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  1. It could signal the birth of a whole new order. If you notice, the Jedi are heavily influenced by the Knights Templar from the structure of the order to their philosophy, not to mention how the (corrupt) political leader turned on them, declared them enemies of the state and persecuted them. The KT survivors went into exile in Spain and Scotland, where they passed their teachings on. Time will tell if they will borrow another page from history.
  2. I actually think it looks good from this angle, better than any other toy to be sure. The thigh slides into the calf area, so the thigh and heel/toe cannot occupy the same real estate. Making the legs smaller will make the Fighter only marginally better at th expense of Soldier mode, which would look ape-like (beefy arms, smaller legs.) You can't fight physics.
  3. The price is certainly steep for a mass-produced, sweatshop-made item. The overall proportions look okay and at least there are locking tabs to keep it sturdy, but I'm rather disappointed with the lack of surface detail and the missiles that look like something out of an 80's toy. I mean for crying out loud: I was able to make my kits BY HAND with North-American wages, spread my R&D over less than 2 dozen units and still managed to sell it for less than this. I would definitely advise people to wait, the prices will come down.
  4. That last trailer gave me pause, the kind of pause that the fist Star Trek: Beyond trailer gave me, and I despised that film.
  5. Because the main gear units are too small, and that would be a fairly easy fix even on a 1/48 toy. The Legioss' calves are quite bulky and hang low, so the struts have to reach down far enough. I solved that by giving it a bit of a jackrabbit stance on my interpretation.
  6. That looks exactly like the old vinyl kit I used to have, the parts breakdown is identical save for the forearm Gatling.
  7. A very agreeable facelift indeed!
  8. Kinda like this except that the gun should be raised?
  9. Great work you've done on the ol' hunk of junk! How is the plastic on this bird? I seem to recall reading that it was somewhat rubbery.
  10. The new designs look good, although they could be pre-production or concept artwork. Regardless, it will be a long wait until the final product.
  11. The forums seem less active since the Christmas re-vamp. Maybe try the facebook page?
  12. I wonder if some blue ink or food coloring mixed with Future would do the trick? Future has the advantage of being tougher than Tamiya paint.