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  1. Jeremy007

    Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    MB quanta back up at bbts. $264 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/57156
  2. Jeremy007

    All things Voltron

    First pic of the upcoming playmates classic voltron combined. Definitely inspired by the SOC version. For the most part, i dig it. There are a couple things i am not crazy about but i can look past them. I am looking forward to putting him on my shelf next to my soul of chogokin golion. Edit: It turns out this may just be a mock up but at least we have an idea of what it will look like.
  3. I know, right? How dare i comment on something in a thread that I've rarely commented in. I hope you take your own advice and stay out of any and all threads on this site that you have never posted in. And if you are going to act like an a$$ everytime you get called out for being an a$$..i agree with slaginpit, Stay out of this thread. Take your ego and you attitude back to youtube. Don't bother replying. I'm done with you.
  4. This is exactly why i stopped checking this thread out. As soon as kuma joined and started spamming the thread with his pics, i knew his attitude would not be far behind. I am not into 3rd party figs at all but a few of my buddies are and two of them experienced what Slaginpit just did. Both made harmless comments only to get snappad at. My go to reviewers are peaugh and wotafa. The two i avoid like the plague...skullface and kuma. Like i said...not at all in to 3rd party stuff but i did occasionally like checking out some pics and reviews but now that kuma and his attitude is here, I've been staying far away. In my 10 years on MW, i have only put one person on my ignore list...now there are two.
  5. Jeremy007

    All things Voltron

    ^ one of the many reasons i cannot stand skullface or his reviews. He is incredibly rough with the figures, if there is a minor flaw he gets incredibly upset, he practically demands perfection with every release and i hate his unnessecary "humor" and poorly scripted one liners. He just comes off as an entitled, sarcastic pr!ck. Peaugh, wotafa and vf5ss are the only reviewers i watch right now.
  6. Jeremy007

    All things Voltron

    For those of you who are still waiting for their golion to show up, what online retailer did you buy from? I used amiami and received mine on january 3rd....three weeks ago and i am on the US east coast. I know US retailers get their stock after the Japanese retailers but it seems like some of you guys have been waiting an exceptionally long time....even without the west coast rain/flooding slowing things down. This is in no way meant as a bragging post. I am just curious as to who the retailers with a longer processing/shipping time are. Thanks.
  7. Jeremy007

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    From arcadia's twitter: Info coming next week.
  8. Toyworld calling their ko prime "studio ox inspired" is a huge stretch. Nothing about that figure says studio ox. At all. Studio Ox prime was very dynamic...long, angled antenna, slim but heroic proportions, very stylized upper body...this toy looks like an oversized ko of robot masters convoy.
  9. Jeremy007

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Ok. Thanks for the reply. I really hope bandai releases it. I refuse to pay what people are asking for the large godannar from max factory. The src godannar was shown along with kotetsu jeeg, giant robo, god gravion and a couple others i cannot remember. God Gravion looks fantastic too.
  10. Jeremy007

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I can swear there was a super robot chogokin thread on macross world but i cannot find it anywhere, so i apologize for posting this in the wrong thread but does anyone have any info on the SRC Godannar that was shown at a toy show over a year ago? Still in the works? Canceled? Thanks for any info.
  11. Jeremy007

    1/72 Hasegawa VF-1S Strike Battroid

    Beautiful work.
  12. Jeremy007

    Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    I hope blue jet is not too far off. The proto looks incredible.
  13. Jeremy007

    All things Voltron

    Completely agree. Imo, the upcoming toynami/ori toys voltron looks awful. It looks like an overly stylized 3rd party KO on steroids. The SOC looks fantastic...but i also think that bandai could and should make a golion for the SRC line. The original and newer versions of the golion jumbos do not have the individual lion legs and again IMO, nothing seems to be missing when i look at them. I love the look of the original popy toy and i love the streamlined look of the anime. If bandai could make an SRC golion based on the old jumbo, it would be a great figure.
  14. Jeremy007

    All things Voltron

    Considering how popular this SOC golion is, an anime accurate super robot chogokin golion may not be too far behind.
  15. Jeremy007

    Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    Action Toys has said these figures will be $22-$30 each. I think bbts's $45 is thier usual price hike. I expect these to be cheaper at overseas retailers. MP shockwave was around $108 in Japan while bbts has it for $170. I doubt hlj, amiami, etc will have these at $45.