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  1. Yup, I picked up the VE-1 a while back when Arcadia re-released it. Now, all I need is the VT-1. I'm just grateful I'll have a shot at buying it if they do release it again as opposed to the impossible challenge of pre-ordering a Bandai DX valk.
  2. Is the plan to release fast packs as a separate add on set, or will Bandai do a release that comes with a valk and fast packs together? I was hoping Bandai would get around to the Vf-1S, but admittedly I've been more focused on the Hi-Metal R line that this DX release sneaked up on me. I probably have no hope of getting one at regular MSRP. I need a 1/48 replacement for my Yamato VF-1S Hikaru that started to discolor with age and light exposure. Maybe I can get a Roy later?
  3. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    We all hope and dream that Bandai will release that some day. I wish if Bandai does ever release that someday that they would try to make a clear piece that comes out of the top claw and maybe extends to the rear of the valk and clips to the back somewhere so that it looks like the top claw is holding the valk. Maybe it could clip into the arms on the rear or the legs somehow. Or maybe something that slides between the arms and upper body. Then you wouldn't need the bottom support piece to actually hold it. There's also that display stand where the base looks like part of a Zentradai ship. That would be cool.
  4. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    The only way I can get it slightly cheaper with CDJ is to use SAL economy, but that doesn't have tracking or insurance and takes weeks vs. days. Even then it still comes out to $26. For me the extra $2 is worth it to have faster more reliable shipping on Amazon. When comparing apples to apples with regard to shipping CDJ comes out to $38 to $41 depending on if I use EMS or DHL respectively. I'm on the fence about the A-10. If it was more of a tactical color scheme rather than a commemorative paint scheme I'd be all over it. I'm not even to picky I would take a camouflage, or all green, or all grey A-10.
  5. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    I found the prices to be similar, but Amazon Japan seems to be better with shipping cost.. DHL express shipping for only $9. I ordered the F-4 on Sunday and it is arriving today. They come out to $28US shipped. Not bad IMO considering I can get not nearly as nice airplanes at my local HobbyTown for about $21-$24. Plus their scale is usually smaller and of planes I don't particularly care to collect. A note to anyone looking to pick up Vol. 27 F-14D. The box has the Japan flag symbol as if it is some kind of JASDF version, but in reality it's the United States VF-2 Bounty Hunters painted in the "last cruise" paint scheme as can be determined by looking at the photo on the box. And, I can confirm as I have it in hand. Here's a larger photo of a Hasagawa model kit. The Vol. 28 release is shown on the back of the Vol. 27 magazine I got for the F-14D. It shows what looks to be a release date of 6/5 (I assume as it's in Japanese). The paint scheme, I have learned, was a special commemorative paint scheme flown over Normandy last year to honor the 47th anniversary of D-Day
  6. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Just wanted to say thanks for the tip. You mentioned about the Hachette collection when I asked a couple of months ago. The newest releases are easy to pick up on Amazon Japan. Today in fact, I just got in my first one. It's the no. 27 release (an F-14D). I really like it. I got the most recent F-4 coming soon, and I think I'll order the latest F-15 they put out. Anything older is only being sold by 3rd party sellers for higher prices. I wish I had known about them a long time ago, as I missed the boat on some of the other jets. But, I see that they seem to do the same jets in different paint schemes. No. 28 will be an A-10 with a 2 tone green/grey paint scheme. Very reasonably priced when you pick up the newer releases for MSRP. I have a larger scaled F-14 and A-10 on display. While they are really nice, they do take up a lot of space in my Detolf cabinet. I'll put them away and put in these 1/100 scale models to replace them. I also have my eye on some 1/100 helicopters as well.
  7. sharky

    Macross figures

    Fixed In all fairness the last release looked better in real life than the prototype figure promo shots, but they still didn't look much like the character they were supposed to be. If I can pick them up dirt cheap at Gamestop like wave 1 I'll pick them up just to have them. Who know maybe someone can 3D print better heads one day.
  8. Yeah, I guess all you need is the front nose and chest plate armor to be a unique part. It wouldn't even need to be the whole chest plate because I think it would look cool with the existing armor backpack.
  9. I kind of want them to do a set of armor for gerwalk mode kind of like that cool resin garage kit that was done.
  10. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    He flies better when he's drunk. Hiccup. I just got my VF-4 and VF-1D from HLJ. The VF-4 box feels heavier than I though it would be.
  11. I like the idea of diecast valks in fighter mode. I wonder if they would do any super/strike valks?
  12. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Kind of a random thought, but I just realized that the Revell U-Wing model kit is 1/100 scale. It has a couple of pilot figures might be suitable for customizing I think. I also wonder if the ship would fit in with Macross stuff if painted and had some proper markings?
  13. sharky

    Macross figures

    At first I was thinking, "it's only 1,620 yen, that's not expensive at all' Then I realize that's just the deposit.
  14. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    You should check out the review and judge for yourself. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=2927 Personally, I wasn't too impressed by it. If you can find it at a good price it's OK to have something to scale with the other valks. And, by good price I mean below MSRP.
  15. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    Got charged for the VF-1D the other day from HLJ.com. I shipped this morning along with my VF-4 that was in my private warehouse. Can't wait!
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