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  1. i was gone due to heavy work on a future french science fiction tv series and when i get back i can see all this beautiful work you've done ! congratulations Mech-Tech !!
  2. impressive .. most impresssive it's a very very great work mechtech
  3. Dont' forget that the prototypes for those one where hand made. my VF-11b didn't broke after about 100 transformations it still fille, no stress marks etc... I think this "problem" depends of the one that transform it .. or the way it's transformed.
  4. well only recents MG kits have inner frame .. (the first zeta have not, for example)
  5. "courage" you've made a wonderfull work till then, so it'll work and be a masterpiece ! i'm waiting for next week to see more photos
  6. excatly what i'm thinking / hoping
  7. I think you have missed an entire thread lol the fact is that bandai will make Macross F toys and models because they have the licence. Yamato or hasegawa will have to wait. Yamato still have the licence for other Macross products.
  8. You should read this thread : http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=25156
  9. It's the 1/200 valk collection by yamato : http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=25248
  10. More 1/3 than 1/5 1/3 => 150cm 1/5 => 250 cm anyway she's quite big i'm wondering how much she will cost ?
  11. isamu_dyson

    Macross Revoltech

    This "rumor" is a consequence of what i've been told by some who works at organic. maybe they succeed into finding a deal with toynami. Anyway i'm very happy to see the new macross revotech figures comes true
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