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  1. I’ve actually still got my thrilling rat trap and rhinos and no intentions to replace them with the kingdom line. In fact besides missing airazor and tigatron I pretty much got the maximal cast collected and I think they all look good together.
  2. ordered Galvy, Rodi & Scorpi. That's pretty much all I'm caring over. I liked my old Generations tracks so I'll be good there. Don't care for the Ark and I'm very satisfied with my old Generations Rhinox.
  3. I was able to go to Toy Dojo but I had a really hard time trying to gauge what was there and of course they don't price tag anything so I wasn't gonna be like grabbing every box and asking the price and working my way around on what I wanted lol. I did however manage to score MP Sunstreaker which was a must, and I grabbed Optus, they had a few of them left so I figured for sure. I actually really like him, I'm not sure where I'm gonna put him since he doesn't exactly fit into anything, but I thought he was really neat. I'm glad though he came with an extra pair of digits cause one of them
  4. yeah it's toy dojo. Last time I was in there they had a few interesting things, I think some Fans Hobby stuff and some MMC's but it's been a month or two since I last went there....it's quite the drive. But this has given me some ideas on what to look for so I appreciate it.
  5. K....so this might be a tall order. Saturday I'm going out to a little toy shop in Austin that specializes in Transformers, but also namely in 3rd party goods. Is there anything I should take a particular look at getting? Most of my collection ranges in the generations-seige lineup, but I do dabble once in a bluemoon in MP like figures. Mainly looking for stuff that HasTak hasn't released character wise or even seem to be going in that direction.
  6. That to me is a hell of a lot sharper looking than what it was long ago seeing how they were SD sorta looking. I may end up just getting this just for the hell of it since I enjoy side scrollers, and I do like the new graphics.
  7. surprised there hasn't been anyone voicing their opinions on the show thus far. I just finished watching all 7 episodes and I feel, the show has some potential but it really seems to just drag on....7 episodes that could of very easily been done in 3, maybe 4 and given us some more with the remaining 3-4 episodes. Im not saying this was bad, but it certainly didn't feel good and didn't capture what made Pacific Rim a cult hit when first released 8 years ago. I do hope the series continues and maybe give us a little more than 7 episodes and a bit more action.
  8. I'm wondering if he gets a sword as some kind of a nod to him in the Regeneration One series, just missing his shield.
  9. I think i understand what she was trying to convey, but feel that the way she approached and chosen to reference was an ill choice. However people have been clambering for her termination for quite some time over the last 6 months. Sometimes you gotta step back cause which is more important in this business? bringing out your political views which are in opposition to the changing environment? Or, getting to continue working on projects that could open up big opportunities?
  10. Agreed. Local Walmart is moving inventory for spring stuff and there were 5 Netflix wheel jacks and a few dinky cyber verse figures and nothing else. when I went to Target yesterday they were pretty much just empty of anything but 1 kingdom prime figure and bumblebee junk.
  11. I mean in all fairness Cara’s contribution to S2 wasn’t much but it was at least more than Karga.
  12. These last two days I’ve been really great for figure purchases. Amazon sent out cyclonus and I just love this guy. While on my way home from work I picked up Primal at a local Walmart. And yeah like stated, there’s some quirks I’m not to fond of but he’ll go well with what beast wars figures I’ve collected in the generations line up. then today I was told by a forum member on tfw of another Walmart down the rod having Jazz, Blurr and Hot rod studio figures. So I got those three picked up without issue. I really feel like that these figures will probably be the last I’ll collect once
  13. I just got Netflix Soundwave and Elita-1, considering that I was fairly happy with the what was it, power of the primes Arcee? I decided to skip Earthrise and wait when Elita was released. Yeah, I'm not a fan of her overall transformation being a shell former sort to speak. But Soundwave I think is a rather fun toy. There's a few things kind of stiff in the transformation such as cover parts on the legs that then peg into his side during cassette mode. And I feel bad for totally missing out on Rumble and Frenzy and Ratbat to help complete the cassette addons.
  14. Most people have a full measure of life... and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up... at one time... in one place... you can accomplish something... glorious.
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