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  1. Pretty sweet. A while back I opted for an airsoft replica of the pulse rifle. A decent enough facsimile for me at a reasonable price and it can shoot BBs.
  2. sharky

    Macross figures

    Articulation aside the Megahouse Sheryl is bigger and better sculpted IMHO. But that's par for the course when comparing an articulated vs. fixed pose figure. Also, the Megahouse outer uniform costume can be removed, so you have a different display option.
  3. sharky

    Macross figures

    I noticed HLJ.com has the SH Figuarts Sheryl on sale for $37. I was in the fence at the higher price, but for $37 I decided to pull the trigger. I think the Freyja is also discounted a similar amount. https://www.hlj.com/s-h-figuarts-sheryl-nome-anniversary-special-color-ver-bann17771
  4. IIRC, this is called the "Perfect Edition" or something like that. Or, at least that was what the laser disc release was called back in the day. I think they orginally intended to have a concert scene as the end scene, but didn't due to budget/time constraints I guess. They ended up animated it for FB2012 and later put it into the laser disc release of DYRL. I thought the end concert was put in all future releases on DVD and Blu-ray? It's been a while since I watched any of the releases I have. I like this ending the best as it's a very uplifting and happy ending.
  5. I recently odered a Bandai Sozo Galleria Robot Soldier (from Laputa) from Mandarake and the DHL shipping was only 1360 yen. Granted the box weight was very light, but I was still pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to be double that.
  6. I got the same thing happen to me. I've always had really great service with Mandarake. One time they sent the wrong item. They paid to have it sent back and they sent the correct item. They are also more critical of box condition than I am. They'll indicate an item has box damage, but when I recieve it the damage is almost unnoticeable to me. I'm usually very pleasantly surprised with the used items I receive.
  7. Got my Fext Sci-Fi #3 set yesterday. Really impressed with the quality of the image on the panels. It looks like the image is painted/printed directly on the plastic. Is that correct? It's not a decal right? Can't wait to set up a display this weekend. I regret not getting it sooner and maybe a 2nd set as well. I'll see what I can do with the one set for now. Looks like I got lots of options even with just the one set.
  8. I didn't wan't to pass up the chance to get the Sci-fi #03 set, but the shipping is killer. Still, it ends up being cheaper to order direct from Fext even with the "high" shipping fee. And, I say high, but really it seems like normal pricing for express shipping. I just wish they offered slower lower cost shipping options.
  9. I forgot I had this rom. I finally loaded it on my Retropie. Kind of a fun game that's easy to play. It's almost Super Deformed style.
  10. Thanks! Got it just now. Really looking forward to playing it.
  11. I've been on a retro gaming kick these days and I've finally come around to PC-98 emulation. I was really excited to come across this recently. I started to play it this weekend, and I honestly have really enjoyed playing it. Mainly the strategy game part is what I enjoyed the most. The visual novel and dating sim stuff is a little interesting in that it covers the DYRL story before the movie events, but it's not the highlight of the game. A sincere thank you to all who worked on getting this translated into English and getting it working in general for emulation. I can at least say this is one Macross fan that really appreciates all the work that went into it. Edit: Just wanted to share a little more. After getting the emulation working on my desktop PC I wanted to see if I could get it working on my Raspberry Pi build. Sure enough Retropie had the Neko Project II emulator built in. Just had to load the emulator and add the font file to get the English text to look better. I think this is a slicker way to play it, and I have all my old retro games in a little gaming console. I had to add some custom logos and images to my Retropie theme as PC-98 menu graphics didn't exist on the tronkyfran theme I like to use.
  12. $429 and they couldn't include a wall adapter for the USB connection.
  13. Is it really that hard to Google a photo of literally any aircraft since WWII and beyond to know what a riveted aircraft panel is supposed to look like?
  14. sharky

    Macross figures

    My Breetai is in m Pile of Loot now on BBTS. He's in stock for purchase as well. I was just thinking that what we really need are figures that can fit in the Regult and Gluag. I wouldn't even care if they were articulated as long as they were in a pose that could look like it's piloting the vehicle.
  15. sharky

    Hi-Metal R

    The completest in me wanted to pick this one up, but I have other large purchases I want to make. Since I already have the first release I'm passing on this as well.
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