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  1. Well after hearing that the Seige Cybertron line is done and moving to Earth version, gotta tell ya I'm pretty bummed out. There were still so many more characters we could of gotten in cybertronian modes like Bee, Wheeljack, Jazz, Sunstreaker, and so much more.
  2. You know what would of made this crossover even more epic? :P if Diggle got his ring! Well I just saw Batwoman tonight, and wow.....I didn't like it...there's to much to list as to why but it just failed completely to capture me like the other shows did when they first aired. Chances are, I'm gonna probably stay away from this show in general.
  3. I scored Luke’s helmet and boy was I disappointed. There was some obvious QC misses from the assembly line that I gotta fix and it’s rather small along with lacking a retractable visor. At least it’s not uncomfortably small like the poe helmet.
  4. I haven’t been keeping up on releases on Oct 4th. There a lost somewhere of what’s coming out besides a black series Luke Skywalker helmet?
  5. Yeah sadly this wasn’t all that good. I mean if it were some other character that’d be one thing but as a Rambo movie that’s a big no from me.
  6. That’s kinda what Stallone said it would be so I’ll see it.
  7. Do you want a divorce? cause this is how you get a divorce. I played the face hugged joke on my ex in her sleep. That’s why she is now the ex.
  8. There wasn’t a ton that I was excited for from the direct show but I did see a lot of potentially good titles I may consider. Though I DID purchase FF8 and running into some performance issues like being unable to make a selection when something ques up for a minute or two thinking the game froze.
  9. I finished it, well struggled honestly. Lots of cheap visuals that ruined it for me and the gilfry with a lack of expressions for today’s animatronics and cgi was disappointing. I guess I expected a lot more but oh well.
  10. First season goes from a couple months before episode 7 directly into episode 7 so season 2 will be directly side by side with episode 8.
  11. The moment I knew this was crap was after 5 minutes of seeing nothing but Netflix anime footage being filtered in and nothing more so I gave up and watched some Gundam.
  12. Anyone know where there might be a digital scan of the rgm-79gs master grade? I know it’s similar to the colony version until you get to the backpack.
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