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  1. Jaja that's true
  2. Thanks a lot... regards
  3. Hi there please tell me if lunapark is a good vendor or not the refunds is a store credit or just on the credit card any experience? Regards and thanks
  4. Why you don't send overseas I live in Chile
  5. Amazing.... congrats
  6. Esperando este proceso con ansias muy buen trabajo...
  7. Good very good
  8. I know is black and not red take note bandai to demand 10k yen for that... the black is great on the yamato
  9. Ho no miss again... the time! First day I say I sleep not to late.... How I can receive alerts from this topic I turn on notify now
  10. Winter is bad in this part of the world, it would be disappointing to have a bad summer too I hope I can buy one thanks for the reply
  11. Me to lose the PO... I be in the loop of death on amiami. when will the exact day be for sale?? I hope can buy one
  12. Que grata sorpresa... esto invita a participar mas Saludos desde Chile
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