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  1. I read the first issue and I sorta don’t like it. Picard being an admiral is fine, I hate his first officer, and the way they’ve written Picard feels very off of his character. While it’s nice the Odyssey class is now “cannon” they’ve royally screwed the timeline from its development
  2. Think this is one of two reasons why GE is sorta been dead. People wanna do the ROTR experience, and they also wanna be trying out the resort hotel that'll be coming next. Once these are done that's when I think we can see attendance going up to get that "Star Wars" feel. I know I've mostly been slacking off on getting the money cause I wanna get the fun factor as much as possible. I wanna spend more than a couple hours there for sure.
  3. I didn't mind the 2014 film as it tried to be some what different and worked off of some of the original content that they wanted to do in the older films but didn't fit right. Such as how much man versus machine there was with murphy, the question about the right arm which was also done in the comic books at one point seeing a robocop production line and there was someone with his right arm still attached to mechanisms in the chassis. I'm curious to see how this take on the original RC will go as Peter Weller is far to old and not the least bit interested in reprising the role these days, Robert Burke is still heavily active in the acting world and he doesn't look to old to place the part, or I guess just someone entirely new?
  4. Yes the click bait is horrendous and everywhere. Pick a hot topic and speak something to engage the trolls and hurt fan boys tearing into a coffee mug. i usually will mark these on my YouTube account to eliminate as much of it from my feeds as possible. I have completely different outlook on these movies let alone the franchise and I don’t need these dweebs in my life like a bad ex
  5. Lol it’s gonna be so dumb I’ll have to watch it
  6. I’ve got slow load times and not able to add things to my watch list.
  7. Happened to mine after the big cross country move. I haven’t had time to fix it but also don’t got the damn room to display it.
  8. Which is interesting cause it knocked Joker off number 1 and forecast for 24-27 million opening weekend which is modest to me for the time being. Alot of the "review-tubers" are being critical over the legacy stuff. Granted there were a couple things I wasn't to fond over but I can get past them. The movie was leaps and bounds better than Genisys, Salvation and Rise of the Machines in my opinion.
  9. Saw the film a bit ago. This answered a lot of theories, brought new ones, visuals were tighter than the trailers, and leaves the door open wide for new films and possibilities.
  10. weekly episode release. A lot of streaming sites are going to start doing this now to help keep the number of subscribers a bit more steady and avoid the 1 week free fiascos they keep having. But at the same time unlike a lot of the big cable networks they won't be doing a couple episodes then have a month long break or a 2 month long break. We'll get an episode each week like clock work.
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