaru and Max fire multiple missiles at each target. Hik first fires 10 from the underwing pods at 3 battlepods, Max fires 8-9 from the boosters at 3 pods, and then Hik fires a full load of 8 at a solitary pod (which shoots down the missiles and is killed by the gunpod) As for fewer missiles later on, those missiles in the arm pods are much larger and I would assume more powerful. Maybe the Renegade mecha of the era required more powerful missiles.
  17. Well here are the shots of Hikaru firing the missiles from the arm pods: Max and Miliya fire at least 16 missiles from the boosters in the big battle, firing 4 volleys of 4 missiles. I've seen the 3 arm-missile/12 booster missile VF-1 Strike art work: Those are the arm pods with the bigger missiles that are even on the end. The other pods have smaller missiles that are staggered. The difference is easy to explain, when DYRL was 'filmed' in the 2030s they were using different missile pods. There have been so much line art and diagrams published, can you really point to just one item and say this is the end-all, be-all of Macross? First I wanted to see if it was even possible to fit 12 missiles into the arms and 20 missiles into each booster. Turns out you can. Then it turns out you can actually fit 24-28 into each booster. The SDFM animation shows the Armored VF launching 8 missiles per chest pod, VF-1 Spacewings Masterfile shows two types of chest pods, 1 with 8 missiles and 1 with 5 missiles. I don't see why there can't be two versions, one with 8 early (SDFM) micromissiles, and a later one with 5 bigger missiles (DYRL)
  18. I've been messing around scaling the drawings of the VF-1 Super from the Spacewings Masterfile. In SDFM Hikaru fired 12 missiles from each arm pod (6 pairs each) I took an image from the VF1 masterfile to see if it was feasible or anime magic There's two types of arm pods. The one with the smaller missiles staggered at the front, and the one with bigger missiles that are even on the front. So there's room for 12 missiles if they are 200mm dia x 750mm long. The one with bigger missiles seems to have room for at least 5 missiles of 350mm dia x 1m long. then, I wanted to see how many 20cm x 70cm missiles can fit in the boosterpods. Turns out, quite a few. scale 150px=1m; the scale bar turned out to be exactly 20cm (scaled) in thickness so that made it really easy for me. The exit ports are drawn a little too small at 22cm x 59cm Both exit ports could stand to be shifted down slightly but I can work with them where they are. With a full 3x4x2 magazine, feeding the exit ports from the outside edges won't work, but you can feed them from the center. Each horizontal 3x2 (6 missile) layer feeds one exit port, taking from the center missile, with the outer missiles feeding into the center. Each missile feeds forwards and then shifts left or right at an angle to meet the exit port. With one missile staged in each exit port, you can fit 28 missiles in each pod. If there's no center column of missiles then the outer rows shift inwards and the exit ports are fed from the outer rows, for 20 missiles with one staged in each port. This number is supported by one of the old models which I used as the basis for this exercise: 2 missiles on each side backed by 2 columns of 4. Thoughts?
  19. Thanks, I kind of thought of it as a pre-Stampede configuration also. This is an image from Macross Design Works, does the text give a description of the 6 missiles in each leg bay? They are bigger then the regular micromissiles, but much smaller then the high maneuver medium range missiles from M:+. There's no way 6 of those could fit in each leg.
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