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  1. 1st Border Red Devil

    AJAC ?

    Except that is not Marie Angel, but Marie Crystal. It was part of the 3-part Liberte, Fidelite and Fraternite recruiting campaign to rebuild The Army of the Southern Cross after the 2nd Robotech War....
  2. 1st Border Red Devil

    AJAC ?

    Its not technically an Alpha, but the precursor design: AFV-01 Thunderbolt. The idea is that the AF-6DF Vulture design from Eulogy might have also had a transformable version.
  3. 1st Border Red Devil

    AJAC ?

    BTW, there are already Ajax minis being done by fans online. I've asked and they seem to state the files can be sized up from the 1/285th scale to whatever is appropriate. Maybe start with those? PM me if you need an invite to the Facebook group (sorry, even as an Admin I need to get permission from the rest to let people in).
  4. 1st Border Red Devil

    AJAC ?

    Its cancellation had a lot to do with its toy sponsor Popy going bankrupt. Besides, you hate the show so why the hell are you responding in a thread about it? Grow up. Hilarious since I see a number of Japanese fans on Twitter who seem to remember the opening song quite fondly. Its not quite as forgotten as you claim....
  5. 1st Border Red Devil

    Rifts is Coming for Savage Worlds!

    Okay, for those that didn't know, on April 15th last year it was officially announced that Palladium's Rifts RPG would be converted to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's (Deadlands: The Weird West) Savage Worlds game system. For those that still have some OTHER games from Palladium (Robotech, Macross II), this will be a chance to convert their game to something that isn't a kludged together nightmare system that makes no sense half the time. No official word has been given on when it will be published, but the likelihood is that Pinnacle will run a Kickstarter beforehand to ensure it gets a high quality release (possibly full color interior with art that doesn't look 20+ years out of date). So far, everyone who has had a chance to playtest it at conventions says its a blast... https://www.peginc.com/rifts-is-coming-for-savage-worlds/
  6. Saw it opening night in IMAX 3D (well, what passed for IMAX 3D since the only true IMAX is a The Museum of Science & Industry). Saw it again a few days later. Probably see it a few more times. I loved it. It hit all the right spots to make it a Star Wars flick (even if the destruction of Hosni Prime could not be seen across the galaxy). Disney certainly hit a home run with it.
  7. 1st Border Red Devil

    (SoI&F) Game of Thrones - BOOK READERS' TV & BOOKS THREAD

    More specifically, Arya has been inducted as an acolyte of the guild of The Faceless Men. She has carried out at least one assassination for the guild so far. Apparently there is already a POV chapter for her in The Winds of Winter that has been released.... As far as Dany is concerned, she is likely about to use Drogon to good effect to rebuild her khalasar, probably over Khal Jhago's eviscerated corpse....
  8. 1st Border Red Devil

    Roleplaying Geeks Unite

    Wow, thread necromancy abounds recently. 2014 was a pretty interesting year for tabletop Roleplaying. Hmm, well, for those that know of it, Troll Lord Games recently ran a successful Kickstarter that resulted in the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasures AND Castle Keepers Guide in full color. They just finished another Kickstarter for The World of Airdhe (their primary setting) that will have both the Player's Guide and Codex of Airdhe in full color. White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing ran the 20th Anniversary Wraith the Oblivion Kickstarter and got almost 300k, which means there is going to be a gigantic amount of stuff in the Wraith20 book and follow-on products. Finally, Mantic Games ran a Kickstarter for their clone of the old Games Workshop Advanced HeroQuest called Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest. They got over $1mil US and have a crapload of add-ons and such. And if you're more into CRPGs, Harebrained Studios announced the next expansion for Shadowrun Returns will be Hong Kong. Deadman's Switch was a tad lackluster in some cases, but Dragonfall was much better and they even released the Dragonfall Director's Cut which greatly upgraded the game, adding in a great deal of content hinted at in the Dragonfall line.
  9. 1st Border Red Devil

