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  1. Farmer: This is so painful it's like watchin' paint dry! Worker: You mean like so slow it's like watchin' grass grow! Macross Fan: Yeah totally, it's like watching my valkyrie yellow! Farmer: What in tarnation is he talkin' about?
  2. It is my understanding that is on the list of factors that affect our plastics/polymers: UV radiation/exposure to visible light, extreme temperatures, humidity, exposure to solvents (which cause polymers to fail over time), but when it comes to yellowing, UV light is usually the primary culprit.
  3. ^Good questions! I've even wondered if there's some degree of interaction that causes it with the variety of plastic bags out there (material, quality ...some with holes ...some air sealed), the foam trays (vs. clear blister packs), the plastic windows (sometimes) in presentation tray tops, and the occasional sheet of cardboard tray top itself ...lots of variables to consider for sure. After reading your post I thought I'd to go check in storage and take a peak at my original 80's Bandai H.C.M. Series#20 1:72 Scale VF-1J that's been stored for years and years in its original packaging out
  4. Another easy and great transaction with SuperHobo ...thanks again and appreciate the promptness as always!
  5. Not fair additional hint added after I guessed So I get a set too right...I mean I did afterall guess what it was (partly) just kidding I know it wasn't the answer you were looking for ... Congrats kaiotheforsaken!
  6. It looks like a "wrist" swivel joint that goes in the forearm of a valk. The side pegs gives full swivel, the socket on top is for the hand/fist ball joint, and the radius cut notch on the end is for re-locking the lifting forearm panel in place once the swivel is complete?
  7. This has been mentioned in other threads over the years but this is just a reminder that florescent lights are BAD for white and clear plastics. Here's an example with identical blister packs for some Yukikaze Mave Fighters, one stored in a room with 48" long 5000K Daylight LEDs (L) and the other stored in a room with conventional 4ft florescent bulbs (R) and the discoloration in the plastic is very noticeable.
  8. Great ( and very easy) transaction with Rogueload ! Thanks again!
  9. Same here on the film. There's no replacing the voice for sure. Age-wise man I dunno...it's kinda hard watching Stallone and Arnie in any geriatric roles but you know who could probably pull it off is that actor from 1917 (George Mackay) he kinda looks like him (quik photochop)... They'd need a little makeup to mimic Wellar's signature philtrum!
  10. I asked because I've used Zenmarket for years and have never paid a percentage for an item. It's always the same thing: item price, ¥300 per item (regardless of its value which includes them buying the item, asking the seller questions for me, packing consolidation and repacking the items) so $0 consolidation fee, and then ship fee (the ¥300 incl giving you every ship option: EMS, Air, Sal, UPS, FedEx, and DHL so you can choose). The only percentage fee I know of for buying an item is if you buy an intangible good (like downloadable music which I've never done) but it is not on anything e
  11. Could you explain or where does it say that? Thx
  12. Thank You Alphahorizon! Great Transaction! Total Standup Guy!
  13. That is soooooooo cool!
  14. Awesome shot...one of my fav sculpts for the D-1!
  15. Totally Meganite! "Miss Yui Tsukioka, please report to Senjo City Centre now ...the Trillennium Committee needs your help!"
  16. ^ ah...one of my fav's from the early 80's
  17. KILLER shots as of late! What is this?
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