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  1. Depends on what sort of events may have transpired pre-Gloire. Humanity isn't renown for its long periods of warless tranquility. The newly-colonized planet you're on is a borderline hostile wasteland, your homeworld is faaaaar away and may take a long time to send help if something goes pear-shaped, or may not be able to send help at all, so it actually makes sense to have an important segment of the population be of fighting standard. The pseudo-alien Zor may not have been an anticipated threat, but that doesn't preclude the possibility of other renegade humans/pirates (from earth, Liberté,
  2. I never understood the "evolution" of the Zor Bioroids. The versions we see earlier in the series (red, blue, green) look more advanced than the later ones. I don't even remember this grape-flavored version from the anime.
  3. Captain’s log supplemental: March 1st. I was hoping to have a more elaborate update on Wednesday, but a molding accident dashed that hope and put me a few days behind. While no permanent damage was done, it did reveal some interesting shortcomings in the new Mold Star 30 material I employed. In Pic 01, you’ll see the « new » blue Mold Star 30 material, and the pink mold uses the trusty Mold Max 30 compound. With the old pink stuff, I was able to scribble notes and cut guides on the plexiglass, and it would imprint onto the silicone, allowing me to see where I needed to slice t
  4. Aaaaand closed! Thank you all for your support. Mini update coming tomorrow
  5. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Just kidding. If you want something done from scratch, and done remotely properly, expect to pay mid four figures and upward. -Good and fast won't be cheap -Cheap and fast won't be good -Good and cheap won't be fast
  6. I see what you mean! The green color probably looks different in different scenes as well. I was watching episode 7 or 8 online where they've got Greenie on an autopsy table, and it looked like a rather deep but bright green, much like the '87 VHS release colors. To be fair, even your Gosu looks like a different shade between the scale comparison pic and the recent ones you just posted, so I guess we'll just have to wing it.
  7. Hey Ted, what shade of green did you use on the Gosu? It looks perfect for the green Bioroid
  8. Captain's Log supplemental: February 22nd update I went ahead and bumped-up this week's review in order to mark the one remaining week to take advantage of the pre-order special on the 1/48 BIO-LLOYD kit. This way you can also have a better idea of what you'll be getting, and be able to make an informed decision with regards to your purchase. I've opted to finish the figure before commencing on the sled so as to give me more adjustment possibility and make little fit adjustments for a better overall package. As you can see, Mr. LLOYD is coming right along. Please excuse the slight
  9. The ball-joints will be resin parts in the kit. I tried aftermarket units in the past, but they were always too weak and never the right size, so I make my own. They aren't playable, but are good enough for dry-fitting prior to the final build. You can watch a video I made a while back discussing the joint systems found on my kits. https://odysee.com/@moscatohobbymodels:7/M72-Gabriel-2:d Watch: I always have a watch on me, because it's very easy for me to get lost in my work and lose track of time otherwise. It's nothing special, just a Casio junk beater. Short sleeves are a m
  10. Captain’s log: February 17th, 2021 Even though I try to conserve as much modelling board as possible, I always end up with a huge pile of leftover bits, and that pile grows with every project! Thankfully, beause this project is made-up of numerous smaller blobs, I’ve taken it upon myself to recycle some of my scraps and convert them into useful shapes. Pic 24 is one such instance. Here I’ve cobbled-together threee different parts with some CA glue, and will begin shaping it into one of the blobs on Bio Lloyd’s back. Pic 25: small parts means many slow, delicate ope
  11. The paper templates are mostly shape outlines. When I have to deal with more complex forms, the paper templates can only convey so much info, so once I start Dremeling I have to switch over to intuitive mode. Also, there's a lot of stuff I just eyeball, like the knee joint. I had one thing planned in the drafting stage, but once I started cutting, I saw that I could get more range of motion if I ventured beyond the blueprints, which is what I did. That's both the challenge and fun of taking sketches that someone phoned-in and turning them into something usable. I take Paypal & Bitcoin
  12. Captain’s log: February 10th, 2021 Pic 12: the adventure continues as I can now begin performing secial operations on designated parts. Here you can see the calf module being hollowed-out for the joint interface. Pic 13: a similar operation being performed on the thighs. Because of the shape of the parts, the paper templates will be slightly distorted by conforming to the block, I’ll have to make some minor pencil marks to adjust the shapes prior to further cutting. Pic 14: now that I have some basic parts taking shape, I’ll need to make some ball-joints. My
  13. It's fun to make, too! I've found quite a few interesting hacks to make the design more posable while still being faithful to the source material. i can't wait to show you more.
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