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  1. Your in luck, I saw AmiAmi is taking orders again for these as well as HLJ . AmiAmi shows late May for its restock.
  2. 505thAirborne

    Hi-Metal R

    Well technically neither exist at this point!
  3. 505thAirborne

    Hi-Metal R

    https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1133668847&ref=list&keyword=Macross&lang=en If anyone wanted a 1/100 Ozma VF-25S to go with their HMR collection, here ya go!
  4. this ^^ I mean it in all seriousness, I am happy to hear you are still in this good place $$$ wise and may it stay that way for you & your family. Many of my customers have had to cancel their orders or delay til next month. So model building & hiking local trails are keeping me sane right now. Keep those hands washed everyone!! (Hot water & bar soap, Dawn, Palmolive, Lava, etc works just fine)
  5. @derex3592 Thank you my friend and I'm going to keep that hashtag handy for future use! I think if I get some plastic strips I can make replacements for those canons, decals I'll have to get creative. @electric indigo Think of the times we all said "man I wish I had more free time work on my model kits", well here we are with plenty of free time now. As long as the hobby shop stays open we're all good! And to everyone here, your projects are looking amazing, keep it up!!!
  6. So just as I was about to take some pics of my SDF-1 the wind picked up outside and the backdrop I had setup acted as a sail and the Macross fell over, note the missing tips on the Cannons, super bummed but I think I can fix all of that. Definitely not finished yet but she's getting there. So for now a couple of quick pics. Also, somehow I missing some of the decals to this kit and will have to find some, hopefully I don't have to buy a whole new one.
  7. Since I'm stuck indoors now a days it's a good excuse to keep my self busy besides still working from home. I finally ordered some Tamiya paint so I could continue on my 1/4000 SDF-1 kit. Slow and steady but it'll get done! Stay sane everyone!!
  8. Angel Bird & a Cannon Fodder...
  9. This would make WAY to much sense however Bandai would mostly like do them as separate releases so they can tampo the cockpits with the correct names. TV Fast Packs would be great for eventual Cannon Fodder 1A's!
  10. Glad I still have my Yamato 1/48 DYRL Kakizaki & Fast Pack set... easy pass for me on this DX. I'll keep holding out for a Roy TV 1S, VF-1D & some Cannon Fodders.
  11. Not exactly music, yet it's a messed up world right now. For the next 11 minutes Eunha will make you smile!
  12. Great pose @Kuma Style @valhary Those SMS missile pods look great on the YF-19!
  13. With your skills it would look awesome, still impressed by those Vajra figures!
  14. The 1/2000 Prototype is really hard to come by and be prepared for the price tag. Hope you can find one, it's the ultimate SDF-1.
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