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  1. I was expecting a DYRL 1A Max announcement, but this is a pleasant surprise!
  2. I believe the guy just switched the 1J head with the 1A Kaki head and then photoshopped the red bits. Fyi, you can switch the 1J and 1A heads but not with the 1S as the neck part of the 1S is different.
  3. Ah, this is the type of topic my wife wants to hear about as it will free up storage space. I'd choose a VF for each series (boring I know): Bandai DX VF-1J Bandai DX VF-1S TV Roy with Supers (to be released) Bandai DX VF-1S Hikaru with Strike parts Arcadia PF VF-4A FB2012 (to be released) Arcadia VF-19 Kai with Sound Booster Bandai DX YF-19 Full set pack Yamato DX YF-21 Arcadia PF VF-0S with Reactive armor Bandai DX VF-25F with Armor parts Bandai DX VF-31J with Super parts
  4. The seller also has a DX VF-1J and 1S for sale if anyone's interested. No box and missing most of the attachments. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e462112147 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v746877901
  5. Okini Land upgraded my shipping for 4x missile sets to DHL for free. Still waiting for 3x SSP sets fron NY, they offered to upgrade to UPS but it was too expensive. I might ask to change the shipping to ferry instead.
  6. Not fusion, but DBZ related, Ka...me... Another pose:
  7. Here's my take on DX Alaska Base in PS :
  8. Hey, I got bored during the lockdown and did this in photoshop, apologies for my noob PS skills. @RedComet I'd totally be interested if you do a Max VF-1S. But if you do a 1A Alaska Base or Cavaliers, then just take my goddamn money!
  9. I've paid charge 1 but expecting it to be cancelled. This happened with my 1A Kakizaki PO as well. FJ refunds the charge after a few days.
  10. Got mine from Okini as well, my FJ order is still pending but expecting it to be cancelled. Same exact thing happened with the 1A Kakizaki PO, FJ cancelled and then got it from Okini.
  11. I prefer the black heat shield I can only do it in photoshop, I'm not confident enough to paint/weather my DX
  12. I got one from Nin-nin (crosses fingers), if that one fails I'll check other sellers after release. The only other possible sites I saw during last night's was amiami and HLJ but their sites keep timing out for me. Didn't even see the order button in AE, HS and NY (I was probably too slow ).
  13. Was just browsing YJ auctions for a good deal on a YF-29 Alto and then see this, I'm stoked!
  14. This thread is inspirational! Keep em coming!
  15. Here are some pics I found on my phone:
  16. From Hasegawa's Twitter: https://twitter.com/hasegawa_model/status/1247358628266307585?s=20 New coming this July: 1/72 VF-31J Kai Re-release: June: 1/4000 SDF-1 TV Attack version (Yes!!!) June: 1/72 VF-31F Messer/Hayate w/Lilldarken Movie ver. July: 1/72 VF-31J Freya Colors
  17. And now you have to get 4x Strike packs to go with them, like a certain person I know (looks in the mirror).
  18. My FJ order got cancelled but had a backup with Okini. Like others said, I believe this one will be easy to get in YJA after it gets released. Wishing for a TV Kakizaki for the next announcement (just to complete the squad) but it would probably be DYRL VF-1A Max or VF-1S Roy.
  19. Ordered via FromJapan as well, they have always been good from my experience (more than a decade now). It's just now a waiting game for stuff to arrive and for the next release announcement.
  20. I've only collected books and some kits, but decided to start collecting this new 1/48 DX line. I didn't think I'll want multiples of it but now I do! Last week I ordered a couple of strike packs and missile sets, it amounted to about 2 valks and started to question what I've gotten myself into.
  21. Staying at home means more time for nostalgia. Still waiting on the June pre-ordered missile sets.
  22. Decided to pull the trigger and start a VF-1 collection. Had some fun with the VF-1S. Really enjoyed transforming and handling this valk (it's kind of therapeutic). Looking forward to future releases, would love to see a VF-1D, VT-1 and VE-1!
  23. DECULTURE!!! This should be featured in a hobby magazine, awesome work! Yours and Kurt's work on these SDF-1s is really inspiring. This is now my holy grail of kits, just to work on this is a privilege.
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