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  1. Thanks everyone. Indeed I have sold most of my collections recently as I need to move on to a newer stage of my life. Nevertherless, I have kept a 1/60 v2 ve-1 and the half-done project base on my workstation and will make it ready to complete this dream. Thanks for everyone who supported me in this project.
  2. This is simply amazing! I do have a plan to do the same thing but my time just stop me in the mid. Best wishes to the completition and the progress so far is indeed impressive!
  3. Just got delayed by my work. I hope I can give an update shortly
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry for letting you wait. The processing of some parts are more diffcult that I thought. Now I complete every parts and painting is in pogress. A big update will be provided here in the weekend.
  5. Thanks, bro for your constant support. I finished a few other parts and now try to assemble them together. Will update pictures within a couple of days!
  6. Guys, thanks a lot for your kind support! Updated and kindly check!
  7. Thanks bro for your translation. You sure that is non-transforming? Or it is just not perfect-transforming? If non-transform, a bit pitty.
  8. Thanks man for your kind words. After the VE-1, I will surely think about that. Thanks man for your great support. This time I have a very nice tool and support backup and will accomplish this project as quickly as possible. Thanks brother. Your work always impress me and thanks for your support. Actually I have completed the tailfin design and posted in a previous thread. Now I am resizing the VE-1 head (my previous design is a bit small) and find a proper way to fix the fast pack mount. Kindly stay tuned. Thanks man. I will make it ready as soon as possible.
  9. Back to MWF project No 2: 1/48 2-seat structure for VT and VE type Cost me a while to complete the design and intial testing. Still got some trimming to do but roughly there it is. Now working on the canopy and may redesign the nose (shorten it a bit) and will integrate with my previous VE-1 design and paint a prototype. Special thanks given to claude grant Bud, thanks for always being supportive. Without your encouragement, I dont think I have the momentum to go to this step! To all buds, comments are welcome and help me bump!!
  10. Ryo's VF-5000 and VA-3 models are truly epic! Look forward to the scaled-up version!!
  11. Hi Guys, Haven't been posting anything here for a while. Got a bit more time recently to be back to the wonderful macross world. My first custom is a simple painting of one 1/60 lancer II kit. Check pictures below. Also try to sell it cheap here: (click me)
  12. Sorry to know that and do hope everything goes back to normal as fast and smooth as possible!
  13. Totally understand, bro. I am having 1/48 ve-1 hanging for 1 year, haha. Awesome work!
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