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  1. I have a case of crabs. Literally a whole case, just waiting to ship!
  2. I've seen all the previous Transformers films and actually enjoyed them. This one I did not. I thought it was tedious and found myself staring at my watch, hoping it would end... A really bad sign. Aside from the fact that the film felt as if it had no solid plot, no clear objective, there were some major, silly and otherwise inexcusable plot holes. I'm sure there are many more plot holes, but these are the ones that jumped-out at me.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to bring us that comparison, it's quite revealing. After seeing this, I will likely just stick with the DVD. I may be branded a heretic for saying this, but none of these animated series were made to be viewed in HD. When watching it on an old CRT, the image has a slight fuzziness that makes most of the imperfections less evident, and that's the way I remember it from my childhood. Watching many old series in HD seems like being thrust from the 10th row of a concert to within 10 inches of the actors' faces, and you see lots of things you simply weren't meant to see, and in some ways, that ruins the experience. As for the color differences, I'll just adjust the color balance on my monitor and be happy with that.
  4. Some time in July. I'd at least want to wait until the Pinkies have been received by their new owners.
  5. Destructions are up, albeit a couple of days late. Casting is all done, just waiting on the mini Blow Superiors to ship.
  6. I will offer the King Crab next--be warned!
  7. Yes and yes! Just a heads-up guys: the order window will stay open until Friday night, so any last-minute stragglershave a couple of days left. Casting is nearing completion. Soonly, people will have crabs!
  8. Casting is more than half done already. Now I'm just waiting on the Blow Superior figuresto arrive. Will post the destructions come Friday. In the meantime, I made a funny.
  9. Because of the moisture-sensitivity of the resin, you have to pressurize the resin. Also a Monday update: the first castings didn't come out as expected... They came out bettar! But don't take my word for it, see for yourselves.
  10. He was the first incarnation of Batman I saw as a child. May he rest in peace.
  11. Mold-Max 30 and Smooth-Cast 310 respectively.
  12. I've found with Smooth-On (and most tin-cure silicones actually) that there is a minute amount of ammonia in the matrix that needs to evaporate before you use them. Otherwise, the first casting comes out sticky and is otherwise unusable due to the moisture reacting with the resin. The next 2-3 are generally also sticky but can be post-cured in the oven. So much easier (and less waste) just to air them out for a couple of days. Also, I haven't received the bonus figure from Exo yet so there's no rush.
  13. Molds are airing out. Took a little longer than expected because I wanted to do a significant but subtle mod to the thigh parts. I felt that the hips were set too wide originally and wanted to narrow them a tad to look more like the style sheets. Had to cast an intermediate part, blah-blah-blah I succeeded!