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  1. Hey guys & gals, times are tough and some things need to go. Since I have a ton of Yamato 1/48's I don't feel to terrible in parting with my DX's, so for those who missed out on Max & Hikaru, here's a chance to grab one, plus I have some other older Odds & ends too. Lots of pics & if you need more please ask me. COVID-19 has screwed up a lot of things including International shipping, so it's USA only for these (expect a delay of a day or two in shipping). PRICES INCLUDE USA SHIPPING. USPS PRIORITY MAIL & A TRACKING NUMBER. ALL MY ITEMS COME FROM A PET & SMOKE FREE HOME. I DO NOT ABUSE OR EVER PLAY/SWOOSH THESE AROUND. ANY & ALL QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS YOU MIGHT HAVE, PLEASE ASK ME BEFORE FIRING OFF A PAYMENT REQUEST. MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP OUT. 1) Yamato 1/60 scale Miria 639 Power suit. For it's age the box isn't to bad (Used but not destroyed), joints are still tight, nothing feels floppy or loose. Might be some dust on it otherwise looks good overall. One of the better toys Yamato made. $185.00 Shipped. 2) Version 1 Yamato VF-1 ARMOR set. This is for the older version 1 VF-1's from Yamato. More of a collectors item than anything else these days, item this one is 95% complete in that it's missing one of the large Cartoonish looking fists BUT has the heat-shield needed to connect the chest armor. $50.00 SHIPPED. 3) BANDAI VF-171 ALTO Custom. Transformed it once to Battroid then back to fighter & into the box, been sitting there ever since. Everything should be there that it came with, Triangles are good, no signs of cracking so that's a plus!! The only issue I see is that a little tab that holds the wings in place, while the top broke off it doesn't see to effect the toy what so ever. Expect a slight blemish or two for an older toy, also it's Bandai so expect some joints to be super tight & some that are loose. Box is in pretty good shape. $165.00 Shipped. 4) Evolution Toys 1/60 SAP Armor set for the VF-2SS. This set was made especially for the Sylvie Gena 2SS. This set is in great shape, stickers were NEVER used/applied. I think I took some of the parts out for inspection but never applied to a toy. These sold out almost instantly & were a limited production. $145.00 Shipped. 5) Macross Delta Freyja Wion figure. Never opened, display or played with. $30.00 Shipped 6) BANDAI DX VF-1S Hikaru DYRL Valkyrie. (Everything is Included) This one has NEVER been transformed, played with or displayed. Simply opened for inspection. Still comes in the HLJ shipper box. SOLD 7) BANDAI DX VF-1A Max TV Series Valkyrie. (Everything is Included) This one was transformed once for some pictures to Battroid & back to the box, NEVER played with or even displayed. Still comes in the HLJ shipper box. $255.00 Shipped FOR THE DX VALKYRIES... SORRY FOLKS, I DO NOT HAVE ANY MISSILE SETS OR FAST PACKS. Lots of pics, Enjoy!!!
  2. That's what I would do, I haven't finished building my 1/48 kit yet but they are very well detailed... prefect for a UN Navy Squadron.
  3. Nice, these look awesome!!!! Are you making a Navy Low-Vis out your Hasegawa kit?
  4. I've used HLJ since 2007 and knock on wood no issues. They are my go to shop next to AmiAmi
  5. Well if NY does come to our forums, they should read this: Try to be HLJ or AmiAmi, I have never had any issues with them, even when I had to cancel a PO with AmiAmi they we're cool about it, I give both those good grades for shipping, comm & service. The more I see these posts about NY, I can see why I don't even acknowledge them for purchases even if it;s a TWE, for those who shelled out that huge sum of $$$ for the VF-0D, I certainly hope you get it. Bad enough they rammed a lot you with VF-31A fiasco.
  6. Almost forgot about this project, so yeah, same question... how's it progressing?
  7. Like others I;ll probably just wait til release date & see if I get lucky with HLJ. Usually you can snag one that day & pretty much at PO price. For right now my Yamato's will do nicely.
  8. Watched "Da 5 Bloods" on Netflix the other night. After Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman (which I really enjoyed) I was actually intrigued with this movie. Best way to sum it up is this "Spike had an idea & a story and then it just collapsed". The Huey was a poorly CGI'ed model, gun sound effects are almost muted at times, can't tell whether the M-16's/AK-47's were firing blanks or that was CGI too? The action scenes when there in Wartime Vietnam are borderline boring. You never really get a sense of this tight bond brotherhood or that the 5th member who died in the War was either the best friend you ever had or the bravest soldier of all time. It's implied yet you never see it unfold on screen. (The combat scenes from Dead Presidents is so superior to this movie it's criminal). The landmine field and few other shots were done well and the humor Spike threw in work well and I genuinely laughed. There is one scene where the main character almost loses it (mentally) on a boat and the actor nailed the scene, you feel his anger, anxiety, depression & regrets. Overall it's not a terrible movie but I feel Spike Lee would have been better off to quadruple check this story, what to keep & what to cut as the flow feels choppy at times and above all the runtime... 2-1/2 hours long.
  9. That's definitely the cheaper $$$ option!
  10. Yep, you'll need to wait for the Limited edition Hikaru TV 1S release!
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