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  1. My first attempt at video! https://odysee.com/@moscatohobbymodels:7/M72-Gabriel-In-Box-Overview:b
  2. Quick update! All paid orders have shipped. Some people have asked if more kits will be available, and my answer is: it depends. The molds on this kit are rather substantial, so I would need a minimum of 10 orders to justify the retooling. If you're one of those interested parties, let me know via PM.
  3. Casting and packing continues. Past the half way mark!
  4. 22 karat gold leaf or bust! Not the imitation stuff, it's trash.
  5. I have the resin kit, and just as with the LED Mirage, there are some elements that are slightly better on the IMS kit. Of course the resin offering, being first and hand-made, is a pure work-of-art. The Mighty series kits are well done, but I never cared for the designs all that much. I also seem to remember them being a bit on the short side, but maybe that's just me. Volks also seemingly has an Auge in the IMS pipeline. Maybe next year. Meanwhile... This might just be the cranky old perfectionist in me, but every time I see someone finishing the KoG without u
  6. Video footage of the built model of the IMS Knight of Gold.
  7. Yes it should be. Pretty good compatibility, all things considered.
  8. Thanks, it was quite a challenging project to mold. Despite that little difference in size, I really had to change-up my mold boxes and the whole thing needed over 10 lbs of silicone. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
  9. You're right. At a glance it looks almost the same, but there are some subtle differences in proportions and details. I still think the WSC version is the more elegant of the two. We'll have to wait and see how big this one is, but the price is fair, considering where plastic and resin kit prices have gone in the last 25 years.
  10. Captain’s log: Friday, October 30th. Sweet victory!! Molds are done, decals are done, production has begun, and parts look excellent. You can now send in the balance of your 1/350 Starfish payments. for those who have paid the $150 CAD deposit, your balance payment is $187 CAD. I won’t be taking any new orders for this kit the time being: the order block is completely full and I want to concentrate on existing orders.
  11. That looks an awful lot like Ikushima's Junchoon 2989 with the addition of a Peidoll spire.
  12. The down side to those figures, other than being small and not particularly posable is the price. I don't think you'll find one (other than used) for less than $120. Five Star Stories doesn't cater to the casual fan.
  13. FSS figures or Mortar Headds? Kaiyodo have produced a shitload of them over the last 33 years.
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