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  1. While I was talking to one of my bosses (he's number 2 in the chain of command....heh number 2.....) I noticed he had some trek stuff in his cabinets and right on his desk was the eaglemoss XL discovery. He said he got it from a family member recently and so I got to take a good look at it. Wasn't bad in person, I mean I'm still not a fan of the ship at all, but was kind of impressed with the size. I'm sort of on the fence with this, do I really even wanna bother collecting these or what? I'm more interested in getting the enterprise line up and maybe that Avante class. I dunno. obviously though the smaller ships are not to scale which is a bummer. And I already got all of the old Diamond Select stuff....so again I dunno should I even?
  2. Dammit I’ve had the ex-s in my closet for 3 years unbuilt and now this.
  3. Is 2202 done yet? I’ve been holding off on watching so I can binge it like I did season 1.
  4. I know a lot of people who won’t watch an anime unless it’s dubbed because it’s to difficult to read the subtitles and watch what’s on screen and process the story.
  5. Yeah not the doom movie we deserve.
  6. I was wondering who number 3 would be, I must admit this did not come to mind.
  7. Agreed the show is rather luke warm in story and importance. I haven’t watched an episode since #5 cause it was so boring.
  8. Argue over the fair use clause if you haven’t already.
  9. after watching the film today, I gotta give props to Cameron for getting it super close. Yeah, there were things I didn't like that strayed, but for them to pack in so much content in 2.5 hours is an achievement. I had my doubts after the flop of Ghost in the Shell, but this worked out well.
  10. Mp bee is an easy pass for me, I’m pretty happy with the original. But so much of the seige line are buys for me I fact besides cog and magnus I already have the entire first wave in hand. Love them.
  11. Yes! Exactly! The “hot” young adults had almost little of none for screen time. The jokes weren’t awful and mindless like the other films. It felt wholesome in a way, coming of age. what sucks though and this is a competition ploy, China granted an extended play for WB and DC for aqua man that was to originally end this week and allow bumblebee to play from New Years to the start of February. This will hurt the film a bit more as it hasn’t been getting the revenue it was hoping for which is a damn shame. I felt this was a winner.
  12. saw this pile this morning....and pile is because I can't say how I REALLY feel about this film. Shane Black you can't direct yourself out of a paper bag with a map and flash light and voice assist.
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