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  1. Hasegawa 1:4000 SDF-1 (DYRL)

    You're being generous! Even the movie-version SDF-1 cruiser that Hasegawa did looks stiff and lacks the dynamism of the line-art. Frankly, I don't know who was in charge of the Hase SDF-1 projects, but when even the 35 year-old ARII and IMAI kits have better proportions, I think it's safe to say that they're turds with fine details slapped on top. See for yourselves how the Storm Attackers compare to the line-art:Now have a look at the Imai 1/5000 cruiser fortress. Hasegawa would have done well to copy that kit and simply refine the details. Now don't get me wrong, I think their aircraft kits are the bee's knees! But for some reason, they dropped the ball rather spectacularly on the SDF-1 kits.
  2. Every initiate must confront their dark side as part of the process, that part was easy enough to understand. Quite telling that her experience wasn't nearly as troubling as Luke's.
  3. AJAC ?

    I think it's fair to say that interest on the project has stalled. I'll try for a revival in late March when tax refund time rolls around.

    I would recommend the matt overcoat, if only to guard the seemingly cheap plastic from yellowing. Just be sure to mask the canopy first!
  5. The Third Party Gundam Thread

    I wonder if any of these third-party companies will ever take some of the cooler Master Grade kits and scale them up to 1/60?

    What's even more bizarre is the box looks more like a model kit 2-piece type; not the typical Gakken packaging. I don't think it's a fake, simply because of the costs associated with such an endeavour. I'm wondering if it's either very early or post-Mospeada packaging made to burn-off excess toy stock in other Asian markets.
  7. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    If you think the EX-S is an impressive kit, then whatever you do, don't watch this video! The Deep Striker looks positively quaint by comparison.
  8. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    New Deep Striker footage! The Shoulder parts are indeed new tooling, as is the head and chest. There is hope after all!
  9. While we have yet to see what the final "original" Falcon will look like, I personally think whoever made this kit nailed it right on the head in terms of what a "stock" YT freighter should look like. About the only thing I'd do differently is remove the visible panel lines for the rectenna mount and the opening on the opposite side of the jaw box. Other than that it's perfect!
  10. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Assuming the pic is legit, my excitement has all but evaporated.

    Which is what these collector toys are all about: looks and detail over sturdiness.
  12. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    *Interest quickly evaporates* It's quite odd that Bandai would opt to re-use parts from a 15 year-old kit that way. Particularly as the parts of the S/EX-S that would benefit most from an upgrade are the head and shoulders--the very parts that carry over to the Deep Striker.
  13. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Well that's interesting if it turns out to be true! I wonder if it would employ new tooling or a re-hash of the older kit parts with new sprues added.

    I'm leaving this here. May the HBT be with you! http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/45250-moscato-hobby-models-boxing-day-sale/