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  1. Buy suits before the upgrades since the challenge tokens are harder to comeby, plus the upgrades aren't tied to a trophy. Edit: And I somehow missed that someone already said that lol.
  2. Don't want to mention how much I played the original. But I know I just can't afford to spend that much time again. I... Just... Can't. I will.
  3. Just got back from seeing it. I enjoyed it and will be buying the Blu-ray when it releases. It was perfect for mainstream. Who don't care anyways. I'm happy though.
  4. I need to play the old Strike Games on Genesis. Deseret, Jungle, Urban. I sold the carts years ago...what was I thinking?
  5. My MMC front sight on my S&W 3913 just fell off the slide when I racked it just a few minutes ago.
  6. It's pretty much like that at every console launch. It's only been a week since launch so it would be hard to find until re-stock .
  7. After playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta, I'm actually surprised. It's not bad at all. Nier: Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn will be enough for me the next month or so though. Then Persona 5. Too many good things coming out .
  8. Yes, they are going with the 17 since we have so much 9mm ammo. Our SRT will stick with .40s though. Yeah, the 26 using the full size mags is the only real reason I am thinking of the 26, and the slim single stack's thinness is the only reason I am thinking of that one. I used to carry a 6906 but just wound up being too heavy in the shorts and t shirt climate here. That said, if I do wind up with the 43, I'd get a Taran Tactical +1 baseplate and a +2 for the backup mag on me. There used to be a time where I would always take more rounds, but I am in an Admin position mos
  9. My friend's husband actually worked on the visual effects for this film.
  10. My Agency will finally transition to the Glock. My issue 5906 will make 20 years in April. About time. Need to pick a new backup/off duty Glock to replace my 3913. Going back and forth between the 26 and 43. Have yet to shoot a 43, but it does feel much slimmer than the chunky baby Glock.
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