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  1. G1 fan at core, I have to admit that I'm more of a TF Prime fan. Even though I do not really like the kids, I have to admit that the way they described the rise of Megatronus, his relationship with Orion Pax and how things evolved... I loved all of it. Did not like much how it finally ended, but overall, haven't seen anything better since then. Not really excited with this new movie though. We will see anyway.
  2. Man, cannot agree more. Just to add sth, this series has an incredible J-Pop overload... Basically, I love Macross series for the mecha side, the action, and the plot. Yes, the usual triangles add some twists and turns of the main plot, but even though music is an important part of Macross, the amount of Jpop in Delta is even above Macross 7 and dynamite... First episode brought a lot of promises and hype... but it turned out to be mere smoke... my .02
  3. Hi everyone, are there any chances of a new re-issue (of this same arcadia version) of this yf-19 for this xmas? thanks!
  4. Pretty good? Wtf? It was the best 19 model ever! Proof of that is that cheng's model appeared in google when looking for 19's images...
  5. mcpaz

    Your wishes for 2013

    I highly support yf-19 v2.0 (or should we say 3.0?)!!
  6. Well, confirmed release date, at last!!!! next year, march 12th StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Finally Gets Release Date
  7. Let me make myself a little clearer: when I said "I can barely remember something related to poseability and joint durability and by the next paragraph, a yf-21 was torn to pieces against a wall. Poor semi-valk thing." I really meant: "I can barely remember something related to poseability and joint durability and by the next paragraph, a revoltech yf-21 was torn to pieces against a wall. Poor semi-valk thing." I don't remember, in the years I've been lurking around (like 11yr or so), Graham actually breaking a Yamato valk (other than QC issues, like "damn tab B" syndrome for the old 1/72 yf-19). And please do not kill the messenger nor use him in your private wars... prettyprettyplease... I haven't said the omega pants thing for a loooong time... Regards, Manu
  8. IIRC, it was long time ago, when comparing the revoltech vs yamato's counterpart... The phrase "... yes, I can be brutal sometimes..." is still in my head since then. I can barely remember something related to poseability and joint durability and by the next paragraph, a yf-21 was torn to pieces against a wall. Poor semi-valk thing. This was the reason why I've never bought yf-19 and 21's revoltech.
  9. I don't know 'bout you all, but I think I'm hearing Graham's evil laughs in Spain, without Skype nor Google talk. Same again... year after year... G-man, you got no heart! Sigh. Looks like there's no other thing to do than wait. We haven't been able to break is PC's security, hack into his hard drives...
  10. mmmm... don't think so... nothin' is leaked on his avatar... yet. Maybe Yamato is waitin' on the 20th mac+ anniversary, which will happen in 2 years... Who knows. Anyway, I would sooooo much to get a v3 (or even v4) YF-19... I think it's one of the most preferred mechas in the macross universe in this forum. Please, Yamato!
  11. Hi, the 21 is a must. Period. Together with the VF-11B, I highly recommend 'em both. Even though my experience with the lil'ol'19, both valks belong to a whole different league. You should take a look how sleek they look in fighter mode. 100% anime acurate. Yamato does not state it, but whooshes and barrel rolls are allowed and supported without parts fallin'. Me pretty sure 'bout that.
  12. Hi folks, due to the fact I'm one of the affected right-arm self-breakage, can anybody prettyprettyplease tell me if there's a chance to get a right arm replacement? If so, what's the procedure to follow? Kind regards and thanks in advance.
  13. Hi everyone, add me to the list. I begun reading this thread a couple of weeks ago, and finally today I had the chance to go to my beloved YF-19 (yep, it's been my favourite mecha since the very first time I saw Mac+). I hadn't transformed it for a while (since may, I think), and... damn, right arm broke at the shoulder joint. Man, it broke to pieces. I'm trying to repair it with super glue, 'cos I was waiting for a 1/60 yf-19 for years, and finally bought a 1st version. Damn, I love this valk! BUT, in this point, let me state a couple of things: 1) Yeah, Yamato has done by far the best replicas in the market, so their products are the best replicas. Period. 2) Lots of manpower are dedicated to these valks, and that's one of the reasons they're so expensive. Accepted and OK. That's why I'm buying Yamato and not Bandai. 3) I treat ALL of my valks and transformers (and legos, and all my stuff) with extreme care. What I'm not doing is shut my mouth and don't complain because a 200$ toy/replica/howeveryouwannacallit breaks itself. Yamato has a point to improve: QC. I think it's our major complaint. Yamato please, take note and apply some action plan to improve. It's not going to stop us MWers buying Yamato valks, but it's very likely we begin to think twice before we do. Graham, what are we supposed to do now? Is it possible to get replacements? Anyway, I'm keeping now high hopes for the YF-19 v3, and maybe buy a v4 yf-19 without v3 flaws (...). I hope I'm the last one to report this problem. Regards people, Manu
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