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  1. and this... but I'll stop here because it does look cool...as long as you don't touch it!!!
  2. This sums up my feelings towards my ownership of the Freeing E=X Garland...
  3. Easter egg discovery - took the cover off the Megazone 23 artbook (discussed earlier in this thread) that came with the Megazone 23 Complete Box set and lo and behold hidden on the reverse side unfolds a huge 26.5"x 11" poster of a peculiar looking Garland. Perhaps most notable is the exposed front disc brakes and calipers (huge departure from the original line art). It has the silver front axle shoulders and forearm handles with no side view mirrors like the original Garland. But then has the back-calf flaps of the Proto-Garland (but in silver instead of bronze), and front brown knee-cap/shin armor (again like the original), but then overall shares some resemblance with the proportions of the E=X Garland! While I was at it, here's the 6 Garland's featured on the cover of the book... As mentioned, this is the only difference from the "Manuever Book" released separately and the one included in the box set.
  4. Bobby

    Arcadia Premium Finish Max and Miria 1/60 Super VF-1J

    so....slightly off topic, but I was at the pet store with my kids just looking around and turned the corner and saw these two birds just chilling in their cage and thought, "Hey, that looks like..." well, you know what I thought.
  5. Same here...it really grew on me as well and I'm very much looking forward to it!
  6. Getting excited for more releases!!!
  7. Bobby

    Yahoo! Japan - Experience?

    This is probably obvious but just a tip for searching on any of these proxy buyers. You will discover (if you haven't already) that english won't work unless it's a call sign or model number ( for ex. AV-98 ). You can use Wikipedia or anime database since they usually have the Katakana or Kanji spelling for the series at the very beginning of the entry so just copy and paste in search bar of your preferred proxy buyer and "voila!" ...hundreds if not thousands of results for your favorite series and your wallet immediately begins exploding!
  8. Whaddya talking about... oh wait YEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWW!
  9. It's also kinda reminds me of Bulma's Capsule No.9 Motorcycle...
  10. Indeed. Like they might have modeled it after this shot... In the meantime it's so big it makes for some nice shelf art
  11. A really cool lego build (collaged from brickshelf)...
  12. It's a licensed 12" sofubi Garland produced in 2007 by Marmit (©AIC). It's poseable at the hips, waist, arms, and head, has white pearl metallic and silver metallic paint, matte brown and black paint, finished in a gloss red body with removable head armor. Note: I did a lot of extra detailing (chrome, panel lines, etc.) so it does not come this way. [ [ [ "Operator 7-G...please respond!" ] ] ]
  13. I've had mine for a few weeks now and after transforming it several times recently noticed tiny paint chipping on the (top) diagonal edges of the white, chest piece The only time that piece is in contact with anything is in bike mode (after you flip the hands around the revealed clasping mechanism to hold the front suspension in place grab hold of the sides of the chest piece). Yamato's use of a magnet here was clever (but flimsy) and Arcadia's is much sturdier in comparison. But Arcadia's chest piece is a painted part that is being used for direct clamping to keep it solid in bike mode so chipping can happen. Just be careful when going in and out of this mode and maybe it won't chip on you.
  14. Hmmm...always wanted to completely dip a toy into a bath of future floor polish