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  1. The Nintendo Switch

    Speaking of the three, my doom copy showed up and I had a 2 hour download wait which drove me nuts so I didn’t get to touch it until this morning. Now mind you I haven’t touched this installment on other consoles and I wanna ask, anyone else ever notice the controls are extremely sensitive like you’re in hyper mode? I tap my right stick a bit and I basically do a half circle. Or I blaze thru a portion of the map in a second like I’m sonic. I had a huge issue trying to hit my targets cause I’m everywhere.I looked at the controls settings and they’re only at 20%! If that’s 20% what the hell is 100%? Ultra instinct?! Even the smoothness is to smooth so this and the basic controls I pushed down significantly to make it feel more natural.....like I’m playing Halo! i was a bit worried as a FPS for next gens that it would be buggy or really downgraded on something like the switch but it’s not bad at all.
  2. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    So hopefully one of you guys can answer this for me.....on and off I've been building a PG Zeta, stored him away for the last 5 months due to lack of interest but I decided to bring him out and finish him off this weekend. I've had him 2/3 of the way built and working on the backpack....I'm where I need to plug in LEDs into the wing tips for the running lights but alas, there is only 2 LEDs in the unopened bag. 1 small green and 1 large red. The Red one goes onto the tail and the one green I got will only cover 1 wing tip.....I looked all over my box and on the baggies and there's nothing. Something seems off! How can they include 2 Red LED's and 1 Green LED?! So if I need to go buy a new LED....what size is recommended? Infact, somewhere I got a huge container of LED's I think in 3 and 5 millimeters so those could work right?
  3. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    hobby shop by work had a big order come in, I wasn't intending to get anything but walked away with a ZZ Ver.Ka.....now I just need space to build it.
  4. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Even if it were a p bandai 100 I’d buy it, would much rather it were a MG but a RE is fine too I don’t really care. Just needs to be done.
  5. Just came home from our largest gaming (well only) expo in oregon. I was with my 501st buddies celebrating the 40 years of Star Wars video games....we took up a huge chunk of the arcade floor with several of the old Atari arcade boxes and pinball machines, even had Battle Pods. I'm inside the Empire Strikes Back box trying to fly. We had a ton of people capturing photos of that....maybe it'll go viral or something I dunno, wishful thinking. But man was it fun reminiscing about all those popular games and clones of other games from just so far back.
  6. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    well....in the end that was lame as hell. I mean.....a chain saw? REALLY?
  7. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    still can't walk without assistance sooooo I don't count it as a success for walking.
  8. I will say that they could of killed 45 minutes or so of the footage and still made a good movie....lots of necessary stuff. BUT it was still a good movie that left more questions than answers. Certainly left room for another film.....30 years from now.
  9. seeing it saturday, but after these shorts and the ratings, I might see it tomorrow after work! so hell why not see it twice?!
  10. Robotech by Titan Comics

    choom choom choom. whhooomp.
  11. The Nintendo Switch

    that's really interesting and I'm pretty tempted to see if it actually works.
  12. This sunday our Oregon Museum of Science & Industry otherwise known as OMSI will be hosting a special screening on their IMAX room for Rogue One......they invited the 501st group I'm in to come entertain people as they come by for an hour and I guess we get free access to the film after that. I enjoyed the film but I never saw the imax version I think, can't recall....so I'm really looking forward to this!
  13. STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    gonna admit, I have this on order for a few weeks now and got no clue how I'm gonna pay for it!