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  1. Thanks for the comment. I don't remember the exact dimension of inside city block, but the first one might just work. the second one looks bigger/blockier. You still gotta figure out how to place it in the city. Have fun and good luck with your project!
  2. Did it come with VF-1S Head bust statue? or are they shipping it later?
  3. I don't remember other helmet parts. Only 2 Arm parts. I think we are mixing up 2 products here. I guess their original plan was to release 1/6 scale figure separately - And include the base figure in the cockpit as a first release bonus. Because they didn't include the Max action figure in his cockpit and the same case for Roy.
  4. Honestly it's the first time I see that photo, They've shown different images of various stages of prototyping. I'm not trying to defend them or anything, but the official photo when I placed my pre-order was this...
  5. It's one of those " Actual product maybe different" category. They also made some changes to the cockpit itself, too. Probably they will improve it and add extra items that's left out and sell as separate package. This one is nice, but does look like prototype. If there is demand, they will make it.
  6. the first items in the packaging picture is all there is. 1 body 1 helmet 3 hands. No base no space parts. I tried to see if I can swap the head from fixed pose version that came with the cockpit, but didn't work. The heads come out, but they have different ball size joint. Very strange why they didn't make it the same... Oh, BTW the body does seem the same size as fixed pose one. So you can probably put this new guy in the cockpit, but he will most likely pop-out due to pelvis joint and backpack.
  7. Just got mine (Hikaru) It does have "Hikaru Ichijo" written on the box with Macross logo on front. Has Rick Hunter and Robotech logo on the back. The whole body is soft over skeleton, so I'm guessing it's silicon body. Articulation is not bad, but won't stay in position due to soft joints Inside box Head close up Helmet inside detail
  8. got a shipping email and tracking number for 1/6 action figure!! Finally!!
  9. I tried that first, but there wasn't enough room inside, I had to drill 3mm holes - put magnet and paint over. Mostly left over from other kits. Also I usually get from here https://hlj.com/search/go?p=KK&srid=S1-4IADP&lbc=hobbylink&ts=custom&pw=decal&uid=322553694&isort=score&view=grid&w=Hiq Decal&rk=2 Thank you! Thanks Thank you
  10. Here is final with painted + Decal + light weathering + minor cable work. Now all secured with screws Roughly 1/100 scale - Macross Movie version Launch Arm with partial Base - 3D printed It turns out it can hold the Valkyrie just fine. I left it over a day and it's still there. I'm not sure if it's earthquake safe in Bay area - Probably not. Better safe than sorry -_-; I guess I'll put it up on the clamps occasionally. Also, I might make more with some revision for other Hi-Metal-R Valkyries when I have time later. Edit @ Major Tom - Sorry I just saw it after new posting. That's a great build as usual from wm cheng. It's actually tougher when the model is smaller and heavier. You gotta hold more weight with smaller magnet
  11. I got reply from Kids Logic staff that the figure will be shipped around end of January. It would be best to get them shipped out before Feb. 4-5th - which is Lunar New Year
  12. I guess that serves the purpose for now! I don't know Maybe bigger magnet? Thicker support arm? More support arms? Top-down hanger (instead of sideways?) But all of the above will go beyond what I originally aimed for and will look like this (Again, which is not bad as a product) Thanks! It's not done yet thou. Gotta paint it
  13. finally got to test the magnet before the New Years Day. It's holding up, but I wouldn't display it this way. It seems too risky. So, it's for photo shoot only.. Happy New Years Macrossworld members!
  14. Nothing yet. I'll wait until holiday break is over and contact them early next year.
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