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  1. It is a good action-scifi movie. But definitely not "Star Trek". I am grateful that's all another universe. The actors have done everything they can to save the film. Specially Eric Bana as Nero. But JJ really blew up Star Trek saga with this. It is a JJ style blockbuster only, not Star Trek.
  2. That's my poorly photoshoping. I used that valkyrie for one of my sci-fi stories. Actually they are another good valkyries at the Macross II:Lovers Again. I don't like its story, it is a near copy of orginal SDFM but its concepts and musics are very good. And I think Major Nexx is great pilot. Unfortunately that poor story puts Hibiki and Sylvia (The most irritating characters ever showed up at Macross series) at the center of the story and erase all other great characters at that show. Also that poorly VF-2SS and Metal Siren did the same thing for other mechas at that series. Like these below...
  3. It has seenat Macross II. very shortly. 2 or 3 secs max.
  4. Anybody hve images of VF-XX Zentran Valkyrie? I couldn't find anywhere except that two famous pics. I'd appreciate if anyone has another views of it.
  5. dara made

    Macross AMV

    That was the best AMV I've ever seen!
  6. I think it is really Macross. And I think we have another scorched and anhilated earth. My theory: Vajra attacked earth a long time ago, but New UN goverment hides it from the people. Also that's why President Glass act as President of all UN goverment. Macross escaped from earth but crushed at Gallia-4.
  7. I watched first episode a few minutes before. Better than anything I wish. It has everything I want form a Macross Series.
  8. Thanks for the page Graham. Great work. New VF-25 and SV-51 nearly identical. Specially at transformation. Or at least i see it that way. I don't like parallel universes and other time-space distortion tales for this series. I hope it goes as chronology. By the way for whish one we accept for cannon. DYRL or Macross Saga? I have a idea for that. I think we can accept Flashbacks 2012 as canon. Because it contains movie and series and connect each other together.
  9. "Pattroids"? what can I say? Not favorite of "wish for" but acceptable I thing. PS: I am a rookie yes I know. How can you add an avatar to your posts? Anyone can help about it?
  10. I hope we see new destroids at Macross F. And a massive ground battle with them. Want to see destroids and troopers get into action. I think destroids are not useless. Of course, at a colony fleet, valks almost get all the action. But as we see at Macross 7 (or at DYRL and Macross Saga) more then once enemy fighters break through the valks and entered inside of the colony ships and cities. Destroids would be a defense line at some strategic spots at these places. Main reactor area, airlock enterances, hangar door, etc... Also you can use for defending ships. As we saw at Macross Zero. You can place two destroids to protect bridge of the flag ship.
  11. Its my eyes ,I think, but I can't see the difference between Macross F VF-17's and the original ones. Except the wing arnaments of course. By the way I love their colors. After Macross Seven (Red, pink and black...) that kind of calm color is nice for eyes. Anyone can give us a high res pics of that fighters?
  12. charger69 onu da izledim. Ama uzun versiyonu biraz daha doyurucu geliyor sanırım. Burada bir Türk görmek güzel. En azından halimi anlarsın:) Maybe that Megaroad scene is a flashback. But if it is not actually I want to see Hikaru and Misa at 80 years old.
  13. First of all Hi everybody. I watched the trailer again. (4ooth times perhaps) I like characters. Specially a veteran, cool pilot like Roy again. And I like new boy. I am a fond of blue hair. (But I agree with the idea that pink ribbon is a little gay:)) I am from Turkey. So probably I2ll never watch it form TV. So I stuck at internet for it. Also I have to finish my military service during December 2007-December 2008. So I know everybody waiting for this series and wants to watch ist quick but I beg wait untill December 2008. I beg you ) I like new VF-25. It is elegant. But transformation sequence is a little., how can I say, "complicated". It looks like for shouting as "Look! I have CG!" But everything asides ıt rocks. I am waiting for dogfights. And is it Megaroad at 00:49 second at the trailer? Or at least Megaroad Class? I think VF-17's are main frontline fighters and VF-25 is some kinde "elite" fighters for this era. By the way as I understand form the trailer this time fighters hangars ar at zero-g. I like that also. It is realistic. NOTE: Mr March thanks for your website.
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