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  1. More spaceships! I’m having a hard time not grabbing everything at once.
  2. No consistent scale, else the already ridiculous 2 foot Super Star Destroyer would be as big as a table. The corvette should be half the size of the Nebulon-B (150 vs 300 meters), and that should be a third the size of the Victory Star Destroyer (900 meters.)
  3. Last month’s HLJ delivery, the final Ryusoulger DX item, new kit and I liked the Beast Box macaw I got, so I got a repaint. Also, a new rabbit hole to fall into and spend lots of money on!
  4. And here’s October’s HLJ haul. New Gunpla (Core Gundam/Earthree Gundam is a really fun kit, can’t wait for the next armor versions), the final two DX mecha for this year, and the latest bad guy role play sword. I’m going to try out one of the huge combos that uses every part of all the dinosaurs.
  5. The armored set arrived at the same time as everyone else’s, I just haven’t posted about it yet. As for the Machine Kiva set, I ordered and paid for one, and was expecting one package today, but ended up with two. I was rather confused when my brother texted me to let me know a couple of boxes arrived today for me.
  6. With luck, I should have my armor by the end of the week!
  7. This just came in this week, and for the first time in forever, I’ve only got one thing on preorder at HLJ.
  8. Could be a couple days, could be a week or more.
  9. Preparation in progress, with no request for more shipping! (N-Y)
  10. N-Y is probably just taking their time calculating how much more they’ll charge for shipping on top of what was already paid.
  11. Probably much the same way that the Armored VF-25S “flew”; gerwalk mode only.
  12. My first Amazon.jp purchase. I had to cancel my preorder with HLJ due to release and payday timing, and they haven’t gotten any more in stock.
  13. Yesterday’s HLJ delivery. Delta Platoon is complete! My wallet can rest! Ryusoulger movie mecha, Kishiryujin, and the Gold ranger’s belt (just for the soul it comes with, which is cheaper than I paid for the Kata Soul on it’s own...)
  14. It’s not that bad, just need to be careful and follow the directions. It isn’t one of those kits where you can just build whatever body part and just put everything together at the end.
  15. iguanaman8989

    Macross figures

    I guess this goes here: https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/809807/ 1/1 scale Ranka Lee, 2,200,000 yen. She's bluetooth enabled. Thanks to MacrossCentral's Facebook for linking it first.
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