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  1. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Whew! Once again, I almost missed out on the pre-orders because I was distracted with other things. Was able to get one from amiami. I'm hoping this finishes out Valyries. Really looking forward to more enemy mechs.
  2. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    What exactly are you refering to? Are these model kits or maybe 3D printed items you found online?
  3. sharky

    Macross in the weirdest places

    They call the procedure "downsizing" we all know it is miclonization. Downsizing movie https://youtu.be/_POpCkJToEQ
  4. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow, I hadn't been regularly checking this thread as much as I should. Completely missed that diorama. Looks great. Yeah, the more I see it, the more it looks like the N scale works fine. Now, I'm even wondering if the HMRs are even really 1/100. I have a lot more humble aspiration to do just a small part of a street that I can fit in my Detolf display case or on a book shelf.
  5. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm starting to plan out some diorama setups for my HMRs. I have some of those Kotubukiya Chain Base sets for an internal hanger bay dio. I know Bandai has that Amored Factory model kit with 1/100 scale people and support vehicles. I may get that as well. I would also like to set up a city street scene either something to represent Macross island or maybe Macros city inside the SDF-1. I haven't really seen a lot of 1/100 scale buildings. I've seen plenty of 1/150 scale stuff that seems perfect as I think it's a common railroad scale called "N" scale. Seems to be a lot of variety of modern Japanese buildings in N scale. I'm wondering if anyone has had good results with 1/150 scale items or is it better to find something 1/100 or perhaps go down slightly to "HO" scale which is about 1/87 scale. I may use N scale buildings, and then try to find more appropriate scale people.
  6. sharky

    Macross Arcade top shooter?

    Oh, so it's the emulator and not the actual ROM. Thanks for the info. I'm just starting to get into arcade emulation. I appreciate the insight.
  7. sharky

    Macross Arcade top shooter?

    Last weekend I got a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and built a game system using RetroPie. I was able to run the Macross and Macross II arcade games so far. Haven't tested the Macross Pluss game yet. When starting the Macross game there was a note that popped on screen indicating there is a known issue of no sound on the game. I wasn't sure if there was actually a better ROM out there I should be looking for? Is there?
  8. Wouldn't be surpised if Hayate uses this as an excuse to push for a threesome. "C'mon, it's for medicinal purposes, it evens me out dude!" On another note, I'm going to interpret Mikumo's Walkure gesture after she slapped Freyja as a Walkure middle finger.
  9. They were probably trying to drive him to suicide out of shear boredom so they could make their escape.
  10. Hells yeah! More than happy to support English language Macross products.
  11. The one thing I kept asking myself this episode was why do people still need to wear glasses with all the major advances in technology that has been developed over the many years? And, aren't Windmearians supposed to be super human? So, what's with Roids glasses?
  12. sharky

    Delta: Runes are messed up.

    No one "accidently" touches tips in the locker room shower. I was thinking more of like when that US Senator solicited a cop in the mens bathroom stall by tapping his foot and sliding it over to touch the cops foot. Me thinks it was accidently on purpose.
  13. sharky

    If you were a Windermerian...

    I'd have gone blind from playing with my rune way too much. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. - Dr. Eldon Tyrell
  14. Watching the scene where Freyja was reacting to the audio of Hayate and Mirage gave me flashbacks to just about every episode of Three's Company. LOL! I was expecting to see a cutaway of Mr. Furley reacting with his eyes all bugged out.
  15. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    And maybe something about it going together with the Millia stand? Maybe some kind of artwork or logo that pairs up with it?