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  1. I think they would sell a lot of a jetfire paint scheme.
  2. I think Shiro was a great character and it didn’t matter if he was straight or gay. But he needed more development if they wanted to explore his personal life. (By the way I was trying to not give spoilers away since I’m on my phone and can’t hide comments)
  3. For the record I’m perfectly fine with a gay character in a show (and I’m not LGBTQ but support all types when it comes to liberty). The problem I had with the very ending was that he just found some guy and got married. I think that was a missed opportunity to flush out something more natural instead of just shoe horning it in at the end. I think that is the problem with shows going “woke.” I’m fine with representing all people of all types and ideologies. But make it first about the story and not just some agenda to make a point. That fails all the time in religious films too. Tell a good story first and then flow the players in smartly...not forced to make a point or a political stand. It’s just bad writing and storytelling...and it’s definitely overdone.
  4. mcfly50

    Hi-Metal R

    While I could see UV being a problem, I would think heat could be another. Like a hot attic or garage effecting plastic. Am I right on that?
  5. I get it. At least some of it. A main character was gay and it upset a lot fans. Either people not wanting to see it OR there was a lot of upset from the LGBTQ community it didn’t go far enough and was too “token” to them. There was also a lot of people upset that the choice of character should have been two main characters getting together instead of the way they did it. I personally thought they handled it fine in the beginning. It was very natural and felt real or believable but subtle and not crucial to the main arc. Then it was just kind of bam at the very end and felt very forced and was probably done for politically reasons vice good story telling. BL, I just think they could have told that part of the story a better way. In addition, there was no bad guy by the end. Everyone can be redeemed and no one is truly evil...despite killing billions. That doesn’t work for me personally. There was some other stuff I’m sure others can chime in on. I watched the show with my niece and she loved it till the very end. It was a great bonding experience for us both. Two generations of fans and me getting to buy her Voltron toys was awesome. She just cried A LOT when a main character died. I mean meltdown big time. Kind of ruined the show for her. But at least the show had an ending. Most of the stuff I grew up never had a run like this. Minus Macross of course. Oh and one more thing...the Atlas thing was totally stealing from the SDF-1.
  6. Ok. So I’ve had this for a few days now. I think most criticism has been spot on. I was underwhelmed at the start. That being said, there are a lot of little touches that Bandai did that are really making me like this Valkyrie. For example I really like the head lasers being able to flare out in Battroid, but tuck tight in fighter. I like how the option parts install in easier and cleaner then Yamato/Arcadia. I like the hands, finish, articulation, and feel. I’m not getting rid of anything, but this fella is really starting to warm up to me. Just my 2 cents, but there might be an arc to owning this figure for some at least.
  7. Just got mine. Amazon DHL was amazing fast (and cheap). NY still hasn’t shipped my other despite paying days ago and now their website says closed till Jan 6. Not a fan (I’m sure they deserve time off but considering I paid a markup I’m looking for other options in the future). Just want to echo the other comments on here. Really like it, not sure it will replace my 1/60 collection. One thing that I think Yamato/Arcadia does better is locking in the arms in fighter mode. Mine want to drag down when the gun is installed on the DX.
  8. This looks to be the finest ROBOTECH licensed VF-1 ever made. That being said, I’m disappointed it didn’t include an integrated heat shield. I know, HMR’s don’t either, but I thought the size would have made it possible. Hopefully the build quality is there overall.
  9. mcfly50

    Hi-Metal R

    It ended last night in the US.
  10. Speaking of that. MS-01 is looking pretty good to me now. https://www.showzstore.com/pre-order-magic-square-ms-01-ms01-optimus-pirme_p0796.html I know this goes in the other thread, but since V3 Prime price has become so crazy...
  11. Sorry. Not trying to change this thread. I know we have others for that topic. It’s just that Bandai and Macross collecting seems more reasonable to me now.
  12. No complaining from me about Bandai DX pricing. Even on the secondary market. Now that I’ve seen how much the new Masterpiece Optimus Prime costs. Wow.
  13. Predications are fun! My turn...I think Bandai will make a great 1/48 VF-1 DX line. So good that Arcadia goes out of business. 3-4 years in...after the competition is defeated and they’ve exhausted the line...bam...Bandai introduces their new 1/60 scale DX line and gets everyone to collect them all again!!!
  14. No love for Max TV?
  15. That stinks. I was hoping they would improve things a little at least.
  16. Any QC improvements or better locking maybe?
  17. This was shared earlier.
  18. mcfly50

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone off hand know what that Japan time equates to US? Yes I know...I’m probably being lazy.
  19. mcfly50

    Hi-Metal R

    HMR VF-25s would be cool
  20. Available for preorder at time of posting.
  21. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-game-character/28249-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-first-press-limited-edition-vf-1j-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyou-machine-dx-chogokin--4573102551382.html
  22. Slept in 3 hours. Got one with Amazon JP. Love how crazy these are.
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