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  1. Very nice!!!! Okie dokie then, guess I need a set now!
  2. While my Wallet is a bit light right now, if it were a Max VF-1S I'd go for it!
  3. This is the one Valk that I would have no issue with being a Parts former. Kind of useless if Battroid looks damn near perfect but fighter mode is iffy or Vice Versa... If swapping out parts makes perfection possible, I say do it.
  4. Thanks @Lolicon I used the pilot from one of my Hasegawa kits. I completely forgot the head arrows are supposed to be black, easy fix!!
  5. I decided to give this old Valkyrie a little extra detailing, some simple panel lining, a change here & there and now I finally have a 1/48 TV Roy Focker VF-1S to display. Not 100% perfect but I like it. Thanks to @Lolicon for the inspiration, your customs are impressive. Now I just need a better camera.
  6. I'm going to patiently wait to see the Official release pics of what this 21 looks like before ripping it a new one. So far at the end of the day I like it, but it still has room for improvements. Am I going to get it? Indeed!
  7. Never thought I would enjoy this series but it's pretty damn good, I recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.
  8. I completely agree, you hate to see a good show end but nothing worse than it getting really stale or boring/lazy hack writing. Better to end on a high note. I'm probably way off on this but I feel that BoJack is going out the way of his hero Secretariat in this finale. If it turns into a happy ending I'm good with that too.
  9. This was a show I never had any interest in watching when the first season released, I only watched it one day cause I figured there's nothing else on. This is now without question my Top 5 favorite series of all time, going to be sad to see it end. It's been a hell of ride though!!
  10. And Gone!!!!!!!!!
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this review, nicely done Jenius!
  12. You would think for a kit this size & price, that the details would be equal to the old Club-B Resin kit. And I agree with @peter Boosters look way to big and I feel the Skull emblem is undersized.
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