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  1. Wow, thanks alot for the heads-up! I should have known better to check other threads first! Many thanks and apologies to everyone for the inconvenience! I am really looking forward to this trip in Tokyo. Paulo
  2. Hello Guys, I am going for a vacation (well my wife insisted) in Tokyo from February 23 to 27. I will be happy to meet with fellow macross members as to tips where I could do some Macross shopping while my wife do her shopping. Also any good tips on what to do in Tokyo? I will be staying in a hotel at Shinjuko near the Korean town. (don't ask me why, my wife chose it). I hope I can still catch the Macross F movie or it's DVD or Blue Ray release? Thanks for any help! Paulo
  3. Hi, I was saving up for 2009 to be able to hopefully attend some hobby/trade shows in Japan for 2009, and I hope some fellow members could help me out on which shows to attend, and if they are willing to go with me (or any other members), and have some fun! Like waiting in line for Wonderfest, etc...raiding hobby shops for Macross stuff, and so on. BTW, I am living in Taiwan, any other Macrossworld members also living in Taiwan? Please PM me or feedback some interesting opinions on which shows in Japan to attend? many thanks!
  4. Please bear with me, isn't the main gun firing "trigger" thing from the bridge of Macross Quarter the same "technology" from Yamato (aka StarBlazers)? Kind of had that deja-vu thing....and notice the captains goggles on his neck/chest...is almost the same one used in Yamato!
  5. 1. Destroids 2. VF-2SS (Macross II) 3. Tactical Pods Hope that helps!
  6. I am looking forward for the pics too! I would love a TV version, anyway, where do we queue up or take a number?
  7. I would appreciate for further information, any website? Which city? As I live currently in Taiwan, maybe I could visit it...And would love to meet up with other MW members....
  8. I was in HK in the Mongkok area for about 2 days ago... Been to those places mentioned, and it seems Macross is really pretty dead...Just found Kanto Hobbies had a 1/48 Millia VF, and the Rau of both Max and Millia. That was about it. Macross is really hard to come by it seems. Paulo
  9. I think I am a Gen X'er too...current age is 36. My first old rust bucket was in high school a 1977 Toyota Supra...had to starve for about 3 months...but hey, got freedom! Back then, my first Macross toy was a High Metal toy (1/72 scale) of VF-1A which came with a small Lisa(Misa) figure, gee...back then I loved Misa more than Minmay... So being a student, working part time, you don't get enough cash to pay your rent, pay for gas for the car, and living expenses. So Macross was something for the rich kids...my dream was to have a 1/55 VF-1S....(Takatoku/Bandai)... 15 years later, I am a successful with my job, money flow was steady, and started to collecting Macross (back then searching on BBS forums) any find was a treasure. Now, I am with a room full of Macross books, models, toys, you name it and with an angry wife asking me what these "trash" is all about...I tell her it's part of me, a childhood I never had! So will I sell them? Not likely! I still invest in funds, stocks, you name it, but I balance buying Yamato toys. And life goes on, maybe one day, my son will cherish the toys I collected, and not sell it for 1 buck at a flea market a 1/48 Yamato VF! Just my thoughts!
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, did I see fast packs or strike packs on the side? Do you have some pics of the underbelly? So far, your students are really doing a magnificent job... Would they consider making a 1/1 scale of it?! just kidding! Then again, who knows? maybe Hollywood will make it so... Paulo
  11. Congratulations! You will have many nights watching the stars and baby! And have many nights of joy watching the baby! Been there, done that 2 times! Paulo
  12. Hey Jesse, have you got the picture of Misa and or Minmay? What scale are they? I think my Misa is still sitting somewhere in my storage boxes.... Paulo
  13. Tom, My pleasure! I was expecting your package to arrive much earlier. But still it's good to know it arrived intact. And Tom payment was also very quick! Paulo
  14. Nice collection... And I saw a very , very small fire extinguisher between the toys...for your collection you would need a bigger one, otherwise your insurance would go up....talking about insurance...have you got those toys insured?! So when are you going to have a garage sale? or an open house? We will be there for sure!!!
  15. VF-1S Alpha

    custom 1/48 CF + FP

    Hmm, did you commission this custom or have you recently bought it? Are Jung's customs up for sale?? Yes recently purchased. PM Jung, I know he does commisson work all the time. His work is amazing. These pictures never do them justice! Maybe it was Yamato who commissioned Jung! Hey Jung, maybe you should copyright your pictures of your work, next thing you know, it is flying on ebay... Great work there! Anyone care to share how much is this commission is worth? I would love to get my VF-1J into that detail!
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