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  1. LOL, I am no fan of the mecha either I just need to unload my books.
  2. Isn't there a GundamWorld forum or something?
  3. Hey guys I am trying to sell off a few Gundam books what is the best forum to try selling these books?
  4. I really need to unload a bunch of books

  5. Yes I agree with all of you! Who is up for the challenge of taking this project on for real! I want to do it but I really can't see myself doing it, No time, no skill, no resources. The only reason I would scale it up would be because why make it the same scale as the original and everything is better in a large scale. Good example, I have a 1/6 scale Kaneda's Bike! Its freakin Huge! And Freakin Bad A$$! Next to the Bandai 1/15 scale it is very impressive!
  6. Wow! it looks so much better with the missle doors. If any one has a spare set of doors let me know.
  7. Well getting back on topic, if anyone has a loose hovertank that they want to sell or donate let me know. I would rather have one that is pretty banged up in order to diconstruct it and see what I have to change. I am gona go ahead and start collecting images for the turn around drawing. My brother is a 3D animator so maybe he can help me there, but I won't count on it. I have seen people scale stuff up before this is kindof similar. What I would call "a pick up with changes" in my line of work. Thanks, Stop socializing people lets get back on topic! JK LOL
  8. Oh right on Vespaeda, I was also stationed in Japan back in 1999, wow thats like 10 years ago wow! In Okinawa. I didn't see $hit while I was there they worked us live slaves! I was back home before I knew what was what. My brother was there at the time too and I though I would go visit but he was on the mainland so it didn't happen. I had not seen him for like three years. One day I will go back, but this time for fun! Good luck with the camels.
  9. Vespaeda, Yes I don't know if I am there yet but soon I will give it a shot. I don't have the skill yet. I am refineing my model building skills first. But when I am ready I will probably just go off of a matchbox hover thank, figure out the needed adjustments an than build a scratch slightly bigger. I just need to locate a loose hover tank first. By the way your name, is it Vespa + Mospeada? I like it! I have been trying to locate a 50s-60s Vespa 400 Microcar for the last two years, no luck. I have found a few but very expensive! Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. Its really amazing what some people are able to build from scratch I have seen some unbelievable stuff on here. I have always been pretty good at crafts and art related things; sculpting, drawing, etc. I have been meaning to get into scratchbuilding for a long time now. Anyway, I have always thought it would be really cool to scratchbuild a Hover Tank that can actually transform into all three forms! What do you guys think? Has it been done before? Another idea I have always thought would be cool would be to bring scratchbuilders togther very formally in an serious Art Gallery Show. I have a bit of Museum/Gallery education and have always had this in my head from the begining. Has this been done before?
  11. Actually its 7 inches tall 8 inches with anteanas up. I suppose it is the large one. Its kinda cool! I wish I had the doors!
  12. Oh really that sucks! Oh well at least I saved him! I just let my son play with it. Hey about this Franks and Sons, where is it and what kind of stuff do they have there. I have heard MW members hang out there. I would like to check it out.
  13. I went to my local swapmeet last night and happened upon a familiar toy a Phalanx. I bought it and I was wondering what these go for now a days? I might want to sell it. The toy is loose and is missing the missile doors, but its in pretty good shape over all! I will post a pic ASAP. Thanks
  14. I was embarassed to ask what F&S meant earlier Where is Frank & Sons? What is it? (I'll look it up) Its pretty far from me. Otherwise I would go I am going to Arcadia Next Wednesday is any one in this area?
  15. I pass through Temecula sometimes PM me so i can have your contact info and maybe we can meet up one of these days
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