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  1. Man, the blu-ray anniversary release from some years back....I remember they blurred out and edited two "gory" scenes and I believe the audio was slightly altered since it was originally a mono track. Those things tend to happen when old animated films are brought back. Look at Gundam, when the films were released on DVD then again on Blu-ray, the audio track originally mono had to be touched up in order to used on modern televisions and sound systems giving a very out of place styling that didn't work well with the animation. When I had worked on the fandub of DYRL back 10 years ago, I actually was able to rip a number of the sound effects and ambient tracks from the original Macross series and it was clearly Mono. So I went into Audacity on my end and I added the right channel to the left channel and cleaning up what I could thus turning the sounds from mono to stereo. Some sounds slipped by me though and I could hear it later after post going "DAMN! I screwed up there.......well I'm not going back!"
  2. Can they put nipples on his tomb stone? Make it sexier.
  3. I’ll be all over that cyclonus for sure. Makes me wonder if we’d get a galvatron, or new sweeps but I’d doubt it....this line seems to almost be a blink and you’ll miss it.
  4. It certainly adds to that old Kenner feel of slap any animal to a Xenomorph. Has anyone tried predator hunting grounds? I picked up a PC digital copy for 20 bucks and sort of mixed feelings. The tutorials are awful and there just isn’t a lot to do in the game since it requires you to level up your account to unlock more goods. But also have encountered a lot of bugs and cheaters.
  5. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/110600. Saw the listing for this on my email from BBTS and I'm scratching my head cause this came out of no where....and was just like WTF?
  6. I caught this yesterday and gave it a watch. Personally I don’t like the Dark series, and personally was losing interest in this whole franchise of “new 52” series of films with the whole Batman or justice league versus stuff. And the story didn’t make sense to me. I don’t know if I missed something like another movie or what! But things were mentioned I don’t ever recall happening.
  7. Wow nicely done, I would love to print replacement parts for my MZ23pt2 Garland, get it back into fighting shape. My printer is busy making a B-1 Battledroid but I might be able to poke a friend to use his resin printer to make a smoother print.
  8. You sir, are a travesty. Love episodes showing how this war affects the clones. i thought the story arc was great and I’m sure now we’ll be focusing on Ashoka being in the depths of corasent.
  9. Well maybe just maybe next Thursday will be better?
  10. Friday’s episode is gonna be another fun one and really looking forward to it.
  11. I wonder if mark will probe Alan for advice. But the cast seems pretty amazing.
  12. Oh, and here's another thing, I was researching a bit about Legion, and the Terminator Wiki which has got some stuff wrong in it......mentions that Tim Miller provided his voice as Legion suggesting there's some kind of a scene....but I'm not finding anything like that to see where in the world that information came from. Nothing on youtube or anything to confirm this.
  13. So I noticed something while watching the film again, they used the Genisys T-800 CG model as you can clearly see the most distinctive change between it and the original T-800 design, and that was the chest region carrying the Cyberdyne aesthetic. Which to me says 1 of 2 possible things. 1) Laziness on the visual effects team for incorporating something from a now un-cannon movie. 2) This version of the T-800 originally is from the Genisys timeline or parallel. And the reason I say Number 2 is because IF the death of John causes the reset moving from Skynet to Legion and an alternate timeline exists, then Sarah Connor would not of been killing T-800's over the next 20 years as that design technically would never of existed. This movie seems to suggest that Rev 9 equivalent Terminators were the standard norm during the war in 2040's. This also to me seems solid as the Rev9 and Carl have a conversation of being from two different timelines.
  14. I still think he's going to be one of the worst choice of actors for the role since George Clooney or Val Kilmer.
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