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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Robotech-Macross-VF-1S-1-6-Cockpit-Kidslogic-NEW-1-of-400-SOLD-OUT/223653468294?hash=item3412c91886:g:9sAAAOSwMghdcnmy US $5,999.99 Really...?
  2. These guys did fine and all with hydraulics everywhere :P
  3. There is an idea! I tried to make it like a scene from live-action -
  4. Yeah I can see how the edges on the mouthpiece can bother some people who favors the smooth round curves in original. Thankfully I'm not a big fan of that particular area. So I'm good there.
  5. Quick photo review of VF-1S bust Mostly good Kinda wished the head lasers to have independent ball joint, but it's a solid piece It has the same neck pistons, but you can NOT do much this time. Al you can do is rotate it a little to sides (like 3 degrees) and the neck frame gets stuck. Just short sighted design. The X-mas headlight is annoying as last one. I'll probably never use it. Other details are mostly nice (except for the 'no step' decal. This would be the last one I get
  6. kyekye

    Hi-Metal R

    Haha.. Looks like you copied my design. But you copied my mistake as well. The launch arm direction should be reversed (or the signal should be on the other side) I realized after I printed on my case. That's one of the things I'm revising on my model ATM *Edit: I realized the left and right side launch arm would be different and direction would be mirrored, so both cases are possible.
  7. kyekye

    Hi-Metal R

    That was 2 years ago. I got tired of waiting and made my own.. Making of post here if you're interested
  8. I must be incredibly lucky to be able to grab one from amiami last night.. I was traveling and happened to be at Beijing airport for transfer flight with really bad free wifi. I had to surf via VPN to get to amiami site. Tough luck, I should say!
  9. I think these online sales guys are enjoying this....
  10. Got 1 from amiami. As long as I don't touch any other button....it seems go through..
  11. Quick unboxing and pics review Box contents Battery Box (AAA X3 - not included) front white plate is also a touch on/off switch Details With Lights on (not so annoying, but 2 small ones on left corner still blinks on/off) Back side detail. Head/Neck/Antenna articulation - I was actually impressed! They used ball joint and all 4 actuators are moving like endoskeleton in Terminator (Although this detail part is pure imagination of Kids logic side)
  12. Got the shipping notice. Will post some pics when I get them.
  13. Thanks for the comment. I don't remember the exact dimension of inside city block, but the first one might just work. the second one looks bigger/blockier. You still gotta figure out how to place it in the city. Have fun and good luck with your project!
  14. Did it come with VF-1S Head bust statue? or are they shipping it later?
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