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  1. When the Books & Movies weren't enough, now there's this: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/harry-potter-live-action-tv-series-in-early-development-at-hbo-max-exclusive Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that executives have had a series of meetings with writers with the goal of bringing the blockbuster franchise to television.
  2. Looks great, nicely painted. For the price Sentinel is charging the figure should come like this right out of the box.
  3. Nice! So here's the question FTW, any improvements from the first release?
  4. NICE!! I have UN SPACY & Skulls on my cycling helmet too.
  5. Excellent transaction with @Corrinald, great packing and speedy shipping! Thank you again for awesome deal. Let the custom work begin!
  6. Probably not, typical Bandai. But have no fear another re-issue of Alto's YF-29 will be re-released again shortly.
  7. Welcome aboard. Looks great & an awesome build!
  8. Love it! This is the one DX I sure wish Bandai would reissue.
  9. I blame that car commercial for this one.
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