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  1. 505thAirborne

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Just got my payment received email from HLJ.
  2. 505thAirborne

    Better Call Saul TV series

    Better Call Saul is one of those shows at least IMHO that starts off in the category of either slow or why am I investing my time in this show? Then before you know it you're in Season 2, then 3 and hoping season 4 is on Netflix asap and perhaps a season 5.
  3. 505thAirborne

    Better Call Saul TV series

    First time I tried to watch Better Call Saul I couldn't really get into it, then it when it came to Netflix I ended up binge watching the first three seasons and damn, it is one of my favorite shows so far. Can't wait for season 4 to be on Netflix, then I can just watch it back to back! Good to see other fans here! P.S. Love Breaking Bad!!
  4. 505thAirborne

    General TV thread

    Same here, this is going to be hilarious!!
  5. Just ordered a set from Shapeways. Looking forward to this!
  6. 505thAirborne

    General TV thread

    I feel ya, "Time's Arrow" is a rough ride.
  7. Thanks for the link valhary!
  8. 505thAirborne

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    If Bandai does not at some point produce a DX VF-1D then what's the point of this new line, a VF-1D is an instant purchase.
  9. 505thAirborne

    General TV thread

    So for those who watched season 5 of BoJack Horseman, what's your take with the very ending?
  10. 505thAirborne

    The Predator (2018)

    Predator (original, classic, Schwarzenegger, best one IMHO) Predator 2 (not the best thing ever but entertaining and the ending is great with the old pistol, nice way of saying "We've been doing this for years".) Predators (Fun, lots of action, characters you kind of give a damn about.) AVP 1 & 2 ( I personally didn't like them but if you did that's cool too ). The Predator 2018 (from the reviews and the comments here... I'll wait til it's on Netflix or TNT.)
  11. "Intake kit"? Curious minds want to know.
  12. 505thAirborne

    General TV thread

    Well if you're all caught up on Season 4, get a move on with season 5. Such a very addictive show!
  13. 505thAirborne

    General TV thread

    Just finished this season. I SOOOOOOOOO hope a season 6 & 7, perhaps an 8,9 & 10 are in the works. This season definitely a different vibe than the previous IMO, this one felt somehow darker. Hope the character Flip doesn't come back though, he got annoying quickly.