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  1. Wait a second... is Macross The First starting over ? It also looks like part of the first chapter has been redrawn compared to what was in the existing volume. What the eck ? -Sergorn
  2. As I've mentionned earlier in the thread, they have actually trademarked Macross in Europe just two month ago, have trademarked "Delta Macross" for South-East asia countries and Europe in December 2016, and Macross in South-East Asia at the same date. At the same time, attempts from Harmony Gold to do the same over the last year have all been blocked and disputed. Feel free to feel it's irrelevant because it's Europe and SE Asia, but something IS happening here guys. -Sergorn
  3. I would assume Harmony Gold would keep the "Robotech" brand as they created it to begin with... but they wouldn't be able to use any of the series if they revert back to Japan so basically all they would be able to do would be created something new and totally unrelated under the name Robotech -Sergorn
  4. Not just Macross Delta. They made a demand to trademark *Macross* as a whole for Australia, Russia, Singapour and Vietnam in December 2016 and it's been approved for Australia and Singapour. And they made a demand to trademark MACROSS for Europe in June 2017 AND every latest attempt for Harmony Golds to do Macross related trademarks are being automically disputed. And this also concerns merchandising rights, including videos and streaming exploitation. Nope something is happening here, it's not "business as usual" as we've known it for all the Macross related rights for the last 20 years. Crossing fingers something positive comes out of it. -Sergorn
  5. Oh ? My bad, I thought all these "prequel" Chapters published on Comic Walker were new. -Sergorn
  6. I wouldn't count two month between chapter a looooong time personnally. I've followed some mangas which had years of hiatus.... That said there are already around 120-125 pages published page for this new volume, so in a couple of chapters there'll be enough material for a new tanbokon. Si this could happens before the end of the year if there isn't another unexpected hiatus. -Sergorn
  7. Anyone know if there would be a way to buy these from Book Walker even outside Japan (like ie. when you create a Japanese Account for the PSN or some stuff), I'd really like to buy them digitally. You can DL the Book Walker app easily enough... but it's all in Japanese so... -Sergorn
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they begin releasing all the remastered "classic Macross" animes on Blu-Ray next year for the 30 years of Macross actually. This would seem fitting. -Sergorn
  9. The market has changed since then so I don't know how that would apply now, but I do remember that in the '90 (before HG came and claimed all ownership over anything Macross), several US companies including Manga Entertainment expressed interest into bringing Macross 7 there but that it didn't happened because music had to be licensed separately and cost a gazillion of bucks. I recall someone from of these company saying that to bring Macross 7, they'd need to have all US anime companies working together due to the cost. So I don't know why Macross 7 would be different from other anime series ; perhaps there is something in the original contracts of the series - but unless the guys at Manga Entertainment&co were full of sh*t it seemed to be the case. -Sergorn
  10. Yeah well I'd argue western producers havea view that is both wrong of stupid. We had plenty of (often poorly) dubbed anime in France without any extra added narration or stupid thing like that and we watched them. A lot. American cartoon though, now those were boring -Sergorn
  11. Yeah they often add more dialogue and narration in US dubs... because whoever decide Kids programming seems think Kids are just dumb and wouldn't understand anything without that. This is actually true about voice acting as well - a lot of cartoon aimed at kid feels like they're 'dubbed' as if the watcher was slow and stupid and need to have everything carefully laid out and spoken like a school teacher because you know kids are too dumb and wouldn't understand otherwise. Except that actually, kids are not dumb. -Sergorn
  12. Didn't Kawamori said they were reworking some stuff for the DVD release à la Evangelion 1.11 ? That would explain the long wait, because the movie still being in theatre does not necesarrilly prevent its home video release. -Sergorn
  13. Doesn't the October 10th date come from a teaser shown at the Tokyo Anime Fair ? -Sergorn
  14. Yeah you know what, you're right Renato. I'm tired of dealing with Internet trolls so I'll just leave it at that. -Sergorn
  15. Denial of what ? What I am supposed to do with a Blu Ray Disc that I couldn't even read because of regional coding ? A coaster ? Puh-lease. (See ? I can use a silly condescending tone as well) You ARE kidding, right ? Or just trolling maybe. Yo do realize that any Macross related rights and licensing outside of Japan are for all intend and purpose frozen because of the HG legal issues, and that even Bandai themselves could not self publish Macross Frontier outside of Japan even if they wanted to and admitted so themselves ? Until this situation is resolved either in or out of court, you can start any anime importa/translation company you want, that still won't get a legitimate license and release outside of Japan I'd love to buy books like Macross Chronicles or the Macross the First manga volumes too (like I bought well... the french edition of Macross 7 Trash ten years ago)... but you know what ? It's in Japanese. Gosh. Yeah sorry but no I'm not in the habit of buying stuff that has no use to me since I can't understand it. As for toys and models, I have no interest in that kind of stuff - sorry if I don't force myself to buy anything with the name Macross on it because I'm a "fan". You are just ridiculous. Again this is NOT our fault or reponsibility of Macross is blocked out of Japan. I'm sure most of us would be very happy to spend money on domestic releases of all Macross-related stuff. But heh, if Big West and Bandai start adding english subs to their Japanese release (take a hint from Unicorn guys, please), I'll be happy to oblige. As such since they obviously don't care about potential customers outside of Japan, well sorry if I prefer to keep my money. It's their loss. But hey, if you follow your "logic" maybe I should just have bought a plane ticket and got to Japan just to see the Macross Frontier movie. Bah. -Sergorn
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