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  1. Your skills are top-notch, so I'm expecting great things from this project!
  2. I got into collecting the Mospeada toys late in the game, not til like 2012.I bought all the poseable Soldier mode Alphas. The Beta's I managed to get for really cheap both here on MW & the RT store when there were on sale a few years back. If someone puts up the Red & Green Alpha for a decent price I'd get them.
  3. Awesome group shot! I have all 3 Betas including an extra Blue Beta and Scott's Alpha. Never did get the Red or Green one though...
  4. 505thAirborne

    Hi-Metal R

    I love my VF-2SS (x4) & the Monster, it's the perfect size IMO. Now bring on some Mac Plus & Mac Zero Valks.
  5. This is still on my to buy list, congrats on getting one!!
  6. Damn right you're not, you put that Armored VF-1A right back on the shelf & enjoy it!!
  7. I saw that and scratched my head for a moment, I guess when you just have to have it. @Lolicon Me, I could. The 31A might be one of my favorite Valk designs/color scheme at this point... but not at that price.
  8. Only 60,000 yen, I better hurry up before someone else grabs it!
  9. So I guess we're back to "One of these Days" someone with skills like Captain America will design a Hover Tank.
  10. The Classic's are never forgotten. Money is tight for me these days but I would break the bank in an instant for A-ko figures!
  11. Picked up another Project A-ko book and a vintage metal pencil holder. Sure wish someone would make an "All New" 1/6th set of A-ko, B-ko & C-ko figures.
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