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  1. I just got Netflix Soundwave and Elita-1, considering that I was fairly happy with the what was it, power of the primes Arcee? I decided to skip Earthrise and wait when Elita was released. Yeah, I'm not a fan of her overall transformation being a shell former sort to speak. But Soundwave I think is a rather fun toy. There's a few things kind of stiff in the transformation such as cover parts on the legs that then peg into his side during cassette mode. And I feel bad for totally missing out on Rumble and Frenzy and Ratbat to help complete the cassette addons.
  2. Most people have a full measure of life... and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up... at one time... in one place... you can accomplish something... glorious.
  3. Well, this wasn't at all what I thought it was, and felt pretty disappointed.
  4. I went to Toy Dojo located in Austin over the weekend and came across Bluestreak Earthrise. I had to pick him up since I loved the Fairlady Z boys. Sadly though, after 1 transformation the whole roof section snapped off the pin and disintegrated entirely making him non-repairable. 35 bucks down the drain right there....very disappointing.
  5. Never in my life have I ever uttered “Jesus Christ!” So many times as I have with this series.
  6. I don’t recall seeing that when I preordered it. I think most people like myself are more about “gotta get it checked out NOW before it’s gone!” Speaking of which, I just happened to of looked online at target and noticed they’re taking orders again for the seeker two pack of TC & SW, so I did that as well. now all I gotta do is wait for Thrust to eventually release and I’ll have all my seekers ready to obey lord Megatron!
  7. I got my cone heads two pack and was a lil miffed at Amazon as like so many others who ordered from them, received their units with the shipping labeles slapped right onto the actual toy box versus in a box. Man, lots of collectors are just miffed over it. My box received some damage but luckily the figures were fine.
  8. because the shipping notification I got listed the wrong city in my address. I've never had anything from USPS take that long under the correct address.
  9. I took advantage of their 9.95 special on the Discovery Enterprise last month. Was actually really surprised how quickly it shipped.....but man service went downhill real quick. Their shipment center royally dinked up my address and it went from their warehouse to Indiana and once it hit Texas it went back and forth to 15 places, every day it was somewhere else and even went back to Indiana before going back to Texas where it sat for almost a week in Dallas before arriving to Austin and then sat another 3 days there, went to another town and then to my town. Had a long talk with their custo
  10. I recently just got a risen printer and have been doing some awesome builds with it. If I can I'm gonna dig around and see if I can find my old busted garland if you ever decide to share those files sometime. Feel like off my printer I can get it to fit just right with almost no issues and have a working and displayable unit again.
  11. I wanted one but bought another printer instead.
  12. I thought they’d come back tomorrow not today from the email I was given this afternoon. i did however watch the river launch. I dunno about you guys but I took part in their engraving event last year and put my family and I names on it. Thus I get to tell people I got my ass to mars.
  13. Don’t forget the seekers and reflectors....think those made the mass of the deception army. they were all that way when you watch but yes for a bit with a grill as his abdomen it looked very out of place. All the fembots got hip sway though so I guess that’s okay?
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