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  1. have not seen it, infact I should go downstairs to see if my DVR even recorded it in a bit, I've been eagerly awaiting for it to come back on since the cliff hanger.
  2. Jurassic World

    soooooo ANOTHER genetically engineered dinosaur that is just a steroid raptor? oooooook.
  3. Changed things around a bit too. Raph is now the leader and doesn't carry his trademark sais. Leo is the "Cool kid", Mikey is "artistic", and Donny....well.......he'll never change. Not too mention if I remember right each turtle is a different breed.
  4. Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    they're completely different in every aspect. I don't think the VF-1 is a horrible kit....I've built two since it came out in 2013. I thought the first time I built it, yeah pile of crap, hated it with a passion. But then once day last year I got bored so I ordered another one and rebuilt it remembering the issues I had from the first one. Second time I built it, came out a lot better. I remembered to glue a few areas to keep the parts in place, trimmed some areas for better fitting, and since then I really haven't had any issues that turned me off from playing with it once in a bluemoon. Infact, I'd actually like to do another one and do a custom job to it.
  5. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    looks like you need to play with the airgap a bit on the supports then if you're having to much issue. Also heat settings. I can see that white area bubbling....that always happened to me if the part is on there for a long period of time and the bed is to hot. God I wanna work on this.
  6. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    1/72 scale works fine for me, if anyone has a Bandai model knows it’s a decent size for something like this. Sculpt looks decent, lots of detail I wouldn’t of expect to see. So this is a maybe for me mainly cause I’m broke as always.
  7. I saw it again over the weekend, even ignoring the awful jokes that ruin beginning it wasn’t a horrible movie it was just dull. I came away with Luke’s training of Rey being similar VERY similar to Yoda and Luke in ESB.
  8. The Nintendo Switch

    Wow it’s almost been a year huh? Time flies
  9. All things Voltron

    Damn I wanna get these but to broke
  10. [R.I.P.] Heather North

    I dunno what's worse.....that she's gone or that she was gone almost a month ago before it was even reported.
  11. The Nintendo Switch

    Kinda want the classic. Is it worth it really?
  12. truthfully I was kind of conflicted emotions wise for the film. The only truly harsh thing I have to say about it was being to damn long. And god.....Porgs. They REALLY went all out on Porgs.