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  1. So apparently, this happened. Just imagine the shenannigans when Stick, Ley and Yellow team-up.
  2. This looks like the scene where Rey & the gang go deep inside the remains of DS-II to recover the old, circular radar dish that Lando knocked-off the Falcon during his run in ROTJ.
  3. That would make more sense if he was crossdressing, or even in civilian clothes. Not sure it's appropriate with battle armor.
  4. I can't help thinking that Sentinel's Blow Superior needs an accessories set of its own. Here's what I had in mind: -2 HBT cases, blue-gray color like in episode 5. -3 balloons w/brass rod for string (ep 5) -clear green visor -coffee mug w/decal (ep 4) -glow-in-the-dark dash panel -binoculars w/strap (ep 12) -molded in color, just like the MF set Price target: $50 + shipping. Thoughts?
  5. Quick Friday update. Helper Crabb kits are cast and will be shipping starting Monday. I also wanted to provide a few pictures of the sensor-eye. It's molded as all one piece, with the sensor shape molded as a cavity on the inside. I added a coat of clear red which shows the detail in a very subtle way, but you can use silver/gun metal paint on the inside if you want the sensor to be more prominent.
  6. Isn't the Horizont supposed to be something like 50.3m long according to the stats? 160mm is way too long (or wide) for 1/400, unless I'm reading that wrong. Nice kit, but I think it needs to be bigger.
  7. This year marks the 15th anniversary of my garage kit enterprise. So much for my aspirations of being a fly-by-night operation. I think I'll carry that box art theme throughout the rest of the year's releases. Seems only logical.
  8. Three: the eye, and two forearm blaster covers. 505thAirborne: from the looks of it, Sentinel seems to be paying attention, as can be evidenced by the saddle-packs and Gallant weapons to be included wth their upcoming Blow Superior release. They certainly get my approval for upping their game, as well as making great products. With regards to the Malar, it's definitely sturdy by garage kit standards, but it ultimately remains a kit. It goes together very nicely though, and the ball-joint tension is easily adjustable: sand the ball very lightly to reduce tension, or add a thin bead of CA glue to the inner rim f the socket cup to increase tension. Oh, and just by-the-by I realized that this year marks the 15th anniversary of my garage kit making.
  9. Crabby godness!! The figure holds together with no glue, just the tension of the ball-joints! Will have pics of the clear parts early next week
  10. Casting is a go! Making a few tweaks to the molds as I begin... There are more parts than for the Gosu, so getting everything poured in one shot is proving to be a bit of a challenge.
  11. I cut the bottom of the tupperware out so that I can pour the silicone; the rim gets glued to the plexiglass.
  12. Correct. Tupperware containers make great mold boxes.
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