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  1. All credit to Flapjack. If you are on MW too, thank you. 

    Fixed it and ended up nicking myself in the process. Lol! The front panel is glued which I had to force it off. The housing of the thigh is secured by 2 screws. Open that up, rotated the leg and placed everything back together again.

    Edit: Just to add. The thigh pieces are held together by yellow rectangular piece at the top. So 4 pieces in total including the front panel. You can carefully slide down the inner thigh piece so you don't have to pry the yellow rectangular piece off when dissasembling it.





  2. I took a razor blade and gently pried/worked the seem of the thigh cap just below the yellow knee. It pulls down for the top. Work it slowly and it will come off. There is another screw on the inside. Take it out and the two parts come apart. Then spin around the joint probably and reinstall. 

  3. Someone else did. I fixed it. You have to removed the thigh cap careful, unscrew the parts, then it’s a simple rotate and reinsert. Pretty cool so far besides that. 

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