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  1. Hikuro

    Announcing Macross Aria: a CGI fan film project

    Necro POSTING!!!!!! I was just thinking about this project yesterday while coming home from work and thought "Damn......gotta do something about that one." it had always nomed at my soul really. I need to find the cable to my old hard drive and see what I can dig up.
  2. Saw it Thursday night going in all “eh” avoiding trailers, tv spots and reviews of any variety and honestly I enjoyed it way more than I did TLJ. Wasn’t amazing, but god it flowed and worked better. Some fans are just asses.
  3. Hikuro

    DC CW Television Universe

    Don’t think killed off but at least gone, the kid has been a pretty worthless character overall showing up in very few episodes and mostly being a whiner. Overall I’m just getting tired of all of these shows, I’m seeing them starting to go into a SJW kind of way, and I’m just not that comfortable in that as it feels forced and poorly executed.
  4. Hikuro

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Hmmmm now I’m getting interested in BWs again. btw anyone noticed that figures are in short supply lately? Every store I’ve got since TRUs announced shut down has come up fairly barren minus studio figures which even those are in short supply. Walmart, target, fredmyers, anywhere with a toy department is virtually empty. One store even had tags on their generations pegs saying “temporarily unavailable”
  5. Hikuro

    Toys R Us files Chapter 11

    I’ll probably go on a Star Wars splurge at my locations. There’s at least 3 stores in an hour drive from my home. Might even buy some legos for once in my life who knows!
  6. Really annoys me how they blew thru this show. There were enough episodes they could of finished this by the time solo came out
  7. have not seen it, infact I should go downstairs to see if my DVR even recorded it in a bit, I've been eagerly awaiting for it to come back on since the cliff hanger.
  8. Changed things around a bit too. Raph is now the leader and doesn't carry his trademark sais. Leo is the "Cool kid", Mikey is "artistic", and Donny....well.......he'll never change. Not too mention if I remember right each turtle is a different breed.
  9. Hikuro

    Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    they're completely different in every aspect. I don't think the VF-1 is a horrible kit....I've built two since it came out in 2013. I thought the first time I built it, yeah pile of crap, hated it with a passion. But then once day last year I got bored so I ordered another one and rebuilt it remembering the issues I had from the first one. Second time I built it, came out a lot better. I remembered to glue a few areas to keep the parts in place, trimmed some areas for better fitting, and since then I really haven't had any issues that turned me off from playing with it once in a bluemoon. Infact, I'd actually like to do another one and do a custom job to it.
  10. Hikuro

    Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    looks like you need to play with the airgap a bit on the supports then if you're having to much issue. Also heat settings. I can see that white area bubbling....that always happened to me if the part is on there for a long period of time and the bed is to hot. God I wanna work on this.
  11. Hikuro

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    1/72 scale works fine for me, if anyone has a Bandai model knows it’s a decent size for something like this. Sculpt looks decent, lots of detail I wouldn’t of expect to see. So this is a maybe for me mainly cause I’m broke as always.