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  1. Just finished watching this one. I highly recommend it and if Christina Applegate does not get an award for her acting... there's something wrong in the world.
  2. If I choose to see this, I'm gonna get high as hell first!
  3. Take away that pointy finger part and those hands were great, they actually locked and gripped the bloody rifle. (Now of course, fixed pose just hands just rule!)
  4. HALO came to mind first but yeah that's Robotech 3000... when you're truly desperate for ideas.
  5. I've been wanting to see this one for a while now, the very end is not how I hoped it would have ended but overall a very good movie, the animation is topnotch and the story is pretty good too. Available on Netflix right now.
  6. Well with Fear the Walking Dead being a total dumpster fire so far, good thing for this show. So far, not to shabby.
  7. While not officially mentioned, I'm sure Bandai has this on their to do list.
  8. I just now noticed that. I guess that means if you want a Kite emblem you'll have to wait for the official TV style Fast Pack sets. So you know what that means:
  9. You missed out on a "Class A Sh-t Storm" last night. Sold Out incredibly fast.
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