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  1. Saw this pic online the other day, realized it was a Manga & Anime.... so I started watching it and frankly I am enjoying it. Not for everyone but a nice break from all things Mecha & explosions.
  2. Just for Schlitz & Giggles I have three of these for sale in the "For Sale" section if anyone is interested. (Or if you don't want to wait for Sept.)
  3. Great builds everyone, keep'em coming!!
  4. So after some revisions & a few do-overs, I came up with this. Haven't done any serious coloring in a while so I'm pretty happy with this one.
  5. You should send this pic to Bandai with a message attached " Dear Bandai, please come to your senses and re-issue these two Valks, pretty please with sugar on top!"
  6. BSG for sure, I only watched season 1 of The Expanse but I really liked it, I seriously need to catch up on that one.
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