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  1. Some years back I remember watching movies of people talking about the US having a space force in the army and a force within the navy and the army denies the naval existence while the navy side is supposedly the most advanced. Ships that dwarf the Macross kind of size. i shrugged a lot of that stuff and didn’t believe it, then one day there was talk of disclosure approaching from an elderly man who worked for a number of military aerial contractors and even helped in the space program. low and behold trump brings up the space force and I was like “wait a damn minute....”
  2. Guess they never heard of the three seashells
  3. I’ve had a lot of friends go so far and one of them was the first to go before the opening and it’s actually really inspired her since she came back and after the video was released talk about it.
  4. not to mention the acting all sounds flat from everyone, but maybe cause it's a preview. I honestly was hoping Cold Forge would of gotten an audio drama not a different take on Alien 3. But I'll buy it anyways.
  5. How’d all this go wrong? I mean we didn’t even want a live action sonic. Mario, MK2 and doom should of been enough to realize this. Damn you detective pikachu! This is your fault
  6. While I was talking to one of my bosses (he's number 2 in the chain of command....heh number 2.....) I noticed he had some trek stuff in his cabinets and right on his desk was the eaglemoss XL discovery. He said he got it from a family member recently and so I got to take a good look at it. Wasn't bad in person, I mean I'm still not a fan of the ship at all, but was kind of impressed with the size. I'm sort of on the fence with this, do I really even wanna bother collecting these or what? I'm more interested in getting the enterprise line up and maybe that Avante class. I dunno. obviously though the smaller ships are not to scale which is a bummer. And I already got all of the old Diamond Select stuff....so again I dunno should I even?
  7. Dammit I’ve had the ex-s in my closet for 3 years unbuilt and now this.
  8. Is 2202 done yet? I’ve been holding off on watching so I can binge it like I did season 1.
  9. I know a lot of people who won’t watch an anime unless it’s dubbed because it’s to difficult to read the subtitles and watch what’s on screen and process the story.
  10. Yeah not the doom movie we deserve.
  11. I was wondering who number 3 would be, I must admit this did not come to mind.
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