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  1. I really want from Arcadia: - VF-1S Roy TV version - VF-1 Kakizaki TV version - VF-1D TV version - Glaugs - Regults - Destroids - Monster - continue with Macross Zero figures - continue with Macross Plus figures
  2. Thank You for the heads up !!! I already place my order.
  3. Isamu-7

    Arcadia 1/60 Lancer II

    Where is the preorder for the Lancer? I couldn't find it on HLJ.
  4. Finally !!!! I will buy both on premium !!! Thank You Arcadia !!!!
  5. 1: Yes and I have purchased one or more Arcadia VF-0X releases.
  6. Excellent !!! I want 1 set for me. What is the cost? Where can I pay?
  7. Could you please build the two Booster for VF-11B used on Macross Plus OVA1? I think this will be an amaizing accessory for all VF-11B owners.
  8. Any update on this project? Please let me know. Thank You.
  9. Im interested in buy one set of this booster for the 1/60 VF11B Macross Plus. What is the status for this project? What is the cost? Thank You.
  10. Of course Yes, That model is amazing !!!
  11. Hi guys, I was surfing the web on Yamato Store and I saw the news of Roy TV version. This is awesome !!!! Then I decide to come and share with you guys about it but you make the news first. I really will buy this valkyrie. But Im not sure, because maybe Yamato release a Focker TV version weahering version later, and I prefeer 2nd one.
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