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  1. Thanks. I will put it on shapeways shortly. Stay tuned!
  2. Updated! The scale is very good! The fitting to fighter mode is ... also quite nice I think. If you guys want one, I will make it available at shapeways.
  3. Yes, FDM version is just for batt mode scale fitting. Yesterday I adjusted the helmet slightly to fit the fighter mode. Now printing using SLA material to check the fighter mode. Stay tunned.
  4. 1/60 VF-4G Head Commander Type Just printed using PLA to check the scale, generally fine. Will print it shortly using SLA and share with you guys pictures. Will put it in Shapeways shortly.
  5. Thanks everyone. Indeed I have sold most of my collections recently as I need to move on to a newer stage of my life. Nevertherless, I have kept a 1/60 v2 ve-1 and the half-done project base on my workstation and will make it ready to complete this dream. Thanks for everyone who supported me in this project.
  6. Two thumbs up for yman1437Nice communication, fast payment, and great patience.
  7. This is simply amazing! I do have a plan to do the same thing but my time just stop me in the mid. Best wishes to the completition and the progress so far is indeed impressive!
  8. Just got delayed by my work. I hope I can give an update shortly
  9. A super smooth transaction with CoreyDfor a 1/60 thunder hammer kit. Enjoy the kit and nice to do business with you, bro.
  10. Two thumbs up for Mazingerprompt payment, great patience, and nice communication.
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry for letting you wait. The processing of some parts are more diffcult that I thought. Now I complete every parts and painting is in pogress. A big update will be provided here in the weekend.
  12. Thanks, bro for your constant support. I finished a few other parts and now try to assemble them together. Will update pictures within a couple of days!
  13. Two thumb up for liulin04Nice and smooth transaction!
  14. Guys, thanks a lot for your kind support! Updated and kindly check!
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