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  1. captain america

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Not sure if this was posted when it was first released, but it sounds interesting. I was thinking that they would make the direct leap to directed energy weapons, but perhaps those are better suited to shorter range targets. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/15692/the-pentagon-is-quietly-developing-an-next-generation-long-range-air-to-air-missile
  2. captain america

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    It's supposed to be a Bravo model just based on the engines, but has an Alpha cockpit. Definitely missing the B armpit blisters, and I'm pretty sure they all had them from the outset.
  3. Captain’s Log: Friday, October 10th. Southern-Cross garage kits are among the rarest of the rare, assuming there are any out there at all. A while back, I was approached by a fellow MWer about mastering the patterns for the Bioroid drop-ship. It seemed like it would be a fun project, so I gladly accepted. So as with all projects, I begin by drafting some basic technical drawings from which I can carve parts. As is to be expected from line-art of that by-gone era, the different views of the ship don’t even correspond with each other, and this case is a particularly bad one! So after a bit of back_&-forth with the client, I finalize the diagrams and can now begin making a mess in my workshop! I had a block of modeling board, but the edges were rough so I had to mill it down to create some square edges. The block is so large that I had to get « creative » just to be able to work on it (pic 1) Now I have drawings, style-sheet reference, and a block of modeling board: watch me turn this block into a finished set of masters in 30 days or less! (pic 2) Pic 3: the block is so large that it just barely fits under the bandsaw at maximum clearance: problematic, but not insurmountable. We will take the long road… Pic 4: I use my trusty drill press with a cutting wheel mounted. Since I can’t cut all the way through such a large part, I settle for notching the cut mark all around the part. Pic 5: time to break-out the hack-saw and manually cut the board! It’s a long, tedious process, but it must be done. Pic 6: the cut came out a lot rougher than I would have liked, but no worries. Back to the drill press, this time using a grinding stone to level the surface of the cut and make it perfectly flat. Pic 7: there were still some nasty saw-marks in the board, even after the grinding. To avoid removing too much (very expensive) material, I just use some polyester putty to cover the scars. Easy-peasy! Pic 8: now that I have smaller parts, I can cut them on the bandsaw to remove excess material and begin to shape the parts accordingly. Pic 9: after some grinding and sanding, the parts are starting to come along. I will likely want to fiddle with some of the details as I go along, simply because the line-art is so loosey-goosey and there’s leeway for tweaking to get the coolest looking shapes possible. Stay tuned!
  4. captain america

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Correct! Thanks to this fellow MWer's devotion, this hyper-obscure design will be birthed in three-dimensions.
  5. captain america

    The Official Moscato Hobby Models Thread

    Soooo... Some people want Southern Cross stuff. I've begun working on this little critter. Should be a little over 20cm when complete.
  6. captain america

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    There's also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP1w29kxs20
  7. captain america

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGBVgsjd2S8 Famous last words: "Oh God, no."
  8. captain america


    I think those would sell, especially if they're articulated.
  9. captain america

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    OR... Bumblebee is sent on a super-secret mission back in time to follow Decepticons who want to destroy the humans before they can be a threat to the Predacons and... Oh, wait.
  10. captain america

    Creed [Rocky Series Spin-off]

    This is probably the only movie I'm actually looking forward to. Creed was magnificent, and hopefully this one will follow suit.
  11. captain america


    The Gakken had no influence in the matter; I totally drafted the Legioss from scratch in order to bring it as close as possible to a real-world mecha, scaled it around the dimensions of a proper human pilot, and made sure it was transformable without parts-swapping. It's proportionally and detail-accurate to a transformable mecha, but doesn't. The only reason it doesn't transform is that it would make the kit far too fragile and flimsy, not to mention the added cost. The panels under the sensor pod were needed to cover-up the hinges and gaps in the torso in Fighter mode.
  12. captain america


    All hail Cool8or!
  13. captain america


    I keep wondering if this would be a good subject for a 1/48 kit. I'm a huge fan of low-viz markings, and I think this would be an ideal candidate.