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  1. Buy suits before the upgrades since the challenge tokens are harder to comeby, plus the upgrades aren't tied to a trophy. Edit: And I somehow missed that someone already said that lol.
  2. Don't want to mention how much I played the original. But I know I just can't afford to spend that much time again. I... Just... Can't. I will.
  3. Just got back from seeing it. I enjoyed it and will be buying the Blu-ray when it releases. It was perfect for mainstream. Who don't care anyways. I'm happy though.
  4. I need to play the old Strike Games on Genesis. Deseret, Jungle, Urban. I sold the carts years ago...what was I thinking?
  5. My MMC front sight on my S&W 3913 just fell off the slide when I racked it just a few minutes ago.
  6. It's pretty much like that at every console launch. It's only been a week since launch so it would be hard to find until re-stock .
  7. After playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta, I'm actually surprised. It's not bad at all. Nier: Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn will be enough for me the next month or so though. Then Persona 5. Too many good things coming out .
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