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  1. My source is an ex-RCN Chief Petty Officer I shared a university history class with. Based on the definition Jenius found, I now conclude that his definition is jargon, rather than language. ETA: The CNTL-SHIFT-V trick may solve a problem I've been having in LibreOffice; I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I hope this pedantry isn't too annoying - but misusing "retrofit" bugs me almost as much as using "effect" when it should be "affect." "Retrofit" means "to return to original condition." Installing new equipment is "refitting" or just plain "fitting." The VF-1EXs have been fitted with new cockpits. "Retrofitting" would involve returning them to the 1st gen cockpits. Thank you for your indulgence of my peculiarities.
  3. Vagabond Elf

    Hi-Metal R

    I've always thought Drakkens looked like they belonged in Macross. Probably because of how they resemble the UEDF kite.
  4. Vagabond Elf

    Hi-Metal R

    Soo... I've managed to lose one of Max's head lasers. Anyone have suggestions on how I might replace this? Beyond just buying another Max, of course. @sh9000: May I ask for a reminder of what you were using for heads for custom VF-1Js, in case that turns out to be a practical solution? I've tried searching but I'm on a tablet and the interface is just too awkward.
  5. Vagabond Elf

    Hi-Metal R

    Have we seen anything that isn't from SFDM, DYRL?, or Macross II? And the non-Macross HMRs are from a shows that are also late 70s to early 90s, right? Maybe the people who choose the lineup just don't like shows filmed after 1992.
  6. I thought real-world HARMs were considered semi-active? Although I suppose in Macross a HARM would be able to go active if the emitter shut down, so even then the term wouldn't really apply. It is of course your display, and you should prioritise what makes you the most satisfied. My approach, though, is usually less "this exactly matches the official art" and more "this is vaguely justifiable and looks good." It sounds to me like you want to go with "looks good" and are hung up on "but it's not 'correct'." If so, you simply need to decide which parameter is more important to you.
  7. This is of course just my opinion, but I've always interpreted it as: The plain white is an animation shortcut and not what the "real" missile looks like; the other two colour schemes denote different warhead or seeker types. For example perhaps the red nose is a proximity-fragmentation for large area of effect whilst the black stripe is a HESH or HEAP warhead for anti-armour work; or perhaps the red nose is a fire-and-forget heat-seeker whilst the black nose is a semi-active radar-seeker. Thus in my mind, either colour scheme (or a mix!) is "correct" for Hikaru depending on w
  8. Vagabond Elf

    Hi-Metal R

    I couldn't find any pics in a brief online search, but I have a book from the 1970s showing that USN planes were marked like that. The numbers on the flaps would be easy to read if you were walking behind a row of parked planes. I guess the navy just assumed you knew which squadron row you were walking through and decided individual numbers were enough!
  9. Vagabond Elf

    Hi-Metal R

    As the other poster said, check the arms. Every time I've had that kind of problem, the arms weren't quite right. Oops, ninjaed. I should have finished the thread before posting, sorry!
  10. Mine's fine, so far, though I've only transformed it twice. But then, my Cannon Fodder is fine too, so I may not be representative.
  11. Given that the point of a sale is to clear out merchandise that isn't moving, the drama in this thread seems a bit excessive... Of course, I'm a bit biased, since I think Black Friday is a hideous piece of exploitation and irresponsibility on the part of both stores and consumers in the States, and I'm very sad to see it gaining traction north of 49. So I rather approve of a store posting a sensible sale.
  12. Ah, she has a wedge cap on. (Formally known as a field service cap, unless you're an American, who call it a garrison cap, because Yanks don't wear berets in garrison, unlike the rest of the English speaking world.) Okay, that makes more sense.
  13. Well, in-universe it's pretty normal for real fighter aircraft to have a half-dozen or a dozen prototypes and pre-production aircraft built in order to find all the unexpected bits/places they did the math wrong/points that can be improved for use or production. So having five kicking about in Macross isn't unreasonable, if you accept that major characters got hold of them and none of them had unexpected defaults rendering them unsuitable for combat.
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