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  1. Everything is still available!! I'm quite busy at the moment, so when I get the chance to actually sit down and work over a few things I will lower some prices. I need all of these sold asap!
  2. Alright, I posted these some time ago. I know there were a few interested and if I never got back to you, I am deeply sorry. I was going through a family crisis at the time. Before anyone asks, I am located in Canada. Shipping can be expensive so I will limit my shipping to North America only. The following are new and have never been removed from the box. 1/48 Stealth VF-1J - $150 1/48 Stealth Armor set - $80 1/48 Hikaru VF-1J - $150 The following 2 items were purchased used from ebay, and I have never removed them from the boxes, stickers are applied and everything is accounted for.
  3. Alright, it has been a very long time since I have posted on Macross World and it really sucks that my first post in such a long time has to be one that is for selling off the rest of my beloved Valk's. So, if anyone is interested, please send me a pm and I will happily answer questions you may have. With the exception of the VF-1A low visibility wood land version and the super & strike parts kit, the rest of my items are brand new and have never been removed from the boxes. VF-1A woodland - bought used years ago with stickers applied. I have never taken it out since I got it. $100 VF-1A
  4. sweet kit!! i'm looking to pick up a set of v drums this year if i can fit it into my budget...but with all these new toys from yamato being released, i might have to settle for a cheaper kit.
  5. sweet collection you have there!.....i see a cymbal in the lower corner...what kind of drums do you play?
  6. last time i asked, which would have been 2 weeks ago when i ordred my stealth vf-1j and strike pack, kooltoyz has about 4 strike packs left in stock......or was that 4 stealths??? anyway, i am pretty sure he may still have a few in stock!!!!
  7. you have no idea how many times i have called them.......
  8. you sound just as pissed off as i am!! my 360 got the ring of death 3 months after i bought it! i have been waiting for microsoft to send me this prepaid box to ship my system to them for repairs. i was told on the phone a 3-5 business day wait.....that was on december 31....its now march 10 and still no box!
  9. i just got home from work and the seller left me an email stating that he will be sending me another set for the inconveniance....i'll just have to wait and see...but until then if anyone here is willing to sell this part or recast one or can even direct me to someone that can help, let me know...it would be much appreciated!!!
  10. sorry...haven't had time to get any pictures..yes, it is the support that comes with the fast packs that i don't have. i bought it off ebay from a seller who stated it was brand new and m.i.b. if anyone here has an extra one of these support clips or a recast, please let me know...thank you!!
  11. i just got my 1st super & strike parts pack in today, but i have no backpack support clip inside the box. did this happen to anyone else? also, is this part really important?
  12. I know you can get Megatron without the orange tip at Ages Three and Up and at Kooltoyz
  13. half a g??? try spending $2500 on a tri star!!! don't worry.....i never paid for it! the tri star works great! passed my akira test. wondering what the akira test is??? akira is my 6 year old siberian husky!!
  14. my vote is pacino in scarface "i kill a communist for fun"
  15. Nine Inch Nails and New Order on the same bill? i wouldnt miss it for the world Some of the stuff i listen to joy division /no smiths/moz new york dolls The Fall stooges Trex ramones pulp suede velvet underground Bowie St Etienne Lush My Bloody Valentine Belle and Sebastian The Cure Skiiny Puppy NiN Black Tape for a Blue Girl I could go on for hours ... I also like some older early 90s Japanese rock before it became candyland LunaSea Larcenciel etc and of course...video game music Im a non practicing musician always on the look out for people with like tastes to play with or
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