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  1. Ha, I got a second one for exactly that And with the value of the ¥ dropping like it has lately...yes, this is a really good deal!
  2. What in the world Arcadia, you paint Lightning's necklace? ...and hair highlights? ...and Shogo's brows? ...and the buttons on his jacket? ...but leave out their eyes?! Next time please have your crew skip out on the necklace/jacket buttons/ and other useless/lesser important details and at least give us some eyes! That's what anime is famous for!
  3. Well that's a real bummer but good to know, thanks!
  4. Yeah only 8cm! Does anyone know any way that those Wonderfest 2020 MZ23 exclusives can be purchased other than just hoping they pop up on YJA?
  5. OK THAT. IS. SO. COOL. WOWSERS!!! -- Congrats on your years long effort...it is beautiful!
  6. Great communication and super easy transaction with locidm ...thanks again!
  7. ^Yeah, bike's kinda small... I'd like a 7G T-shirt! This is perhaps the World's Smallest Garland with full transformation capability!
  8. Thank you Vifam7 for the smooth and easy transaction!
  9. This is quite a feat to gaze upon by modeler Oscar Ramos who made both a GoLion and Dairugger XV...out of cardboard...at 2 ft tall...and they transform! Having transformed the DX versions of both I can especially appreciate all the sliding panels and his engineering ideas where he developed some new takes not found on the DX versions (for ex. Dairugger's forearms can be turned outward and still have normal elbow bend while still featuring 3 helicopter tail fins) GoLion Dairugger He took some cues from the Miracle version (Space Probers (#7 & 8 transformation), and the flipping roofs for the All Terrain Space Vehicles (#14 & 15) transformations, but perhaps most notably his method did not leave huge gap holes in the back of the arms and feet vehicles. (note: on the second video the sound is cut due to a rights issue...your speakers are fine)
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