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  1. Someone at Bandai & Arcadia are asking "Who is the Model Making Genius?" Looks amazing Capt!!!
  2. I was going to but I think I'm just going to keep them for now. Since they're being Reissued it'll be easy for everyone to get one.
  3. I got both of mine from HLJ sometime ago, whatever the release price was is what I paid. Personally I think I got lucky on someone screwing up at Hasegawa. Now that said, none of my 1/48 VF-1S Roy, VF-1S/A Super or VF-1A/J Vermilion included any PE parts.
  4. Why be creative, let's just borrow from something that already exists! Home Alone Reboot Via Disney. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/home-alone-reboot-archie-yates-ellie-kemper-rob-delaney-1203432212/
  5. Comes with the Reaction missiles and my two kits had the Photo Etched parts included too.
  6. Sweet!! Hopefully you'll have some free time to make a quick video review.
  7. I hope Big Bird & Kermit are together again. I felt this was appropriate. RIP Caroll, thank you for the memories.
  8. I was enjoying the trailer until the kids were driving Ecto-1 & saw that it was written by Gil Kenan... I'll wait for reviews before seeing it.
  9. Love the pic Saburo!! WHEN they do make a Roy VF-1S I seriously hope Bandai has the good sense to include 3 pilots. TV Roy, DYRL Roy and a TV Hikaru. (One can wish for things right?)
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