    Project A-Ko

    Holy crap! I've heard of thread necromancy...but I think 12 years from the original is a new record.
  10. 1st Border Red Devil

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    :snicker: I should be mad, but that pic is still funny as hell.....kudos!
  11. 1st Border Red Devil

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    Seto Kaiba: The thing is you have to make your own marketshare. That means you at least attempt to utilize your rights in a way that will generate income. Harmony Gold under Tommy Yune has done the polar opposite and has reinforced this with idiotic statements and the continued ignoring of that 3rd of the franchise. Robotech: Academy's mechanical and character designs bear this out since NONE of those released (with the sole exception of the bizarre redesign of Rolf Emerson's uniform despite him wearing the ASC uniform in The Sentinels video) are even RELATED to Southern Cross. This was especially evident with the godawful Takeru and Yukikaze-cloned VF-X-7. The same goes for the new animation in Robotech: Love, Live, Alive where the only identifiable items were the three mounds at The Ruins of the SDF-01 and the 15th ATAC's battalion laager. The protagonist of The Masters War, Dana Sterling, isn't even shown wearing her ATAC Officer's Arming doublet, no Veritech Hovertanks are in evidence and the ships that evacuate the Army of the Southern Cross are all Genesis Climber MOSPEADA designs. The last time that mecha and characters from SDC: Southern Cross appeared in any way that was positive was in 1997 with Fred Perry's Rolling Thunder comic. The only merchandise offered by the current "Creative Team" is an uninspiring wallscroll and a t-shirt and jersey (both of which utilize the WRONG symbol of the franchise in question). This is not in any way, shape or form the actions of a Creative Director that actually cares about the franchise. As it stands now, people are starting to make their OWN versions of merchandise that appeared in SDC: Southern Cross (and its associated properties). Now, at the moment that is merely miniatures either compatible with the Palladium Robotech RPG Tactics game or the like. However, as 3D Printing takes off that could very well include other items. As technology improves with 3D Printing, newer items will come out that could very well break the barrier on the high quality models such as those offered by Wonderfest and the like. That is revenue that Harmony Gold is losing because of the myopic view of the current "Creative Director". It also is a serious Public Relations problem as it shows the fans that the owner of the IP doesn't care (but yet would likely go after anyone who offered up such merchandise on their own). This also gets into the fact that the loss of revenue is only in what is 'seen' and does not even begin to get into the element of what is 'unseen'. I mean this in the economic sense: ie - what might have been had the franchise been explored more fully. We have no way of knowing now what could have been done and that just includes if we 'port over' elements that are common to mecha anime like variant color schemes, additional armaments/armor and the like.
  12. 1st Border Red Devil

    Robotech Academy - You want a new Robotech series...?

    No, what broke Robotech was the fact that Tommy Yune is an egomaniacal jackass. Funimation was willing to foot the bill for Shadow Rising with the caveat they have creative control (which is not in any way, shape or form unreasonable). It was Tommy that pooched that deal. The simple fact is the man has no vision, direction or passion when it comes to Robotech. And yes, everyone can chuckle and snicker about it, but not utlizing Southern Cross the fullest possible extent (since its basically owned lock, stock and barrel by Tatsunoko/Studio Ammonite and Harmony Gold) is a goddamn crime. Harmony Gold has to MAKE its own marketshare and it takes spending money to make money. Tommy, as Creative Director, pissed away (or allowed to be pissed away) the momentum built in the early 2000s on crap projects like Little White Dragon, Mars Base One and Macross toys that were of lesser quality than those readily available from Japan. Then he followed it up with Shadow Chronicles, which apparently was successful enough for Funimation to want a sequel, and then promptly drove off the only cash source he could have relied upon for continuance of the franchise. This was eventually followed by MOSPEADA toys that just so happened to be of lesser quality than those that were readily available in Japan and Robotech: Love, Live, Alive. This entire mess in part or in full can be laid at the feet of Tommy Yune.