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  1. Wow nicely done, I would love to print replacement parts for my MZ23pt2 Garland, get it back into fighting shape. My printer is busy making a B-1 Battledroid but I might be able to poke a friend to use his resin printer to make a smoother print.
  2. You sir, are a travesty. Love episodes showing how this war affects the clones. i thought the story arc was great and I’m sure now we’ll be focusing on Ashoka being in the depths of corasent.
  3. Well maybe just maybe next Thursday will be better?
  4. Friday’s episode is gonna be another fun one and really looking forward to it.
  5. I wonder if mark will probe Alan for advice. But the cast seems pretty amazing.
  6. Oh, and here's another thing, I was researching a bit about Legion, and the Terminator Wiki which has got some stuff wrong in it......mentions that Tim Miller provided his voice as Legion suggesting there's some kind of a scene....but I'm not finding anything like that to see where in the world that information came from. Nothing on youtube or anything to confirm this.
  7. So I noticed something while watching the film again, they used the Genisys T-800 CG model as you can clearly see the most distinctive change between it and the original T-800 design, and that was the chest region carrying the Cyberdyne aesthetic. Which to me says 1 of 2 possible things. 1) Laziness on the visual effects team for incorporating something from a now un-cannon movie. 2) This version of the T-800 originally is from the Genisys timeline or parallel. And the reason I say Number 2 is because IF the death of John causes the reset moving from Skynet to Legion and an alternate timeline exists, then Sarah Connor would not of been killing T-800's over the next 20 years as that design technically would never of existed. This movie seems to suggest that Rev 9 equivalent Terminators were the standard norm during the war in 2040's. This also to me seems solid as the Rev9 and Carl have a conversation of being from two different timelines.
  8. I still think he's going to be one of the worst choice of actors for the role since George Clooney or Val Kilmer.
  9. Surprised this hasn't been the first page yet. I just got home from the movie a bit ago, and digested it taking it in. After nearly 26 years of potential Sonic Movies that were announced and disregarded for one reason or another, and over 30 years of really bad game to film releases I gotta say, this was actually a rather fun film. It's at least a popcorn flick.
  10. So it feels like they're really taking to Rodenberry's legacy of a utopia 24th Century and just smashing it with Raffie's jealousy of Picards life style and home, vaping space weed and it seems as though, internet gambling is still a thing. I guess on the plus side, they didn't drop the F Bomb again....
  11. Being from the northwest I wish those guys the best. I was legit bummed by the mechanics mishap during the reveal.
  12. I was out doing grocery shopping at Walmart this morning and traditionally I'll go to the toy area to see what's popped up......mainly cause right now I'm waiting for Earth Wars Transformers figures to show up. But instead I was really shocked to see these! There were at least 3 styles out in different colors with a different human action figure with them. I believe I saw Orange representing the original Xeno, Red from Alien 3 and Blue from ALIENS. I didn't get a moment to take a picture but they also had a rather large ALIEN Queen as well.....So for 10 bucks that's not awful but to be real with you guys, these looked like 1 dollar toy store knock offs. These easily reminded me of the off branded Exo-Squad figures that got re-released under a different name a few years back. I'm also not entirely sure why the Xenomorphs are different colors and so dang glossy other than maybe to make them less scary? Now, I'm not highly versed in the Alien toys from back in the 90's, I know quite a bit on the Neca line, but the old stuff not so much cause ALIEN terrified me and believe it or not I didn't get over that fear of them until my mid teens!
  13. I'm not the only one who feels the show is rather.......slow paced am I? And I'm not to thrilled with the writing of dialogue in this series either. I get the "We're a stream service, toss in ALL the swear words!" but the last thing I ever expect, is a high ranking starfleet officer to just toss the F bomb, I mean, an Admiral should show a little more reserve. Also having problems with the day to day living.....like just casually strolling in a transporter metal detector doorway....So what? Does everyone just walk from one point to the other and get just instantly transported? I remember early in the STO game that the Odyssey Class was so big you had to transport from one area to the next to get anywhere in a decent amount of time, possibly even the Enterprise J was like this. Okay, I'm ranting, I mean, just the way the universe had always been portrayed is nearly the polar opposite with these CBS all Access versions. I shouldn't be banging my head but I'm getting so very close to the table surface.
  14. Hm, they’re neat looking, better looking than the last minis we got with rpg tactics. but I don’t need these unless I see a solid game behind it and even then, people need to be playing it.
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