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  1. Oh, and the kit is officially out! Simply PM if interested. Scale is 1/48, and actual size is 17.1cm in height.
  2. Hey all, Episode 42 of the Scale Model Podcast is out. If you want to understand why my new mecha design looks the way it does, you need to listen to this! https://scalemodelpodcast.com/podcast/scale-model-podcast-ep-42-john-moscato-part-duex/ I've also uploaded the instruction files for the new kit on Facebook, for those who want a look. There are too many plates to upload here (36) so I'll just leave you with the painting guide.
  3. No. The broken part needs to pivot while also having a hint of flexibility. CA glue has very poor resistance to torsional loads, so not only will it not work, but it'll also leave your parts caked with unsightly CA residue. Best bet would be to back-engineer the part and 3D print something in ABS.
  4. In as much as Meptoys announced production of SC merchandise, I won't be poking the bear.
  5. Very clever how you made the cannons removable!
  6. Heads-up guys! I'll be re-issuing the Pinky and Baby Space Crabbs as part of Crabb Awareness Month; pre-orders go live next week. I'd upload a pic, but the site is malfunctioning ATM.
  7. I hate being a voice of dissent, but that's just horrible. Whatever may have been said about the aborted MAAS offering, the previews they had shown were leaps and bounds ahead of this. When will people ever learn that quality is the cheapest and fastest path to success?
  8. Hi guys! Two 1/72 resin Queadluun-Rau (Quincy-Rowe) kits for sale. These are the standard kits which don't include the Miria bust. Kit stands 27.2cm tall when complete. $438 Canadian shipped anywhere in Canada or the US. Feel free to PM for more info.
  9. Well Fuke me! That Bartley looks excellent! Hopefully the new Sentinel versions are what they'll use for Genesis Breakers. Nicely modernized yet faithful to the spirit of the old designs.
  10. IMHO, those were the nicest NGE EVA units. Shame that the pre-painted figures were so sloppy. I had the EVA-01 kit and was enamored with the proportions, but I loathe vinyl kits.
  11. They look almost satirical with those oversized helmets.
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