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  1. I wonder if some blue ink or food coloring mixed with Future would do the trick? Future has the advantage of being tougher than Tamiya paint.
  2. I thought from the comparative size of your hand that it was 1/100, my bad. Regardless, very nice work and those RG kits look quite impressive: comparable to, if not slightly better than MG despite being smaller. I've been so thoroughly impressed with MSG: The Origin in terms of the story and animation quality that I'm hoping that this will lead to new MG and PG kits.
  3. MG MS-06S version 2.0? I never cared much for the Zaku line until I started watching MSG: The Origin. Now I love it!
  4. Looks like an updated Heavygear, very nice work. Is it just me, or does the "new" MW feel like someone turned off the lights?
  5. Experimenting with strap colors. It's weird.
  6. Ouch, sorry to hear about your setback! Children it seems are master teachers in the art of developing patience. Some brass pins to strengthen the parts bond and she'll be as good as new!
  7. The Sea Flankers don't seem to have any trouble at either takeoff or landing, based on the above video. Granted, this was in daylight and good weather. Still, I've seen much rougher US Navy carrier arrests.
  8. The Gakken 1/35 seemed so much bigger back in the day, I guess that's what happens when you get old
  9. The Cap'n is busy building his luxury watch brand and getting it off the ground. I had hoped that all the years I spent showing people how to "work-it" with garage kits would have inspired others to use the same successful pattern. Truth be told, some like Starship Modeler, Neptune Models and Mike Salzo did follow-up and add their own dimension so there's an ongoing legacy.
  10. The masters basically pay for themselves by selling 10 kits. It boggles my mind that no one has crunched the numbers and discovered what a steal they are, especially that all the Inbits are in the same compatible scale as the old Imai Legioss, Toynami, CM and my own resin Legioss.
  11. That's actually a pretty easy design element to fix, and if they're using 3D drafting software of some sort it should have been addressed in the design stage.
  12. Now THAT is nice work! Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for posting. People are awesome!!
  13. Nice work! Do the parts need to be removed for transformation or can they stay on?