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  1. Ive always thought that more than any other VF the VF-4 LOOKS the most like a Sci-Fi Space Fighter to me. EVen as the fighters get more advanced, they still look like Earth planes, just advanced. The 4 looks like it BELONGS in space.
  2. Have they ever talked about how the missile launches work in Macross? Like a trigger pull on the stick, doe sit fire a barrage of, say, 10 micro missiles at the enemy? Or is it always "FIRE EVERYTHING" and then we get the missile spam. I mean they have a limited supply of missiles, I would assume they dont want to run out to quickly....
  3. I realized recently that I had basically been calling the world at the end of Frontier 'Vajra" when discussing it, but I think I made that up in my head. Its never called anything other than 'The Vajra Homeworld" is it? We never discover what the Frontier colonists named it? And whats the weird rocky shell thing around it?
  4. Cheers for the answers! Didn't the 22 internalize the hand gunpods? he leg shields were deeper or something with the gun ports at the front. I may be remembering that wrong... From M3: "2 x Howard BP-14D multipurpose gun pods OR 2 x Hughes/GE GV-17L new standard internal cartridge-less gatling gun pods featuring retractable grip/stealth covers mounted in 8 x hard point weapon stations (mounted left/right internal ventral fuselage in Fighter mode or inside leg storage bay cover panels and/or manipulators in GERWALK/Battroid modes)"
  5. This may have never been mentioned anywhere, but do you think all the Fast Packs and weapons and such that get ejected and discarded by fighters have trackers on them for recovery? It would seem quite expensive to be losing them everytime the pilot ejects them into space and flies off to save The Girl.
  6. Y'all are making wish I had $400 to blow on this bad boy.
  7. The Mecha poll is more interesting if you just make it one of each ship type (IMO) 1 - YF-19 Alpha 1 2 - VF-1 Valkyrie 3 - YF-29 Durandel 4 - VF-19 Excalibur 5 - VF-31 Siegfried 6 - VF-25 Messiah 7 - SDF-1 Macross 8 - VB-6 Konig Monster 9 - HWR-00-MKII Monster 10 - YF-21 Bravo 1 11 - SV-262 Draken 12 - Macross Quarter 13 - VF-27 Lucifer 14 - VF-0 Phoenix 15 - Regult 16 - VF-22 Sturmvogel II 17 - Battle Frontier 18 - SLV-11 Daedalus 19 - VF-4 Lightning III 20 - MBR-04-MKVI Tomahawk 21 - VF-171 Nightmare 22 - VF-11 MAXL 23 - Glaug 24 - Macross Quarter 25 - Ghost X9
  8. Ive done a lot of that recently. Im down to just the stuff I want to keep unfortunately
  9. This looks gorgeous. But yeah I cant justify the price sadly.
  10. Im not 100% sure I agree with that. My read on Mirage was that she was an excellent pilot, but not as good as many others because of the pressure she was under from herself and others because of her name and heritage. Messer told her she was too 'By the book" or some such I think. I think by the end of the series we have seen a Mirage who has loosened up a lot and learned to stand on her own feet and for who she is. I wouldn't be surprised to learn she went on to great things. Maybe she will never be as good as her Grandparents, but I think she would be an excellent pilot in her own right.
  11. inflatable was meant to be Unflyable. Apparently my phone doesn't like that phrase. im unclear what those 2 control systems you mentioned are? That said i get the idea; little gain for much loss. understood. Also, I suppose the 29 DOES fly into Atmo with its super packs on... but then it has minor additions that are tightly conformed to the aerodynamics of the plane already.
  12. Is there any reason a 25 or 31 couldn’t fly in Atmo with their Fast Packs, minus the wing packs? The control surfaces would still be free, and while there would be extra drag, it wouldn’t be unflyable would it?
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