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  1. The Gallant rifle is just plain sweet! Add a few machined metal parts and it would make a superb collector's piece.
  2. Fantastic work on the sensor-eye, Ted! I had contemplated putting more detail in the part initially, but didn't think it would cast well. It looks much better the way you did it. Will you be offering the same treatment to your other Crab subjects?
  3. Happy Monday to all! I'm letting everyone know that I'm officially kicking-off the King Crab project, and have begun some preliminary mold-prep. Just as for the Pinky, you can now send payment. The fees are listed in the first post as always and if you have any questions, you can PM me! P.S.: it may not show in the pic, but I have a fair bit done already.
  4. Sometimes revised styling works, sometimes it doesn't and I place this in the latter category. I think some people imagine that busier = realistic, which isn't necessarily true and extra detail added merely for its own sake can greatly detract from an otherwise great design. But hey, what do I know? lol
  5. You forgot all the Moscato Hobby kits.
  6. Minimum order threshold achieved: the King Crab will rise again!! I'll open the payment window next week when I begin mold-prep. It's the vacation season so I'll take things slower this time around.
  7. Loving your build progress, Ted. You guys really make me proud when you take my kits to the next level!
  8. Depends on ambient conditions. I personally won't keep an opened silicone kit more than 6 months in ideal conditions. Ted: the first rule of being a good model-maker is to break the rules!
  9. Great work on the Zeta, Ted! Did you use the specified color-calls, or did you improvise? Back in the early 90s I had contemplated taking all three 1/72 non-variable kits and trying to kitbash them into a proper variable. As you can see with the fighter, they really cheated on the highly-compacted chest module to keep it all very tidy.
  10. Nine.
  11. Duuude!! Why are you taking a pic when you should be putting a compress on that-- stat! Hope it doesn't need stitches... And FYI, I never require blood sacrifices: simple payment will suffice.
  12. 5 orders already!
  13. I'm baaaaack! And this time I plan to reissue the King Crab (Gosu doppleganger) kit, with your help. This is the biggest and most elaborate of all the Inbit kits in my line, a true King Crab! Just as with the original, it will have a translucent eye and canopy part as well as a detailed cockpit ready to accept aftermarket pilot figues (not included this time). Just like the Pinky, the kit is free-pose. Price would be $300 CAD (about $233 US)+ shipping with up-front payment required and I'd need a minimum of 10 orders to get the ball rolling on the project. Shipping prices are as follows: -$26 CAD per kit shipped in Canada or the US -$48 CAD per kit shipped internationally. Any takers?