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  1. The first movie was fun and that's where it could have ended.
  2. Wouldn't that be nice! And if it's next year, plenty of time to save up some $$$.
  3. Looking good everyone! A couple quick shots of the 31A & 19. Pretty much calling the Kairos done, while the 19 has a few more additions to add on.
  4. Good to see you on the forums again even if just here & there.
  5. This news must be big & making it's way across the world, even @Duke Togo popped in!
  6. After being denied all these years it would be a nice start. Get it to where Bluray's & DX toys become a thing and I'll be super stoked!
  7. I know this news just dropped but does this mean buying a toy or model kit here in the states will be an actual thing?
  8. This is a good thing right...? HG still being involved makes me uneasy, I don't trust them.
  9. Hi all, does anyone here in the States have a spare box of these display stands you're willing to part with? Looking to avoid overseas shipping costs at the moment.
  10. Nice!!!!!! Glad you could finally get a new set!
  11. To much good stuff going on here lately, I love it!! Good to see some Tomcats & VF-1's in the works... and yes, the missiles are a royal pain. It's been raining for two days now and my camera is just awesome with indoor light (#sarcasm), tomorrow should be dry & sunny for better pics. Here's my VF-19 Advance & VF-31A so far. I went the Bandai DX route with the decals for the VF-19... I figured why not. The Kairos is almost done, one more key element needs to arrive for the 19 to be completed.
  12. @Lolicon Thank you!! This particular Armor came with the Yamato VF-1J Hikaru sets. I like the color of the Armor too, has that nice grey-green finish. @tekering I'm one of those crazy people who likes the Yamato 1/48 better for fighter mode. If this month is good $$$ wise I might just grab the DX and have that one for Battroid, can't argue that the DX rules in that mode & Gerwalk.
  13. As usual I miss out on the deal of the year! Congrats to who will now own this masterpiece.
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