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  1. The moment I knew this was crap was after 5 minutes of seeing nothing but Netflix anime footage being filtered in and nothing more so I gave up and watched some Gundam.
  2. Anyone know where there might be a digital scan of the rgm-79gs master grade? I know it’s similar to the colony version until you get to the backpack.
  3. You mean S4 if Lazar is correct anyways. Speaking of which has anyone seen the netflix documentary with him that came out? It didn't feel like they touched on anything new, didn't even really go in depths of what happened to him back in the 1980's. I'd say the only thing that came to light of relevance was the use of hand scanning technology that the military claimed never existed back then finally being revealed. I was like "wait, that's it?"
  4. I think it's awesome and I'm sure somewhere there will be a Palmer/Kent moment in there either by Routh on script or by the other characters. Now the reality of it...I haven't been excited much at all by the crossovers in recent years. Like last year we were shown tons of photos of Shipp dawning the red suit again for Flash and what happened? 2 minutes at best of screen time? It was fairly disappointing. The year before that was fairly decent, alternate nazi evil versions of all the characters from Earth X, it was fun for sure. Before that was the Invasion which I felt was a mess. So this potentially being the final crossover of the CWverse has gotten me sort of sad and sort of excited to see what's going to happen and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best as this also counts as one of the final episodes of Arrow which got me all into this franchise.
  5. I got my copy last night in the mail and I went straight to the extras cause that's what fascinates me more than most films. I think we got a pretty good idea that Cameron really wanted a well rounded and as faithful as possible film of Alita. It's interesting to hear him say that it was almost like a coin flip between it and Avatar and the only reason he chose Avatar was for the motion capturing mechanics needing to be really put to the test and Avatar being a 99% CGI film made better use than Alita would. Or the 2005 Artistic Reel was kind of interesting....won't go into to much details to spoil it but they were changing some aspects while being very anime. I mean there was some really cool stuff and I really do hope that Cameron and crew make another film focusing on Alita becoming a member of the Tuned, her encounters with Figure, hell start it out with the end of her motorball championship which ends in a celebration where Zapan comes for his revenge with the help of Nova stealing Alita's beserker body leading to her becoming a member of the Tuned hunting Nova who had recently been banished by Zalum for his illegal experimentations or something. Do THAT and I'd be in it for another 10 years wait.
  6. But you could argue that one wouldn’t let the other sacrifice themselves and this when Barton had no other choice to let Nat fall he in turned didn’t stop her. I dunno. all I can say is moving damn quick to get more revenue even though they’re re-releasing the film with 6 stupid more minutes of footage.
  7. Devil Gundam. Get a second mortgage for that thing hah. im interested in the dominance but not right this moment. I heard a few local modelers cry and complain that the price is to high for a HG. I quickly swatted them. “You have bought a Neo Zeong and I think it’s nothing but fluff so shut up!”
  8. Some years back I remember watching movies of people talking about the US having a space force in the army and a force within the navy and the army denies the naval existence while the navy side is supposedly the most advanced. Ships that dwarf the Macross kind of size. i shrugged a lot of that stuff and didn’t believe it, then one day there was talk of disclosure approaching from an elderly man who worked for a number of military aerial contractors and even helped in the space program. low and behold trump brings up the space force and I was like “wait a damn minute....”
  9. Guess they never heard of the three seashells
  10. I’ve had a lot of friends go so far and one of them was the first to go before the opening and it’s actually really inspired her since she came back and after the video was released talk about it.
  11. not to mention the acting all sounds flat from everyone, but maybe cause it's a preview. I honestly was hoping Cold Forge would of gotten an audio drama not a different take on Alien 3. But I'll buy it anyways.
  12. How’d all this go wrong? I mean we didn’t even want a live action sonic. Mario, MK2 and doom should of been enough to realize this. Damn you detective pikachu! This is your fault
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