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  1. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    I don't mean to rain on all the excitement, but haven't we seen other stuff like this that is labeled "display only" a long time ago and we still haven't seen it released. Still I like where this is headed. It's definitely nice to see an actual physical item instead of just drawings.
  2. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Honestly, I'll be happy to see anything as long as it's not a Valkyrie.
  3. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    It's back up on HLJ https://hlj.com/hi-metal-r-vf-4g-lightning-iii-bans58061
  4. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Was focused on Star Wars Triple Force Friday this weekend, and I wasn't paying attention to the Roy VF-4 pre-orders. I usually try to go with HLJ as their prices are reasonable for the products and shipping and have a good pre-order policy in that it's easy to cancel it if I change my mind. I went with Amazon Japan on this one since HLJ is on Order Stop now for this. Amazon was just a little more than HLJ, but Amazon's shipping is always reasonable. Last time I got lucky with the original VF-4 and managed to snag one on HLJ when 1 popped into stock. Also, an FYI on Amazon Japan. Their pre-order policy on this particular item is that you can cancel a pre-order up to Jan 19, 2020
  5. Curious what you are using for ground crew and that forklift? Looks to scale well with 1/60 stuff. I guess most 1/64 scale diecast works?
  6. sharky

    Macross figures

    Can't wait to get that Britai. Just to be sure, there was a quality issue and they had to do another batch, right? That's why it's delayed?
  7. But, it's pretty much sold out most places. I mean it didn't sell out in minutes or days like some other items, but honestly that should be the exception and not the norm.
  8. Oh, I see it's like a subscription similar to the Deagostini kits. Is there any indication how many volumes one will need to complete it?
  9. They could have at least tried to do a "realistic" take on the jacket as though it would be something worn in real life if Valkyrie fighter jets existed. Instead they put a giant ugly image on the back and other dumb things all around it. Heck, someone is better off getting some patches and put them on a real jacket maybe from a military surplus store.
  10. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Are those wishes or you have a tip that these will be announced?
  11. sharky

    Sunlight effect

    I had my 1/48 Yamato VF-1S Hikaru in my Detolf display cabinet in my dining room. It wasn't exposed to direct sunlight, but there was light coming in from the bay window. I would keep the blinds down almost all the time. Over the course of many years the nose area started to yellow a bit. Best to play it safe and minimize any UV light hitting it. I never display my most prized valks in the Detolf anymore. It's one reason why I like the Hi-Metal R line. They're cheap enough that I don't mind displaying them. Plus they are not bright white like the old Yamato valks, so they should be somewhat resistant to yellowing.
  12. I suppose this is the best place to post about this. I was on HLJ today and they are promoting a 1/2500 city building system. I'm thinking it would scale OK with the SDF-1 and may be a good way to make a diorama of the city on South Ataria island. Though, the name that was chosen for this system could have been better. LOL! https://hlj.com/geocraper
  13. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    I would think they would just go ahead and finish the Destroids and get them out fairly quick since they only really have to tool up the top half of the Tomahawk and the missile one. Ditto for the Regult Scout.
  14. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    That's what I do. I couldn't possibly display everything. I'd say about once a year or so I clear a shelf and put everything away. Then I put something out that I got recently or simply want to see again. My dream is to some day build little diorama scenes custom to the Detolf shelf size. Just never seem to find the time. For sure, that's what I'll be doing in retirement. LOL! I need to pull the trigger on that kit sooner rather than later. I keep looking at it and I keep saying to myself I'll get it later. I know it will probably go OOP at some point, and then I will be filled with regret.
  15. Yup, I picked up the VE-1 a while back when Arcadia re-released it. Now, all I need is the VT-1. I'm just grateful I'll have a shot at buying it if they do release it again as opposed to the impossible challenge of pre-ordering a Bandai DX valk.
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