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  1. For those who don't know, I'm working on an original mecha project. Teaser:
  2. Someone sent me one of those kits to inspect a few years ago. I don't know if it was an original or not, but the castings were absolute trash. Haven't seen anything that bad since the JafCon kits from 1993.
  3. The EP-13 cannon is characterized as an 80mm beam gun, so it's an energy weapon. Don't think there's much recoil on something like that.
  4. Probably not, but if you think that Hasbro's remedy is only top-down vertical enforcement, you're missing the big picture. Where direct legal pressure may fail, all they have to do is tell their distributors that any of them that continue to carry/distribute 3P products beyond a 60-90 grace window will be cut-off. No more official Hastak products for you! Does that wipe Zeta or 3P off the map? No, it just reduces the incentive to carry their stuff that much more. In many ways, this might be far more effective.
  5. Based on the translation of the fan's conversation with Zeta that you posted on TFW2005 in conjunction with this... I think it's fair to say that sufficient pressure was applied to sink the Core Star.
  6. What you feel is irrelevant, and so is spite. If they become knowledgeable of an infringement, they must act to defend their IP or risk losing it entirely. It doesn't have to manifest as a full-blown lawsuit, something as simple as having an attorney serve the infringing party with a C & D will get the ball rolling, and they only need to apply as much pressure as is needed to get the other party to back down; not an ounce more. Most 3P are happy to produce figures that aren't in direct competition with official product, nor have they been brazen enough, at least until recently, to market head-to-head with HasTak. That might have been their saving grace. My point is that the more brazen 3P becomes, the greater the chances that they will cross a line that will open the door to them getting legally smashed, and potentially changing the market landscape in a way that will NOT be to the average fans and collectors' benefit.
  7. Neither Haslab's nor Zeta's transformation is without its drawbacks, it's just a matter of what compromises you're willing to live with. Looking at the back of the planet on the Haslab, you have a large orange depression and spikes all along the equator, which is accurate. On Zeta's, the equator line is the robot's crotch, which should be blue-grey. Also on Zeta's figure, the four single-cratered panels that flank the vertical leg panels on both sides and to the immediate North and South of the equator are the robot's hip armor, both front and back. Those panels are light gray/silver with blue-grey craters in robot mode, so just with that, you can see that there will be "deco chalenges" to put it as politely as possible. If you look at the flanks of the Zeta planet mode, the area where the rings attach, there should be an orange circle there too, albeit smaller than the one on the back. The panels both north and south of the equator, and the equator band itself make up the shoulders and forearm armor: all orange in robot mode, but mostly blue-grey with some orange splotches in planet mode. Zeta's planet mode is already compromised in terms of shapes, but now ask yourself which mode you want to sacrifice for an accurate paint scheme, because you won't get both! Also, if the Haslab crowdfund fails, there's the real possibility that we'll get neither. Several people on the TFW forums have flatly stated that they cancelled their Haslab preorder when they saw the Zeta figure, and the crowdfunding counter did reflect that. There remains the very real possibility that if several millions of dollars in revenue suddenly goes up in smoke because they couldn't get their 8000 units funded, Hasbro will look to Zeta and have their lawyers make a case for either infringement or tortious interference, and possibly both.
  8. MP-10 (V2) was an excellent figure when it was released and still is. At $80, even 3P figures cost more than that. Ultimately, the only questions you should be asking are do YOU like MP-10, and is $80 a fair price in light of all the other similar figures currently available.
  9. If the Haslab crowdfunding fails, and based on how it is at a virtual stall now it likely will, then you can bet your a$$ that Hasbro will unleash their legal "Unicron" on 3P, and Zeta in particular.
  10. It's impressive just how cleanly Zeta were able to make the transformation, and as a result I wonder just how much thought Takara put into the transformation of their own figure. If anything, Zeta has shown that even a sphere can transform into a robot with negligible kibble. The planet mode is consequently much smaller in relation to the robot mode than Hasbro's, and you can see where a lot of the planet's continents actually become parts of the bot. While this translates to a slightly "awkward" looking planet, had the figure been the size of Hasbro's offering, I suspect that a much cleaner fit of the continental panels could have been achieved. I also think the planetary ring could stand to have been larger and it wouldn't adversely affect the transformation or the robot mode. The head/face is nice for what it is, but it's not faithful to what's seen in the movie. This version looks more like an idealized Unicron.
  11. It's like the Navy blew off a Victoria's Scret runway model to bring a short, fat, dim-witted, greasy-faced date to the prom! I'd be slightly less bitter if there was at least a decent 1/48 or 1/32 kit of that plane.
  12. On a related note, the 1/12 Motocycle Freak accessories set is available again for a limited time, in case anyone's interested. Just PM me for info.
  13. Disagree. I still like the head, chest and arms on Hasbro's version more, not to mention how the ring looks like gigantic folded bat wings in robot mode and adds to is already ominous presence. Plus the maw on the Zeta offering looks like a sphincter. I dare you to unsee that!
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